Morgan Foundation Release #1

Posted by Curly | Thursday, December 23, 2021 (2 Comments)

Hello everyone! 

Today begins the release of the Morgan into the foundation store! Morgan is now available to players with gold and platinum upgrades. On Saturday at noon, the breed will be fully released for everyone to purchase at the foundation store.


Morgans! Markings! Winter Items!

Posted by Curly | Friday, December 17, 2021 (6 Comments)

Hold on to your horses everyone! We’re ending the year with a bang!


🐴 New Breed: Morgans!

Surprise! Aren was close but a bit off on her prediction for the new breed. Morgans have joined us a day earlier than expected. The Morgan breed has many wonderful colors and sports quite a sassy pose. These beauties excel in many disciplines and come in a wide array of colors with more being discovered!

Morgans are available via custom coins today. On Thursday, December 23rd at 6 PM EST/game time, it’s expected the herds to be large enough to open up sales to gold and platinum players. On Saturday the 25th at 12 PM EST/ game time, they will be available for all! Since these lovelies seem like they will be so in-demand and sought after, Aren decided to keep their price at the usual 2,000 bits per.

⛄ Holiday Items

Will has gotten some feedback about more non-ingot items and items having more perks. For this new set of items, he has imported a couple of items that cost bits alongside those that cost ingots. Will also negotiated for perks to each to give purchasing customization items a bit more benefit to you all. All items below except for the Great Horned Owl and Winter Background will be available from now until January 2nd at 11:59 PM EST/ Game time.

Gingerbread Tack

The holiday ingot tack set is the gingerbread tack set! Handcrafted from the finest leather and dyes at the capital, the gingerbread tack set offers great benefit to those wanting to increase the chance of twins. This tack set is based on the holiday tradition of making gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies. Each set comes with a bridle, saddle, and either a red or green saddle pad.  Gingerbread colored leather is embellished with white piping to resemble a delicious gingerbread cookie. Gingerbread tack sets come in both western and english tack types and can be bought in bundles in the ingot store.

Gingerbread tack offers both a show and twin boost. Horses wearing the tack set increase the chance of producing twins by 5%. Gingerbread tack sets are available in the ingot store as bundles and cost 125 ingots and include a winter background.

Snowflake Tack

The capital decided to go all out for the holidays and was excited to export a new snow-themed tack set. Will managed to get his hands on a second holiday tack set, snowflake tack! This tack set has leather inspired by the purple-blue hues of glistening snow and is embellished with silver piping. Most from the capital do not experience snow in the winter but were inspired by whispers and photos of purple-blue snow drifts in Snowhock.

This tack set comes in both western and english tack types and is available for bits in the general store for 1,500 per set and offers both a show and twin boost.

Blowing Snow Background Accessory

Brrrr! It's the winter season and the snow is blowing. A blowing snow background accessory is now available in the general store. Equipping blowing snow adds a small blizzard of snowflakes behind your horse to give an even more winter festive look! Blowing snow costs 500 bits in the general store and offers a show bonus.

Winter Background

Snow is falling and reindeer have been spotted walking around town. Will has restocked on winter backgrounds and has them available in the general store for 100 ingots. These backgrounds offer a small show boost. The background features a snow-covered landscape with a small herd of reindeer grazing on the horizon. The winter background will be available until March 1st at 11:59pm EST/ game time.

Reindeer Calf

The reindeer calf has a new look! Will has taken on the duty of finding all the reindeer calves that have come for the northern wilds a home! These cute little babies are quite wobbly and awkward but have managed to learn to stand by your horses. Each reindeer calf helps your horse feel a bit perkier and increases the chance of twins and offers a small show boost. These cuties are for sale in the general store for 100 ingots each.

Great Horned Owl

Although not a winter item, the Great Horned Owl companion now has a new look. These wise owls keep an eye on your horse from above and cheer them on in competition. Great Horned Owls now offer a show boost for HOO ever has them equipped. They can be bought year-round in the general store for 50 ingots.


