NEW! Scrap Yard & Bug Fixes

Posted by Curly | Monday, June 5, 2023 (10 Comments)

Happy Monday!


If you’ve seen the developer log, you can see we’ve been busy actively fixing bugs and making small changes to the game. Check it out below!

πŸš‚ NEW! Scrap Yard

Some of the locals have gotten fed up with their overabundance of items just sitting in their inventories. After some deliberation, they decided to start tossing items into the scrap yard closer to the railyard. RAIL left the scrap yard years ago and had never cleaned it up, thus it’s the perfect place to toss anything you don’t want! Now, we at the capitol don’t advocate for randomly tossing items in real life all willy-nilly, but when it comes to items in HoFa sometimes it’s easier to just yeet stuff into the void. 


You can toss items from your Storage Room by clicking the item you want to “Use” and either clicking “Discard All” or selecting a single item to “Discard”. In the scrap yard, you can find an assortment of items others have tossed by rummaging through the pile. Each search action takes 5% energy and auto-picks up items once found.


All items that have been tossed can not be recovered by anyone so be certain you want to toss items!

🏦 Bank Transactions

After reviewing the number of bank transactions for players, we realized that some have over 100,000 transactions over a month’s time. Because of this, we’ll be reducing the time bank transactions are shown from 1 month to the past 50,000 transactions. If you have less than 50,000 transactions, all will show from the past month like normal.


This fixes bug #1037.

βš’οΈ Small Tweaks

  • The date shown for a bug report is now when it was last active instead of when it was created. This is updated whenever the status changes or a new comment is made.
  • You can no longer select a tab if a horse isn’t boarded. This already doesn’t save without a horse being boarded so this avoids confusion.
  • Horses no longer have to be boarded in mass actions to have a discipline or career set or to be put up for sale.
  • Removing horses from shows are now taken into account in the estate overview earnings statement. 

🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #947 - Fixed an issue where white halter and grey dye were showing up in the encrusting tab in the craft room.
  • Bug #994 - The percentage in the list of campaigns should now match the one on the campaign page.
  • Bug #1042 and bug #778 - There should no longer be an issue with paging through horses on your stable page if there are multiple tabs open.
  • Bug #316 - Registry date sorting now works.
  • Bug #922 and bug #946 - Horse auctions will now sort correctly by breed.
  • Bug #1028 - Fixed link to create a new auction from the My Auctions tab.
  • Bug #863 and bug #932 - The stud market now sorts appropriately.
  • Bug #426 - The bug box and developer log now sorts appropriately.
  • Bug #844 - Sooty is now layered in the right order for horse images.
  • Bug #968 - Dun should now show for non-black bases in the Design Lab.
  • Bug #535 - You should now be able to view all of your bank transactions for both levels.
  • Bug #1003 - The My Auctions tab is now properly paginated so you should be able to see all of your auctions.
  • Bug #1044 - An issue with inheriting the predictability trait has been fixed.
  • Bug #602 - Horses with W3, W5, and W15 now show greying if they have the grey gene.
  • Bug #875 - Personality tests should now charge correctly.


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.


πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰This brings us to less than 50 reported bugs in the game! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

πŸ“ Current Polls

We have two polls ongoing for the community to send in feedback based on the last news post.


#1: Ideas to add to the friend and blocked features


#2: Crossbreed campaign activity


Both of these polls will close on June 15th at 5 PM EST/game time.



Bedouin & Curly

Rainbow Pads, Colorful Explore Items, & Bug Fixes!

Posted by Curly | Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (5 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy mid-week! We have some bug fixes for you today and the return of some items!


🌈 Rainbow Pad Return

With the unofficial start of summer right around the corner, we are bringing back our yearly release of English and Western rainbow saddle pads! These pads are on sale at the General Store until June 30th at 11:59 PM EST/game time. 


✨ Colors of the Rainbow

From now until June 30th at 11:59 EST/game time, all of our year-round colored items will be occurring more often in the wilds! While exploring the lands you will run into more dyes, colored roses, and rainbow saddle pads!


