Special Guests & Marking Chat!

Posted by Curly | Friday, April 1, 2022 (3 Comments)

Hello all, we hope all is going excellent for you.

✨ New Markings Chat

Special thanks to my tired self late one night, the layer file for the upcoming new leopard markings has been lost. This means the leopard markings, intended to be added from our previous chat, are unable to be replicated and added. So, to create a new set of markings we will be hosting a live chat on our Discord server Monday, April 4th at 7 PM EST/game time. 


Join us for an hour of creating new leopard markings and maybe even a few others! At the end of our chat, we will be raffling off one spectral token and one Appaloosa with a new marking to one lucky winner!


👀 Special Guests

Some may have noticed that a few special guests have shown up in the General Store. Will is quite the jokester and loves a good laugh especially when it includes quirky new companions. A wild herd of earthworms have wiggled their way into the lands and are awaiting you in the General Store. These wiggly companions offer a tiny twin and show boost and are excellent at keeping your horse company.


Will also has a new companion offering, the Imaginary Friend! These friends are great for those looking for a companion that suits any companion desire. Imaginary Friends both keep your horse's imagination strong and offer a small twin boost when equipped to your horse.


All our antics have not been revealed… be sure to check in on your equines. 👀



Bedouin & Curly

Festive New Saddle Pads!

Posted by Curly | Thursday, March 17, 2022 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone and Happy St. Patricks Day!


🍀 New Saddle Pads

To celebrate St. Patrick's day, festive orange and shamrock green saddle pads are now available in the general store! These pads feature colors to celebrate the holiday. Both the Festive Orange and Shamrock Green pads come in western and english pads and offer a show boost. All pads can be bought for bits in the general store until Thursday, March 24th at 11:59 PM. After this date, they will only return in 2023.



Bedouin & Curly

Breed Poll Results & March Madness End

Posted by Curly | Saturday, March 12, 2022 (7 Comments)

Hello everyone! Today we have some results to share!

🥳 March Madness Results

We have had a fun-filled week of competition and the final March Madness has closed. All daily prizes have now been sent out to those eligible for them. Our final prize to be sent out is the grand prize of 5 magic tokens and one free breeding to Leos Grand Entrance or Dun Been Spotted. Leo and Dun are unique in their fewspot coats and are carrying the genes needed to potentially breed a variation of the Lp gene into Irish Cobs or Tennessee Walking Horses. This year's March Madness actually has two winners!


First: Spellbound & SweetChinMusic

Second: itsjusthayley

Third: Shokubeni2

Fouth: Fluffy Horror


Congrats to our winners! Those who placed below first have been sent an extra prize for their efforts. For those who placed first, be sure to message me with your preference of breeding to Leo or Dun. :)


🐴 Breed Update Poll

Our poll for what breed to update first has ended! The vote was close but the breed that will be updated soon is…Appaloosas! Appaloosas won the vote by a narrow margin of 2 votes! Currently, no date is set for their release but we expect the update to come sooner rather than later.


Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


Bedouin & Curly

Breed Update Poll, March Madness Update, & Bug Fixes

Posted by Curly | Wednesday, March 9, 2022 (2 Comments)

Happy mid-week everyone! Today we have a few bug fixes, a poll, and a march madness update for you.

🔥 Breed Art Update Poll

Quite a few breeds in-game have the old style of artwork and are in line to have their art redone in Solo's new style. We have decided to open up a poll for everyone to vote on which breed to update next. This round of voting includes Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Appaloosas, and American Paints. The breed with the most votes will be re-done first and have their art updated soon. Voting will end on March 12th at 12:00 PM EST/ game time.


To vote please click here.


✨ March Madness Update

We are officially on day 5 of march madness and have seen quite the variety of foal colors and an impressive number of perfect scores! Our current front runners from days 1 through 3 are:


First: Shokubeni2

Second (Tied): Spellbound & Shokubeni

Third (Tied): SweetChinMusic & itsjusthayley

Fourth (Tied): Fluffy Horror & Wild_Brumby


As a reminder, March Madness open and end times have changed. Today's March Madness has already been posted to the Games & Contest form and will be open until 12:30 PM EST/ game time tomorrow.


🦟 Bug Fixes

  - The Breed Standard tracker should now work for those needing to input BS numbers.

  - Horses in market trades there were stuck should officially be removed for the trades and useable now.

NEW: Horses in market trades now have a link to the trade from their page.


Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!



Bedouin & Curly

March Madness Update!

Posted by Curly | Tuesday, March 8, 2022 (6 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy day 4 of March Madness!


Time Changes

Starting today the time in which the daily contest and auctions are posted will be changed. Today's March Madness has already been posted to the Games & Contest form and will be open until 12:30 PM EST/ game time tomorrow.

The market auctions will now be posted after each daily contest with bids accepted at 9:45 AM EST/ game time starting tomorrow. That means those put in auction today and those put up yesterday, will have bids accepted March 9th at 9:45 AM EST/game time.


Market Auctions

Special market auctions are still ongoing and will begin ramping up toward the end of the week with more auctions per day and even more variety! As a reminder, the time for accepting bids is now 9:45 AM EST/game time.



Bedouin and Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Images of horses not showing up marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Private trade did not transfer item properly marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Can't Update Account marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Can't add a horse to auction marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Can accept private breeding request event though a horse is on cooldown marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Autobuy in new horse auction market doesn't appear to be working for me marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horse with nd2d marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Appy’s art and tack not working marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Sales Pen shows Ingot sales as Bits marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix No Money from Trade marked as Fixed.

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