A batch of mistletoe has been imported! Mistletoe increases breeding success to 90% when equipped and you own both horses. Each mistletoe has 10 uses. Mistletoe is available in bundles in the ingot store and makes a great gift to give to others.

✨ New Markings

Helix has been quite busy observing horses in the wilds and even some back at the capital! Thanks to Helix, several new markings have been discovered and are now possible in many horse breeds. In the interest of keeping things interesting, Helix has also managed to make the occurrence of such markings rare. This means those that have the markings are quite rare and valuable!


For the first time in a while, Helix has discovered a new body marking! Lacing has randomly occurred on the bodies of several horses that have come to Helix from the wilds. The lacing marking occurs randomly in horses in the foundation store, through breeding, and is available in the custom generator.

Calico Tobiano

Helix did a bit of digging through some old notes and found information on “Calico Tobianos”. Calico tobiano is a rare making that occurs when a horse has both a cream and tobiano gene. Rarely, horses with these genes display patches of non-cream diluted coat which makes them appear to be calico. 

Skewed Roan & Skewed Dun

Along the road to the capital Helix couldn’t help but hear the frequent request for “brindle” horses. Thankfully, Helix managed to find two brindle copy-cats, skewed dun and skewed roan. Both of these markings occur due to a mutation in foundation horses from the wilds but are not a type of brindle. As of now, the brindle gene remains elusive to Helix.

Blood Marks

Oddly enough, Helix stumbled upon an older grey horse that had a blood-like marking. Finding interest in this, Helix decided it’d be quite interesting to make it possible for more horses to show such a marking. 

Horses that are GG and aged 10+ now have the possibility of having a blood mark appear on their 10th birthday. Blood marks are a mutation on fleabitten grey horses where many “fleabites” are located in one spot. This causes the horses base coat to display as a blood-like mark. All grey horses have a small chance of receiving a blood mark on their 10th birthday.

Reverse Dapple

Helix just couldn’t get enough of those wonderful dapple horses so they decided to add another type of dapple, reverse dapple. Just like dapple, reverse dapple is an uncommon marking that displays dapples on your horse. Reverse dapples is a variation of dapple and is caused by hidden genes.


Dapple is a marking that has been around for a few weeks but finding it was quite difficult. The chance of finding a foundation dapple horse has somehow been increased. This means more of them should now occur in the foundation store.

❄️ Holiday Sale! ❄️

The past few months have been quite costly for those at the capital. To bring in a bit more income for upcoming large projects, ingots are now on sale! Now until December 26th at 11:59PM EST/ game time ingots will be on sale for up to 35% off. All sales will go toward funding new features and art.


There are quite a few items available in bundles at the ingot store. These items are limited and only available during the winter holidays. Bundles are a great way to bulk buy ingot items and stock up until next year. Current bundles are:

  • Western and English Gingerbread Tack Sets
  • Under the Mistletoe - A bundle of 5 mistletoe. 
  • Stocking Stuffer - A small  bundle of winter items.
  • Glittering Gift - A medium bundle of winter items plus a magic token.
  • Peppermint Present - A large bundle of winter items plus a spectral token.
  • Magic Token Sack - Buy 5 get 1 free for magic tokens.
  • Spectral Token Sack - Buy 5 get 1 free for spectral tokens.

🦟 Bug Fixes

Those from the capital have been hard at work squashing bugs the past few weeks and have almost gotten them all! The feedback from the most recent feedback form indicates players want bugs fixed before anything else so, for now, bug fixes are being prioritized over everything else. This means the original date of exploration in January may get pushed back depending on bug fixing.

