Beebe Ranch Fundraiser Update & Grade Images

Posted by Curly | Friday, April 28, 2023 (1 Comments)

Happy almost weekend everyone! We are excited to give you a small but exciting update today!


โœจ Beebe Ranch Fundraiser

As of now our total raised for the Save the Beebe Ranch fundraiser comes to…

It is the last few hours to purchase Chincoteague Pony Coins in the Ingot Store to support our Save the Beebe Ranch fundraiser! After tonight at 11:59 PM EST/Game time, Chincoteague Pony coins will never return for sale and Chincoteague ponies will only be found in the wilds.


If you wish to donate to the Beebe Ranch fundraiser directly, you can visit their GoFundMe here or donate to the Museum of Chincoteague Island here.


๐Ÿด Grade Images

We had a backlog of grade images which now have been completed excluding a few Fjord layers and those needing the greying process. We are having to figure out a new code process for these as their images are compiled a bit differently and may require a full coat color re-do. 


Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone and we will see you back here tomorrow for a final fundraiser total!



Bedouin & Curly

Last Days of Save the Beebe Ranch Fundraiser!

Posted by Curly | Tuesday, April 25, 2023 (7 Comments)

Hello everyone! We have a new fundraiser total update for you all!


๐ŸŽ Beebe Ranch Fundraiser Update!

Our Beebe Ranch fundraiser grand total comes to….

With only a few more days left until our April 28th at midnight EST/game time cut-off, we believe we can hit over $2,000 to donate to the Beebe Ranch fundraiser! The Museum of Chincoteague Island has posted an update that they currently have the ranch under contract pending for June 30th. In total, $375,000 has been raised as of 4/24/2023.


โœจ Our Next Update

It has been a while since we posted a content update, but don’t worry! We plan to have a grade image update by the end of this weekend and a bug fix update by May 7th. I (Curly) am currently winding down my master's classes and hope to be able to pump out a bit more art content to you starting mid-May. ๐Ÿ™‚


We hope everyone's week is going great and we will see you back here soon!



Bedouin & Curly

Fundraiser Update!

Posted by Curly | Sunday, April 16, 2023 (12 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy weekend!


๐ŸŽ Beebe Ranch Fundraiser Update!

Since releasing the Chincoteague Pony Coins as part of our fundraiser for the Beebe Ranch, we have raised…

Since our last post, the Museum of Chincoteague Island announced their new total is $317,000 with a donor now matching all donations up to $100,000. This means any donations sent will be doubled! If you wish to donate to the Beebe Ranch fundraiser directly, you can visit their GoFundMe here or donate to the Museum of Chincoteague Island here


Our fundraiser through the sale of Chincoteague Pony Coins is still ongoing with coins on sale from now until April 28th at 11:59 PM EST/ game time.  All proceeds from the sale of these coins go toward the Beebe Ranch fundraiser. The Chincoteague Pony is a limited edition rare breed that is only available for purchase via Chincoteague Pony Coins for $5 for 2 in the Ingot Store. After the sale, Chincoteague Ponies will only be found in the wilds.


As a note, Chincoteague Ponies had grey and silver in the custom generator due to incorrect ref images. These have been removed until we confirm these genes.

๐Ÿ“œ A Note from the Team

As some may know based on replies on our previous news post, Solo is no longer producing our breed artwork. Both Bedouin and I had planned to announce Solo’s departure at a time that would not eclipse the Chincoteague fundraiser, coincided with a bug update, and allowed us to publicly post as eloquently and honorably as possible our absolute sadness to see Solo go. It is disheartening to us that such information was released without our consent and became public in a fashion in which we never would have liked Solos’s departure to come to light. So, let’s explain. 

Solo has been our breed artist since both Bedouin and I began working on the game in early 2019. Her style, work ethic, and mentorship have been invaluable to HoFa’s success and we are immensely proud of where both Solo and the game are today. Because of Solo’s efforts, Bedouin and I have always had peace of mind pertaining to new breed releases and breed redos and always knew we had someone to go to when we had our toughest decisions to make. Solo is a once-in-a-lifetime artist who we are so, so, proud to have called our own. We have had the privilege of seeing Solo transform her style over the years which has evolved into the breed artwork HoFa gladly sports today. Solo, there are so many more words we wish we could use to express how much we cherish you, but they cannot do justice to the feelings we all have. 


Solo is leaving HoFa as our breed artist to pursue her dreams, of which we are beyond supportive.  She is not leaving us without us being prepared and has graciously offered her mentorship to me (Curly) by teaching me all aspects of breed art creation and has given feedback as we have been pursuing possible new artists. We are forever thankful to Solo for helping us transition to someone else and allowing us to continue to ask her for help when needed.


