Expanding The Wild Variations

2/28/2024 7:11 pm

Today we have a large art update that has been in the works for several years. With this update, we have expanded upon wild horse marking variations to make them more visually unique! This update also includes QoL updates, the newest grade images, an artist search update, and several image and bug fixes.


πŸ—ΊοΈ Expanding The Wild Variations

Long ago when the lands of HoFa were just being discovered, horses only had a single white marking layer per white-marking gene. In 2020/2021, Helix decided to expand their research and discover how to make white marking variations a possibility. Helix was able to discover six marking variations per KIT marking gene and three per leopard gene for pures in early 2021 and to crossbreeds in late 2021. Along the way, Helix also discovered a few other variations here and there.


Later when wild horses were being caught by locals, it was noticed Helix’s framework for implementing variations must have escaped to the wilds. Some may have been lucky to see 10 variations in the Chincoteague Pony breed and if very lucky, a tobiano 7 Dutch Warmblood. 


Today, Helix and those at the capital have officially completed their studies on all pures, crossbreeds, and generics to now expand white marking variations to a total of 10 in sabino, tobiano, and all leopard types. In the spirit of discovery and fun,  variations 7-10 have only been released to the wilds so wild horses caught starting today have the possibility of sporting a new variation! All leopard spotting breeds now have the possibility of having variations 4-6 in the foundation store and 7-10 in the wilds. This currently excludes Tennessee Walking Horses and Irish Cob leopard 5-10.


A special thank you to our artist, Brumby, for helping to discover and create the new marking variations!


🐴 Grade Images

A new set of grade images has been added! Those who have been waiting for images should now see their horses as the correct breed images. Note, some are still in progress, check the grade image sheet to see the current pending art list and browse those that are complete.


🀩 User Experience Fixes!

We’ve been having some fun behind the scenes with staff play parties. We hope to continue this and adjust things as they pop up while playing.


Here are some of the most recent tweaks:

  • The account switching function on mobile should now work.
  • On mobile, the wooden bar along the top was spaced oddly. This has now been fixed.
  • The breadcrumb navigation at the top has been added back into mobile to make navigating a bit more easy.
  • You can now choose in your estate settings whether you want the next/previous arrows to go by ID (default) or by tab. This used to be in the game but never made its way into Horse Fable.
  • The WYSIWYG editor has been removed from editing the description in your  estate settings. This means it’s much easier to add layouts to your stable page.


✨ Let’s Play! Live Stream

In our recent livestream we announced that Bedouin and I have tasked ourselves with playing HoFa and making updates as we come across them. We would love for our players to join us and give input on changes, QoL updates, and just chat! Our first Let’s Play! Will be March 17th at 8PM EST/game time. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to watch and chat.


🎨 Artist Search Update

We have been reviewing artist applications and suggestions that have been sent to us. As an update, we have a list of possible artists and have one currently doing a demo. Our goal is to have a horse artist soon and will update everyone asap.


πŸ“œ Rules & TOS Update

We have updated our rules and terms of service. The community rules have been updated to be more succinct and include changes based on player feedback pertaining to spam, chat conduct, and advertisements intending to elicit an emotional response. We hope these new rules address concerns we have seen in recent months. 

🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1185 - Horses should no longer be kicked randomly because of a downgrade even if they are boarded at home.
  • NPC requests should no longer give out too many ingots when completing for a friend.
  • Bug #1324 - NPC requests should no longer accept items already equipped to horses.
  • Bug #1228 - Skeleton paint should no longer show on the stable page.
  • Bug #1326 - Cinnamon dye now shows up in explore, it is set to a lower rarity so it may be found more often than others now to compensate for lost time.
  • Bug #1322 - Fixed dying evergreen halters
  • Bug #1272 - Removed random dot from Appaloosa dun layer
  • Bug #1321 - Adjusted price for some polo dye recipes
  • Bug #1313 - Fixed item type for some spicy tonics
  • Bug #1306 - AMH bend or and bird catcher spots fixed
  • Fixed AMH right front coronet marking on small layers
  • Bug #1290 - Fixed lavender polos for ApQH
  • Bug #1170 - Foals show tiger eye
  • Bug #1333 - Fixed broken POA layer
  • Bug #1283 - Fixed Teke layers
  • Bug #1275 - Roan variants for Arabians fixed
  • Bug #1218 - Fixed IW small image layers
  • Bug #1192 - Fixed western bridle gems for Paints
  • Bug #1145 - Fixed IW western bridle gems
  • Bug #1301 - Fixed AMH Snowflake western pads
  • Bug #1341 - Fixed QH overo variant

We hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



Bedouin & Curly


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2/28/2024 7:20 pm


Can't wait to catch some variations! Ty for the update.


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2/28/2024 7:28 pm

Yay! I am so glad the account switching works properly now! I am excited about new variations as well.


I am glad for the ToS update regarding the rise of spam and begging seen here lately. Although maybe I missed it in my skim, but I did not notice anything different in there regarding this?


Edit: I forgot to look at the rules too haha thank you guys so much! Hopefully this curbs some things 

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2/28/2024 7:55 pm

So excited for the new patterns! Do you have to make a one in the design lab, or are there some that people like Curly and other helpers have some up for breeding?

R.I.P. Toby Keith

Go play a Toby Keith song





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2/28/2024 8:05 pm

thank you so much for the horse page arrow change, it feels great! πŸ’š


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