Also occurring in the wilds at a low chance will be limited edition seasonal items such as our rainbow skeleton paint, rainbow unicorn horn and pastel rainbow unicorn horn.


βš’οΈ Small Tweaks

  • You can now select all and unselect all horses in your mass actions.
  • If a boarding center doesn’t have any stalls available, it will now show an error instead of letting you try to board horses there.


🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1053 and bug #1057 and bug #1058 - Boarding, removing from boarding, and assigning careers should work now. 
  • Bug #1018 - Horses should now display the correct breed when breeding from their page.
  • Bug #657 - Foals bred through private breeding requests will now be gene tested if auto gene test is selected.
  • Bug #859 - The total number of career horses on the career page is no longer affected by each horse’s energy level.
  • Bug #791 - Fixed the image issues in the previewer showing tack “floating.”
  • Bug #764 - Fixed inability to remove certain tack.
  • Bug #594 - Fixed 2 day shows showing intermingles with 1 day. They now only show on the shows arena page and at the bottom. 2 day shows no longer show on the horse's page.
  • Bug #851 - Shows arena sorted by discipline now shows more than 2 pages.
  • Bug #1033 - Fixed ghost appaloosa layer
  • Bug #974 - Fixed issue with nd1nd2 skewed dun horses showing incorrect dun image. This will only affect future horses.


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.


πŸ“ Current Polls

We have two polls ongoing for the community to send in feedback based on the last news post.


#1: Ideas to add to the friend and blocked features

#2: Crossbreed campaign activity


Both of these polls will close on June 15th at 5 PM EST/game time.


We had the question “Can we have an option to close a campaign that refunds the coins back to donors so they can invest them in other active campaigns?”.  Bedouin and I both agree this is reasonable and have added it to our list for campaigns. 


We hope everyone has an excellent rest of the week!



Bedouin & Curly

Boarding Update, Friends, Blocking, & More!

Posted by Curly | Monday, May 29, 2023 (12 Comments)

We hope everyone is having a peaceful Memorial Day. Today, we have a mix of game tweaks, new features, and bug fixes. Buckle up as we explain it all.


🏠 Boarding Change

You now must board with boarding centers that have the appropriate training facilities in the attached training center. While this has always been stated as part of Horse Fable’s boarding system, it was actually missing until we had a bit more boarding center activity. Now when boarding, you will see less boarding available once you select disciplines. Each discipline change will update the boarding list.


When mass boarding through the horse directory, there wasn’t a check to see if horses have the appropriate discipline and/or career. This has been updated and they must have a discipline or career set to be boarded. 


On the boarding page itself, you can get a quick idea of which disciplines the boarding center supports through a new list. 

πŸ₯° Friends

You now send and accept friend requests! You can send a request through a player’s profile page. Friends can be found under Account -> Friends. Friends will play a larger role in the game soon.


πŸ™…πŸ»‍♀️ Blocking

You can now block other players by going to their profile page. This can also be found under Account -> Friends. Blocking another player means you will no longer receive their messages and they can not add you as a friend. If you try to message another player that has blocked you, you will receive an error message. 


We have a few other ideas for friends and blocking and are looking for community feedback. This poll has those options listed for you to vote on.


πŸ›‘ Inactive Campaigns

We are in the planning stages of what to do for inactive campaigns. Currently planned is for campaigns to be set as “inactive” 60 days after the last horse was submitted to the campaign. If no horses have been submitted for the first generation, then the campaign goes inactive after 90 days.


However, we know others in the community may have other thoughts on the inactivity of campaigns. If you have thoughts or suggestions beyond what we have planned please let us know! 


🎨 Previewer Update

The previewer has received an update on all new item types! You can now preview harnesses, halters, polos, blankets, decor items, and more. 


This fixes bug #739.


βš’οΈ Small Tweaks

  • In the user banner, there is now a distinction if you are completing the intro, continuing a fable, or have fables waiting on you.
  • The text for fables and capturing horses now pulses slightly to catch your attention.
  • Fixed an issue where horses were staying in a tab even after you removed them from your boarding.
  • Disciplines are now alphabetically ordered in some places in the game.


🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1024 and bug #1027 and bug #1047 - If you bred to a horse up for private stud/brood from its page, it was sending a breeding request instead of breeding normally. This was then throwing an error “You own both horses!” which shouldn’t be an issue normally. Now, it will no longer send as a breeding request if you own the horse up for private stud/brood.
  • Bug #1036 - If you tried to use a coin from your inventory, the Design Lab was infinitely loading. This should now be fixed and you can use coins from your inventory again.
  • Bug #896 - It is now no longer possible to receive 2 coins from the first quest. We are still watching the flow around giving the coin so if you encounter any errors, please report it.
  • Bug #591 - You can no longer do a deposit or withdrawal in the bank without putting in an amount.
  • Bug #364 and bug #869 and bug #899 and bug #944 and bug #992 - Work has been completed on progressing through quests so it happens a lot more seamlessly at the beginning and when completing. 
  • Bug #998 - The Enter All no longer only looks at the first 10 shows. Now if you set criteria, it should look at the full set of available shows and enter into the appropriate ones.


This puts us at under 100 bugs in the game!!


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.



Bedouin & Curly

We're Back!

Posted by Bedouin | Tuesday, May 16, 2023 (10 Comments)

Hello, all! 


We apologize for any inconvenience today’s downtime had. We got an email from our server company at 2:24pm today saying there was an issue but it wasn’t urgent then we got another one at 3:28pm saying that multiple complaints were coming in about an attack coming from OUR server. They said that if we didn’t resolve it, the server would be taken offline tomorrow.


Needless to say, we’ve spent the last 5-6 hours frantically figuring out a solution. We ended up backing up everything, reinstalling the operating system, and putting everything back onto a brand sparkly new server. We’ll continue to work this week to increase security measures so this doesn’t happen again. 


When the game was taken down, all crons were paused. We’ve added 6 hours to any auctions running to account for that. Everything else should continue as if the downtime never happened.


Please let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary. We’ve done our best to make sure everything was backed up and put back just as it was, but sometimes we do miss things.


We appreciate you all for bearing with us! This was an unexpected turn for the day, but we were able to overcome the challenge. πŸ€—

As a thank you for everyones patience, some goodies have been sent out to anyone active in the last week.


Bedouin & Curly

An Exciting Announcement & Fundraiser Total

Posted by Curly | Saturday, April 29, 2023 (4 Comments)

Hello everyone, get excited because today we have a special announcement and our final fundraiser total!!


🐴 HoFa Goes to Breyerfest!

We are extremely excited to announce Horse Fable has been selected as one of the in-person vendors for Breyerfest 2023! This means we will be in-person at Kentucky Horse Park during the Breyerfest festivities with our own table and goodies to be bought. For those attending Breyerfest virtually, we have also been accepted as a virtual vendor and will be throwing our yearly summer event during Breyerfest. 


More info will be coming as we plan and prepare for Breyerfest, but for now, we have to keep most of it secret. πŸ™‚


✨ Beebe Ranch Fundraiser Total!

Drum roll, please! HoFa’s Save the Beebe Ranch fundraiser final total is…..


Thank you so much to everyone who bought Chincoteague Pony coins, shared the message, and provided words of encouragement. We are beyond proud of our community both in-game and on social media, for coming together to help a great cause. The Beebe Ranch is currently under contract and the Museum of Chincoteague Island has officially raised $400,000 of $625,000 as of 4/28. If you wish to donate to the Beebe Ranch fundraiser directly, you can visit their GoFundMe here or donate to the Museum of Chincoteague Island here



Bedouin & Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Bank infinite load marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix "Could not get image size. Please try another." marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Azteca / Game Crosses not filtering correctly in search marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix DWB Training Boost Error marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Estate Views, some page tabs & reorganizing not working marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Personality Tests Overcharging? marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horses with W3 and Gg not greying marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Items offered in Trades marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Personality Traits not Inheriting Correctly marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horses Auctioned for Bits don't show up under My Auctions tab marked as Fixed.

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