New Tack, Gifts, and Decor!

Posted by Curly | Saturday, December 24, 2022 (4 Comments)

Happy Holidays from HoFa! Today begins a bit of a vacation for HoFa staff but we aren’t leaving you without a few extra holiday goodies.


❄️☃️ NEW! Gingerbread & Snowflake Harnesses ☃️❄️


Down from the workshop and rolling in on the early train,  a new set of harnesses have arrived in the lands. A new pair of holiday tack pieces have been handcrafted at the capital and are ready to be used! The Gingerbread Harness and Snowflake Harnesses are the first seasonal harnesses to be released to us all. Both tack pieces offer a show and twin boost, with Gingerbread Harnesses offering a large twin boost. Both are available until December 30th at midnight EST/game time.

🌕🌌 Winter Solstice Dye Collection 🌌 🌕

As fall fades away, we must say goodbye to the Equinox dyes and turn our eyes to something new. Winter Solstice recently occurred which means our new winter dye collection is officially ready to ring in the new season. 


The Winter Solstice dye collection includes five new dyes that are based on the colors of winter and the holidays.

Cinnamon - A common ingredient in many holiday dishes. From Rugelach to Coffee Cake, cinnamon warms our hearts as we enjoy the holiday season. This dye is a darker red/brown hue.

Snowcream - An old tradition around the holidays for Curly and her friends, snowcream was made using snow (yes the outdoors kind), sugar, and cream. Now no longer a tradition (you know snow is dirty right?) but a happy memory, snowcream may live on in Horse Fable. :) This dye is a medium cream color.

Frasier Fir - Inspired by the biggest agricultural product in Curly’s hometown. Frasier Fir trees are a time-honored tradition for many. These trees are a wonderful blue/green hue and are most beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. This dye is a medium blue/green hue.

Dark Teal - Now a more common holiday color for ornaments, wrapping paper, and clothing, Dark Teal is a beautiful dark blue-green color perfect to complement blue-eyed horses.

Ice - Every year ice tends to be a hot topic in our households. As temperatures fall and we all attempt to drive to holiday events, ice tends to be quite the issue. This dye is a light blue/purple hue. 


Winter Solstice dyes can be found around the lands until February 27th at midnight. 


🎅🏻🔔 Ho, Ho, Ho! 🔔🎅🏻


Sleighbells ring, and down from the chimney comes a Santa Hat, Jingle Bells, and a Poinsettia! Deck the halls and celebrate the season with a cute new hat and these fancy jingle bells. Both items are available in the General Store until December 30th. Poinsettias can be found while out exploring the lands until Februrary 27th at midnight.

✨🎁 Gift Bundles 🎁✨

Treat yourself this holiday season and grab a gift bundle or two! Several winter item bundles have been added to the Ingot Store in bulk at a discounted price for those who wish to buy in bulk! Items included are Winter Solstice Dyes, 2022 Winter Tack Set, Santa Hat, Gingerbread Harnesses, and more! These packages are available until December 30th at midnight EST/ game time.


🎄🗓️ 12 Days of Giving 🗓️🎄

Our 12 Days of Giving wrapped up yesterday but you may have noticed all of the items are still with us. We wanted to give everyone a bit longer to purchase these re-released items and have extended their sale date until December 30th at midnight EST/Game time. We hope you manage to grab a little bit of everything!


❄️📦 A Gift For You 📦❄️

It wouldn’t be the season of giving if we didn’t give you all a bit of something from us! Use code HappyHolidays at Town Hall to receive a bundle of goodies from us. 🙂


We hope you all have a wonderful rest of the holiday season and we greatly look forward to an amazing 2023!


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 12 of Giving: A Yummy Treat!

Posted by Curly | Friday, December 23, 2022 (7 Comments)

It’s our final day of giving and today we are bringing back another tack set!

🍪 Day 12 of Giving

Today we are bringing back last year's holiday tack set, Gingerbread tack! This tack set comes in both english and western versions and offers a large twin boost. Single tack pieces can be bought in the General Store.


❓ A Question

What’s your favorite holiday?

Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 11 of Giving: Here Comes Snow!

Posted by Curly | Thursday, December 22, 2022 (8 Comments)

Happy almost weekend everyone! Many in the US are preparing for extreme cold and snow. Keep safe out there everyone!


☃️ Day 11 of Giving

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Today we throw it back to last year when we introduced Snowflake tack! This tack set sports purple-blue hues and comes in both english and western types. Snowflake tack also offers a small twin boost.

❓ A Question

What is your holiday tradition?


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 10 of Giving: Unicorn Magic

Posted by Curly | Wednesday, December 21, 2022 (11 Comments)

Happy midweek everyone! Today we bring back a bit of Halloween magic!

🦄 Day 10 of Giving

Today, Unicorn horns have been added back into the ingot store as packages! Also, a few of them got dropped as we set up the store, so a few are around the wilds to be found.


❓ A Question

What background would you like added? What background overlays would you like?

Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

Day 9 of Giving: An Old Friend Returns

Posted by Curly | Tuesday, December 20, 2022 (8 Comments)

🦌 Day 9 of Giving

Yesterday we met a new friend, the White Stoat, and today we are bringing back an old friend! The Reindeer Calf is available for purchase at the General Store and offers a small show boost and a nice twin boost!


❓ A Question

What tack set do you hope to see added next?


Holiday Cheers,

Bedouin & Curly

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