  • Fixed using straws/embryos where one or more parents were retired.
  • Horses that haven't been approved into clubs yet should no longer show stars.
  • All invisible Clydesdales should now show the appropriate white image.
  • Retired horses should now show all markings they had previously.
  • You can now reorder tabs.
  • Search pagination and pages now work.
  • Bank transaction pagination and pages now work.
  • The foal predictor now works and generates a prediction.
  • Pagination was added to the bug box.
  • Bug box now has a search option.
  • You may now unset all working paths for horses.
  • Selecting a default game avatar now works.
  • Limiting number of breedings to a horse now works.
  • Career history now shows up for horses in the history tab.
  • Brands using emojis are no longer broken.
  • Large breed registries now load much quicker with the TB registry now loading.
  • Multiple items appearing in crafting drop down now only shows one item.
  • Edited new page to have pagination and pages.
  • Registering horses now auto fills registry box with next horse.
  • Discipline show placements now show correct placement and not a “?”.
  • Vet auto fills next horse for all services.
  • Registered and transferred horses now show correct new owner in registration, not the old owner.
  • All stable page tabs default to open and display 10 horses per page.
  • Horse statuses show up on stable page for care, private breeding, and public breeding, fully shown, and fully trained.
  • Stable tabs now act independently and do not affect other tabs.
  • You no longer need to refresh a horses page after care to breed,train, or show.
  • The option to remove from board is now available if no discipline or career is set.
  • Fixed broken light blue western pad images.
  • Fixed Brumby, Marwari, and Shetland broken images in the design lab.
  • Fixed various layers for first, dominant whites, and splash.
  • Fixed explore transaction in the bank to show correct mine name.
  • Small show arena now adds shows to your number of daily shows.
  • Links to boarders in boarding center now links to correct horses.
  • Editing forum posts/replies should now work correctly. 
  • Fixed retired horses missing info for: color, gender,owner, and halter title.
  • Fixed the forever load on lineage for all horses.
  • Fixed offspring forever loading.
  • Entering horses into a halter show now shows entered horses without refreshing the page.
  • Entering horses in halter shows one-by-one now auto fills next horse in drop down.
  • The cherry petals background accessory now covers full width of the background.

🔓 Role Play Forum

On January 1st we will be removing the RP forum. After reviewing the forum it is often used only by a few and takes up quite a bit of space. Those who wish to RP may do so in group messages in-game.

😄 A Special Note

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season celebrating with those you love. Bedouin and I celebrate the Christmas holiday with family and will be away December 23rd - January 3rd. Don’t fret! We have an update and special holiday gift coming your way during our short vacation. After all, it is the season of giving, isn’t it? :)

Enjoy the holidays everyone!


Bedouin & Curly

Update 1.3: Fixes & 2022 Planning

Posted by Curly | Thursday, December 9, 2021 (1 Comments)

Hello, all! It’s the time of the year when we begin to wind down but also announce some 2022 plans!

📅 The Rest of 2021

Due to life circumstances, we have fallen slightly behind schedule for feature additions and have decided for the rest of December, we are dedicating ourselves to bug fixes. We want the game to be enjoyable for everyone who plays, and we know some bugs are hindering that. 


December’s new breed is the Morgan. This will be released either the 18th or 25th due to the massive number of layers poor Solo is having to make. She’s a busy bee with lots on her plate but Morgans will be here for the holidays! 


Note that staff will again be going on vacation to spend time with their families from December 23 to Jan 3 so not many updates will be posted during this time. Keep an eye out for a wrap-up post as we review events and updates from 2021. What a year it’s been!


👀 2022 Planning Session

Bedouin and I are meeting in person on December 18th to plan out 2022 and all the exciting content and changes it will bring. We’ll be looking at where we see the game expanding, new features, content, and any adjustments needed. Oh, and something about merch? 👀


Day-long planning sessions are where a lot of our best ideas come from. We want to include the players in 2022 planning and have a feedback form for you to give ideas, thoughts, feelings etc.. Have a tiny quality of life suggestion? Maybe a big feature idea? The form also includes the final new breed vote which is detailed further below.

✨✨ Submit your ideas here! ✨✨


🌈 2022 Changes

In January, we’ll be moving back to monthly development updates. Historically, this has worked best for us to prepare and test new features. We’ll likely also have an art update between development updates. 


The first 2022 update is planned for late January and will include the launch of the explore feature. Like quests, this has a ton of content and needs quite a bit of testing beforehand. Explore will include many new items, wild horses, introduce new crafting items, and more.


