2022 March Madness, Specials Sales & Upcoming!

Posted by Curly | Saturday, March 5, 2022 (1 Comments)

Hello everyone! We have an exciting post today to announce our first ever, March Madness!


✨ March Madness

For the next week, daily competitions will be posted to the Games & Contests forum for all to enter. Each day, a new competition will be hosted that runs for 24 hours with prizes being given per entry!


How does it work?

Each day a new contest will be posted to the Games & Contests forum. These will all center around breeding a foal that matches the contest description. All foals that are entered, and fulfill the current contest requirements, will earn a prize. While the foal with the highest score is awarded the top prize. At the end of the competition, the player with the most total combined points from the week will win 5 magic tokens and a free breeding to my leopard Irish Cob, Leos Grand Entrance or leopard Tennessee Walker,  Dun Been Spotted. Leo and Dun are unique in their fewspot coats and are carrying the genes needed to potentially breed a variation of the Lp gene into Irish Cobs or Tennessee Walking Horses. 


Today's contest is up and open for entries! Our first contest has a top prize of 25,000 bits and 250 ingots with a prize per entry. Gallop on over and check it out here.


🦄 Special Market Sales

Some marking variations have been fairly elusive to everyone and have proven quite difficult to find. However, we want to help get those extra special genes out there, and what better way to do it than well… sending them out there!

During this week we will be posting horses for sale in the market that have special genes featuring some hard to come by variations. Auctions will be posted in both bit and ingot offer types so everyone may participate. Keep an eye out during the day to spot any of these new sales! What do you hope to see? 👀

Edit: Market sales will have the highest bids accepted at 8:00 PM EST/ game time each day starting March 6th.


🔮 Upcoming

Both Bedouin and I have been busy tending to real life but are hard at work in the background fixing quite a few of the current bugs and issues. We have been working mostly behind the scenes due to most of the bugs proving to be quite difficult to nail down. However, no bug has proven too difficult for us thus far! We would like to note that most issues with images such as tack and horses require a manual fix by me, Curly, and can be squashed fairly quickly. If you have an open report about a horse image issue I have done my best to filter through and fix them all. It is possible I have missed a few so if you have an open image report feel free to direct message me and I'll look into asap. :)

Also, St. Patrick's day is just ahead which means the return of two festive St. Patrick's day saddle pads. These pads are a great addition to storage rooms for those who love to customize their horses! We expect these new pads to ship from the capital around the holiday and be available until the end of the month. 


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Bedouin & Curly


Breeding Bonanza Winners!

Posted by Curly | Saturday, February 26, 2022 (8 Comments)

The Breeding Bonanza has ended and votes have been tallied. Thanks to everyone who entered and help vote for our 2022 winners. Our winners will receive 5 Valentine’s Day tack sets of their choice, 5 Horse-Friendly Chocolate Truffles, 500 ingots, and 6 months of bronze upgrade.

After a tie vote for the team competition, we had to recruit the help of my dog, Porter. After several treats and convincing to even look at the computer screen, Porter has chosen Team #1 as our winners! Congrats to Raine and Howler on their winning foal, Howling Rain. 

Our solo entry winner is WirelessMouse with 12 votes with Honey Oats!

Edit: Strifry came in 2nd with 9 votes for their beautiful foal, Golden Orange!

Congrats to our winners! Those who have won please contact me with your choice of 5 sets of Valentine tack and account to which you wish to send the 6-month bronze upgrade.



Bedouin & Curly

Small Update & Breeding Bonanza!

Posted by Curly | Thursday, February 17, 2022 (3 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy almost end to the week!


Item Unequipper

As a small update, the item unequipper has been added in-game. You can now unequip tack using the tree in the top right of the horse page. Also, you no longer need 1 of an item in your inventory to remove the item from horses. We hope this makes items a bit more exciting to use. :)


2022 Breeding Bonanza Voting

Voting for the Breeding bonanza has begun! Be sure to vote on Discord and/or in the forum for your favorite foal. Voting on Discord is in the #team-breeding-bonanza-vote and #solo-breeding-bonanza-vote. To vote in-game check out the Games & Contests forum or click here.

