2022 German Fables Winners

Posted by Curly | Sunday, July 24, 2022 (11 Comments)

Hello everyone! As we wind down and recover from our previous updates we hope you all are having fun with all the new features. We are working on bug squashing and will have an update with bug squishes for you soon!


🥇 Event Winners

Our 2022 summer forum event has ended, submissions reviewed, and winners ready to be announced! Thanks to everyone who participated this year and congrats to our winners! 


[Photo] Story through Photo

1st: Selkie inspired by Little Red Ridinghood.


[Daily] Riddle Me This

Grand prize winner: Rheanimation!

All daily prizes have been sent out to those who qualify.


[Daily] Breed a Foal

Grand prize winner: Katona!

All daily prizes have been sent to those who qualify.


[Design] New Mutation

Winner: Acoustic with the snowdrift mutation on the free base by Felmya via DeviantArt!


[Design] New Tack Set

Winner: Wild_Brumby with Stained Glass. 


[Coloring] German Fables

1st: WirelessMouse with Little Red Riding Hood- The Black Forest

2nd: Equetea with Cinderella

3rd: Ray with Cinderella


[Writing] Inspired by Aren’s Poem

Witch with Beyond the Darkness.


[Writing] Inspired by a German Fable

HowlingHooves with Luck Through the Porcelain

Congratulations to all our winners!



Bedouin & Curly

Hanoverian Foundation Release #2

Posted by Curly | Saturday, July 23, 2022 (3 Comments)

Happy Saturday!

Today is the day! Hanoverian is now available to everyone via the foundation store! Be sure to run on over and buy yourself a few (or a lot)!


Show Loading Bug

Posted by Curly | Friday, July 22, 2022 (59 Comments)

Hello all,

We are aware of a bug that's occurred just recently causing shows to forever load. We are on the backend trying to locate and fix whatever has caused this to suddenly occur. While shows are being fixed feel free to post here what you hope the next new breed will be. I'll send out some goodies to every commenter once shows are back on track. :)


Bedouin & Curly


Edit: Bug was fixed at 4:38! Those who posted until 4:40 have been sent goodies!

Hanoverian Foundation Release #1

Posted by Curly | Thursday, July 21, 2022 (5 Comments)

Hello everyone! 

Today begins the release of the Hanoverian into the foundation store! Hanoverian is now available to players with gold and platinum upgrades. On Saturday at noon, the breed will be fully released for everyone to purchase at the foundation store.


Quick Development Update

Posted by Bedouin | Tuesday, July 19, 2022 (9 Comments)

Hello everyone!


This is a quick announcement to let you guys know that I am aware that lag is currently happening. I've just installed something that will help me track performance across the game so I know where to optimize different areas.


That said, please know that there are some things shifting in the code in the backend. If you encounter something that seems like it worked yesterday but is acting differently (aka incorrectly) today, please don't hesitate to put it in the bug box!


When I first built this version of the code, I was just learning the framework the game is built on. There are a lot of areas that could be optimized to make things faster based on knowledge I've gained in the 2 years since starting this code base. Please be patient with the lag - I'm trying to tackle this by addressing the root problems before moving on to other strategies to speed up the game.


Thanks for bearing with us,