Our artist search has currently not netted any new artists to join our team. Solo’s style is exceptionally unique and losing that style is not something we see as an option. In order to keep Solo’s style and continue breed releases and redos, I (Curly) have been training myself with Solo's help on how to manipulate bases, color greyscales, and create markings to closely mimic Solo’s style. Currently, there is only one breed in-game where this has occurred, Chincoteague Ponies. 


Our intent on releasing the Chincoteague Ponies was to quickly get out the breed before the end-of-month deadline for fundraising. This meant creating the base, markings, colors, tack, and special code for the breed in a matter of 13 days. During such time our focus was on the fundraiser and announcing Solo’s departure never crossed our mind to do so during the fundraiser post. Some may view this as “deceptive” however, our intent was never to do so.


From here on out, we will continue to use the same workflow as we did for Chincoteague Ponies until we find a new artist. All new breed art and redos will be done by me using Solo’s previous work. Given the artist search has netted no one in the several months and multiple artist onboarding trainings I have done, in situations like these, you continue on with the best that you have. Otherwise, we will never have another breed art release. 


We hope you all have an excellent rest of the weekend!



Bedouin & Curly

Beebe Ranch Fundraiser

Posted by Curly | Thursday, April 13, 2023 (23 Comments)

The real-life Misty of Chincoteague was born in 1946 at the Beebe Ranch in Chincoteague, Virginia. A few months later, Misty was bought as a weanling by Marguerite Henry. Inspired by her purchase and the Beebe Ranch, Marguerite wrote the novel “Misty of Chincoteague” which was published in 1947. Marguerite Henry and Rebecca Guisti would go on to create the Misty of Chincoteague Foundation to preserve the legacy of Misty and promote children's reading. 


From books to movies and even model horses, Misty and the Beebe Ranch were icons for many of us as we grew up. Inspiring generations of youth to enjoy reading, learning about equines, and more, Misty and the Beebe Ranch hold a special place on the walls of equine history.


As some may know, the historic Beebe Ranch has been placed up for sale and currently has offers from developers. However, The Museum of Chincoteague Island, along with the Misty of Chincoteague Foundation, aim to raise enough funds to purchase the ranch to preserve the history of Misty and Chincoteague Island. Today, they have raised $310,000 out of $625,000 to purchase the ranch to preserve its history.


Although we may currently be a small game, we know Horse Fable does have some influence in the equine world and such influence means taking action when we can. Horse Fable prides itself on promoting causes and organizations that we believe make our world a richer and better place to live, especially those who wish to preserve equine history many of us know and love.


Today, we are extending a helping hand to promote the Beebe Ranch fundraiser as well as create a fundraiser of our own through the release of the Chincoteague Pony breed into Horse Fable.


The Chincoteague Pony is a limited edition rare breed that is only available for purchase via Chincoteague Pony Coins for $5 for 2 in the Ingot Store. All proceeds from the sale of these coins go toward the Beebe Ranch fundraiser. Chincoteague Pony coins will only be on sale from now until April 28th at 11:59 PM EST/ game time.  Chincoteague Pony Coins have 10 color points and allow for variation selection of 1 - 6. After the sale, Chincoteague Ponies will only be found in the wilds.

If you wish to donate to the Beebe Ranch fundraiser directly you can visit their GoFundMe here or donate to the Museum of Chincoteague Island here.


In Horse Fable, Chincoteague Ponies excel in agility, endurance, and speed. The breed comes in all chestnuts, bays, greys, and black as well as creams, tobianos, splash white 1, nd1, and W20. Since Chincoteague Ponies are a limited edition rare breed, they have the same breeding restrictions as Marwaris and Akhal Tekes. After the coin sale, Chincoteague Ponies will only be available when found in the wilds. Because of this, Chincoteague Ponies come in a wide array of white markings and boast the largest white marking variation selection totaling 10 tobiano variations!


We hope everyone has an excellent rest of the week! 


Bedouin & Curly

Giant Bug Update

Posted by Curly | Wednesday, April 5, 2023 (13 Comments)

Happy Wednesday! We’ve got a pretty hefty bug fix update today.


๐Ÿฅณ New Construction Art!

After digging around a bit and carefully building new images, the small silo and medium silo construction upgrades now have their own unique art!


๐Ÿด Custom Foals

From now on, custom foals will no longer be required to complete foal training. They will come fully trained! This fixes bug #492.


๐ŸŽ Body Types

There was an issue brought to light for how crossbreed foals are assigned body type. The game was only taking the first 2 breeds into account when determining body type which gave the wrong type for some combinations. 


