Happy Derby Day!

5/04/2024 4:49 pm

Hello everyone!


It is officially May but also its Derby Day! Today marks the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby and an exciting day for changes to arrive in HoFa. Our update today includes a few bug fixes, information about some changes some of you have noticed the past few weeks, and a very exciting new expansion. We hope you enjoy the update and we will see you all back here soon. 🐎

✨ Art Changes

Some of you have noticed a few image changes around the site these last few weeks. As HoFa has developed so has the style of our backgrounds, icons, and items. Part of our 2024 goals include updating old art to be in our newest art style and creating many new items in the new style as well (👀). Those of you with a keen eye will find these updates earlier than we announce them in the news.


The last few weeks we have updated the default player avatars to all be in the same style but kept the original player designs. These player avatars are the first of many to be added to HoFa.


Most recently, the dye item art has been updated to be more than a single drop of dye…it’s the whole bottle! No more wrangling around drops of dye in your storage room.


🏇 NEW TACK: Racing

It’s Derby Day! Today marks the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby and another year we can hope to see a triple crown winner! To celebrate the longest continuously running sporting event in the U.S., today we pull out all of the stops and welcome a new tack set, racing tack! 


Racing tack is now available in the General Store special thanks to Will Sellum’s ability to stuff even more items in that tiny little shop. Black, brown, and light tan racing saddles and bridles and racing pads can be bought for the same price as their english and western counterparts. Racing pads are only sold in white but can be dyed all currently available dye colors. Racing tack will be located in the general store year-round and is both dyeable and encrustable.


As some may be wondering, a full set of racing tack may include a mask and breast strap. You will be pleased to know that masks and breast straps will be added to HoFa later in part 2 of the racing tack release. Those of you with subscriptions can join us in the Premium Forum to toss out ideas for our new tack , treat items, and more coming soon!


Wondering where the Thoroughbred in racing tack may be? They’re currently under construction and will be galloping into HoFa in July. 😉

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug # 1310 - Unable to complete quest with crafting items
  • Bug #1298 - AMH showing wrong art
  • Bug #1293 - Friesdale english saddle pads are now in the right spot
  • Bug #1354 - Fixed smoky black Friesian grade layer
  • Bug #1366 - Transport should now load even with a lot of horses
  • Bug #1379 - You can no longer spam click the higher lower game


We hope everyone has an excellent rest of the weekend! We’ll be back to chat with you soon. 



Bedouin & Curly


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5/04/2024 4:56 pm

Happy Derby Day!!!!

I did not know it is the 150TH!!!!

SOOOOO loveing the new tack!!

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5/04/2024 5:46 pm

Happy Derby Day!  Thank you so much for the amazing racing tack! So excited to see it when part 2 comes out later this year.  💙


BTW the laboradite isn't showing on the bridle or the saddle. Are you still working out those kinks or would you prefer a ticket be started?




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5/04/2024 5:55 pm

@IndigoFox, I'm haveing the same problem with the tack.

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5/04/2024 8:04 pm

Excuse me while I go hoard racing tack. Its nice it seems we finally have an artist and it seems like a decision was made to have a new style. I look forward to seeing more new art. I am nervous about the TBs as I like their current art but I will keep optimistic to see what the new artist gives us 


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5/04/2024 8:05 pm

On one hand I want to fully kit out my flat racers but on other hand, I really want a new expansion, so that's first then make gorgeous thoroughbreds! July also cannot get here soon enough!


Excited to see the new artwork on the items and gonna sit here trying to eagle eye find em as they roll out.



Beautiful day for the Derby and a wonderful race as well. Haven't seen that good of a race in a long while.




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5/04/2024 8:08 pm

YESS!!!!  So excited!!  THANK YOU!


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5/04/2024 9:38 pm

The three horses were NOSE TO NOSE!! 👃👃👃 🏇 🏇🏇

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