🐴 New Breed Finals

Previously, a vote was sent out with a list of 100+ horse breeds for everyone to vote for their top 6. We have tallied the votes and compiled a list of the top breeds for a final round of voting. Trakehner? Shire? Maybe Icelandic? Only the top voted breeds will be added into the game in 2022 so be sure to vote! Voting ends December 20th at 12:00 PM EST/ game time.

🐴🐴 Vote here! 🐴🐴


⭐ Design A White Marking!

As much as I love to scroll the internet looking for horses to inspire white markings, I’ve lost quite a bit of creativity in making white markings. In January, it is my goal to add more variations for breeds with leopard genes. To help with the effort, I wanted to open up the opportunity for you all to design a white marking! This forum post details how to enter and to submit a design. We are excited to see what you all come up with!


🐎 Marking Variations

At this time, the only breeds with marking variations for sabino, tobiano, rabicano, and roan are purebreds. Previously, it had been decided to add the variations to crossbreeds once the cross has a variation bred into it. However, we have decided to go ahead and add these markings in the coming months. If you have a crossbreed that has a marking variation it is possible it will have an image error or default to the non-variation layer. Once all the art is done and uploaded these will revert to the variation!


💥 Dominant White Fix

The W# gene has been fixed for all breeds and the correct images are now displayed. Horses affected pre-fix should be fixed now. Some of you may notice some horses have a bit of a new look. Several images were showing as solid white but have now been fixed. The new white layers are specific to the W# gene a horse has meaning, the W6 gene will display differently from the W20!

As a note, some dominant white horses do not display large amounts of white such as those with the W20 gene. These typically display more like sabinos but in the homozygous form (W20W20) will display much more white.


👌 Small Changes

Sometimes change is slow to come but between tackling adding thousands of image layers and bug fixes, we have managed to make a few changes:

  • The Foundation Store now utilizes the random name generator for new horses.
  • You can now see horses in each generation in a club campaign.
  • On the horse’s page, you can see which generation they have been entered beside their club registration. 


🦟 Bug Fixes

Those pesky bugs that love to bug us are still lingering but are being squished! We managed to wrangle a few:

  • The club directory page styling has been fixed. 
  • You can now accept members and horses into clubs.
  • You can now accept breed requests for private studs and broods.
  • Stud parameters in search should now pull results.
  • The halter show arena now shows the number of entrants.
  • The BS bar is no longer visible for foals in the Rescue Center.
  • You should now be able to cancel trades.


Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!



Bedouin & Curly

Cyber Monday & New Breed Poll!

Posted by Curly | Monday, November 29, 2021 (7 Comments)

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

💰 Cyber Monday!

It’s Cyber Monday! Today only, magic and spectral token sacks are available for purchase until 11:59 PM EST/ game time. Stock up on tokens in preparation for December's new breed, Morgans! Magic and spectral tokens allow for more color points, performance stat allocation, and lower breed standard variation. 

Don’t forget! Ingot bundles are up to 35% off until 11:59 PM EST/game time tonight! 


🐎 New Breeds Poll!

Bedouin and I will be meeting soon to begin our 2022 planning which includes planning all of our new breeds! We want to include our community and have made a long list of breeds to vote on. Everyone may vote for 6 new breeds!

Vote Here!


Have a wonderful week everyone!


Bedouin and Curly

Black Friday Weekend Sale

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💰 First Sale: Black Friday Weekend Sale

Amy got word from the capital to lower ingot prices for a few days. Something about new developments coming soon needing a bit more funding?


Stock up on ingots and enjoy up to 35% off!



Bedouin and Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Retired Horses Hoarding Tack marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horse Retired with Tack Equipped marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Ingots Bug marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Club Horse List Doesn't Sort marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Accept Not Working for Clubs marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix My clubs page doesnt show all clubs signed up for. marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Cannot Transfer a Club marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horse Not Showing in Registry marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Gen 3 Campaign horses saying "not qualified" when they are. marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Bloodline Sheet Broken marked as Fixed.

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