Day 8 of Giving: Let it Snow!

Posted by Curly | Monday, December 19, 2022 (15 Comments)

Winter approaches in HoFa (and real life!) Today a snow front has drifted into the lands.


❄️Day 8 of Giving

As temperatures begin to fall, snow has started to fall around us. Today, Will has restocked the Blowing Snow background overlay.


✨A New Friend

Snow has begun to pile up and has attracted a new friend, the White Stoat! These cute companions are solid white with a black-tipped tails. 


❓ A Question

What is your breeding project?


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 7 of Giving: Winter Begins!

Posted by Curly | Sunday, December 18, 2022 (5 Comments)

It beginning to look a lot like the winter holidaaaaays! Today we start the return of winter items of the past.


❄️ Day 7 of Giving

Some of our first winter holiday items were the Mistletoe and Horse-Friendly Chocolate Truffles. Today we are bringing them back for sale in the General Store! The Mistletoe item will decrease the likelihood of a failed breeding and Horse-Friendly Chocolate Truffles increase the chance of twins to 30% from a breeding when you own both horses.


 ❓ A Question

What are your favorite in-game items?


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 6 of Giving: St. Patty's Day!

Posted by Curly | Saturday, December 17, 2022 (11 Comments)

Happy weekend everyone! We hope it is going great for you so far. Today we pay homage to a country we featured in March!


🍀Day 6 of Giving

Happy St Patrick’s Day (9 months late)! Today we are traveling to Ireland and throwing it back to St. Patrick’s Day by re-releasing the english and western Shamrock Green and Festive Orange saddle pads.


❓ A Question

If you could add one dye color, what would it be?


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 5 of Giving: Guten tag!

Posted by Curly | Friday, December 16, 2022 (16 Comments)

It’s Friday ya’ll! Today we are throwing it back to one of our most exciting moments of 2022, BreyerFest and our 2022 summer event, German Fables! 


✨Day 5 of Giving

Today we are bringing back our first released harnesses, German and Fairytale Harnesses! The harnesses are available for purchase in the General Store and will be around the site to be picked up. Harnesses cannot be equipped with halters, blankets, saddles, pads, or bridles but offer the same show boost as these items combined. These Limited Edition Harnesses offer a handsome twin boost as well!


❓ A Question

In 2023, what feature do you hope to see in HoFa?


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 4 of Giving: Living Our Mermaid Fantasy

Posted by Curly | Thursday, December 15, 2022 (8 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy almost weekend! Today we officially are ⅓ of the way through our 12 days of giving. 


✨ Day 4 of Giving

Today we are bringing back both english and western versions of Enchanted Lake Tack. These tack sets were the first player-colored tack sets during a live stream in 2020 and offer a twin boost! The Enchanted Lake tack sets were an item created by players to fulfill their need for purple tack and to live out their mermaid dreams. Today, we are bringing them back so we can all live out our mermaid fantasy one more time!


❓ A Question

What is your favorite feature from a game? Ex. Building in Minecraft


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Blank offer in trade marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Retired horse genes blank marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Wrong NFH image marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix New fog background marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Sapphire strawberries and Cream Western Pad marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Saddle Pads marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Gingerbread Tack no Showing marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix English Rainbow Pad Broken on Light Draft marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Broken enchanted english saddle pad layer on Paso Fino marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Western saddle pads not showing on Paso Finos marked as Fixed.

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