We’ve changed this so that if there are more than 2 breeds, the foal’s type will be the largest %. If it’s even (33/33/33 or 25/25/25/25 etc), it will use the following hierarchy:


Draft > Light Draft > Light > Stock > Pony


This will be the case for foals born here on out. Any foals born previously from crossbreeds will not be fixed. The Wiki has also been updated to reflect this information. This fixes bugs #579 and #977.


๐Ÿ’ž Rare Breed Updates

Failed lab pulls no longer count towards a rare breed’s pull limits. The breeding limit only counts if a breeding is successful with twins counting as 1 success.

This fixes bugs #923 and #894.


๐Ÿ’ธ Horse Auction Tweak

When you freeze your account, horse auctions will no longer immediately end. This should be more convenient for those who put up auctions and frequently freeze their account and allow for more auctions to stay up. This fixes bug #639.


๐ŸŽ๏ธ Page Optimizations

The breeding grounds and lab were loading VERY slowly for those who have a lot of horses. We’ve gone through and reworked how the page loads horse info so these pages should load a lot faster. This fixes bug #871 and #802.


๐Ÿงผ Bug Box Cleanup

A lot of bugs in the Bug Box are quite old and no longer replicable when testing. We are going to mark these as Fixed. Please know that if a bug reoccurs, you can always report it again with fresh examples of where it’s happening in the game.


๐Ÿง  Forgot Username

We have needed this function for many moons now. It has finally been added! Now you no longer have to contact support just for help in remembering your username. ๐Ÿ˜…


๐Ÿž Bug Squashes

  • All icons should now be fixed around the game. This fixes bug #956
  • Bug #949 - The foal predictor now works again.
  • Bug #827 - If you move a horse from a non-frozen tab to a frozen tab then move them back, they will appropriately unfreeze.
  • Bug #705 - You can no longer enter horses into careers multiple times using the select buttons resulting in a waste of energy.
  • Bug #623 - All straws and eggs should now show up when trying to create a trade.
  • Bug #996 - An additional issue was found in testing where you could remove bids after the auction ends if you stay on the page. This is no longer possible. You can now also only cancel bids if they are the active bid for the auction and you have not been outbid.
  • Bug #1007 - Moving forward with new retired horses, breeding crossbreeds through the lab will no longer result in missing breed percentages. If you have a horse with missing breed percentages, these will be manually fixed.
  • Bug #965 - You should no longer get a “not enough space” error when trying to board horses at home. If you happen to breed or buy horses while leaving the Foundation tab open, this may still occur.
  • Bug #831 - Training centers that have had arenas demolished or downgraded will no longer show those arenas in Community Training. Horses training at these training centers will now be limited to disciplines the training center supports.
  • Bug #883 - After you’ve boarded a horse with an outside boarding center, you can now change the livery type.
  • Bug #919 - Foals from gen 3 parents will now show up for gen 1.
  • Bug #845 - When mass boarding at boarding centers, there is now an appropriate check for if you have boarding passes.
  • Bug #994 - Campaign percentages should now match in both the list and campaign page.
  • Bug #716 - Crossbreeds should now show in the Halter tab in Herd Management.
  • Bug #929 - Horse auctions should now return money/ingots if an auction ends without the reserve being met.
  • Bug #706 and Bug #840 - Horses with 10% or less energy should now still be able to be trained through train all without erroring.
  • Bug #781 - You should no longer be able to accidentally mass retire horses in another tab that were already transferred to another account.
  • Bug #955 and Bug #959 - Storage images for water should now show correctly.
  • Bug #570 and Bug #853 - The check for the brand being too long is now fixed for special characters.
  • Fixed the lab log to include messages.
  • Bug #955 - Entering horses in shows now shows the green check marks in entered shows again.
  • Bug #961 - Auctions and sales should now be listed when going to the Marketplace page.
  • Bug #990 - Cooking ingredients no longer have to be refreshed each time.
  • Bug #960 - You can now remove horses, items, and freezer items from an offer without having to refresh.
  • Bug #649 - Extremely long links in forums and messages will now be contained to the box.
  • If receiving horses through mass transfer, the notification will now say that it is a mass transfer and how many horses were transferred.
  • There was an issue with foals showing up for foal training in the training center. This has been fixed.
  • If you are on a different page of the clubs list and change the breed, it should now show that there are clubs for that breed.


This is the largest bug update we’ve had in quite a while! Like always with a lot of changes like this, please report anything you see out of the ordinary.



Bedouin & Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Bank infinite load marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix "Could not get image size. Please try another." marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Azteca / Game Crosses not filtering correctly in search marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix DWB Training Boost Error marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Estate Views, some page tabs & reorganizing not working marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Personality Tests Overcharging? marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horses with W3 and Gg not greying marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Items offered in Trades marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Personality Traits not Inheriting Correctly marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horses Auctioned for Bits don't show up under My Auctions tab marked as Fixed.

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