Good luck to all who entered!



Bedouin & Curly

Love is in the Air!

Posted by Curly | Sunday, February 13, 2022 (3 Comments)

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and local resident Will is excited for the upcoming holiday!


🌸 Valentine’s  Day Goodies

     The town of Eqcetera celebrates Valentine's day with Will importing the oh-so-sweet Strawberries N’ Cream and Red Velvet tack sets as well as a few extra love-themed goodies here and there. These sets are a once-a-year treat sent from the capital that offers the largest twin bonus of any tack sets. A full set of either will result in a 5% chance of twin foals being born when equipped to your horse. Thanks to feedback, Will has made these available as single items, rather than full sets, in the General Store. Now you can mix and match!


     To make your horses look even more prepared for the holiday, Will has the Cherry Blossom Background, Cherry Petals, and new Floating Hearts items in stock. Each of these items can be used to add even more holiday flair to the background of your horse. Both the Cherry Petals and Floating Hearts items have a small twin bonus of 0.5 and 0.1 respectively.  Based on feedback, the Cherry Blossom Background is only cosmetic and has been lowered in cost.


     Will also has quite a sweet tooth and imports a large order of Horse-Friendly Chocolate Truffles. These can be fed to horses for a 30% chance of producing twin foals in the next breeding when you own both horses. 


     All Valentine’s Day items are available from now until February 20th at 11:59 PM EST / game time.

❤️ 2022 Breeding Bonanza!

     Each February the annual Breeding Bonanza is hosted to put everyone's breeding abilities to the test! This contest is hosted in the forum and historically, has involved breeding with an assigned partner. This year, we are shaking things up a bit and having both a team and individual contest! To enter the Breeding Bonanza be sure to visit the team entry page here or the individual entry page here!

     To get a bit more excitement going around the contest, the winning team and individual will each win 5 Valentine’s Tack sets of their choice, 5 horse-friendly chocolate truffles, 500 ingots, and 6 months of bronze upgrade.

We hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend!



Bedouin & Curly

Bug Fixes

Posted by Curly | Friday, February 4, 2022 (7 Comments)

Hello everyone! We've had to do quite a bit of fixing that has taken a while to push live. Some features had to be re-built from the ground up so bug fixes have been a bit slow.


Bug Fixes

  - Enter All 1 should now properly enter discipline and halter shows. Be sure your settings are valid to enter available shows before creating a new bug report for this, some of the entering issues may be caused by not enough entrants in shows or too many, lack of on-hand funds, or not enough horse energy.

  - Cancelling market trades should work properly now for returning ingots, bits, items, and horses.

  - Norwegian Fjords should now be able to breed properly.

  - Storage checkmarks for eating and drinking at home now visually saves the checkmark.

  - Merged bug reports now give reporters a notification.

  - The marketplace "My Offers" tab now displays market lots you have made an offer to.

  - Adding items to market trades now properly counts the total number of items and gives an obvious error message when over 25.

  - Welsh D's with incorrect star values have been manually fixed. If there are more a new bug report with links to all needing fixing should be submitted.

  - Those with giant storage rooms should now be able to load their storage. This was re-built and should now be able to load many more items than before.

  - Infinite load in the breeding clinic has been fixed.


We are still working away at more bug fixes and features and will update as soon as we have enough to push live. Keep an eye out for our next update with Valentine tack and other goodies. :)



Bedouin & Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Images of horses not showing up marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Private trade did not transfer item properly marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Can't Update Account marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Can't add a horse to auction marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Can accept private breeding request event though a horse is on cooldown marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Autobuy in new horse auction market doesn't appear to be working for me marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horse with nd2d marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Appy’s art and tack not working marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Sales Pen shows Ingot sales as Bits marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix No Money from Trade marked as Fixed.

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