Oops! All Turkey!

11/23/2023 9:06 am

It’s turkey day! Happy Thanksgiving to all, we are glad to have you with us! Let’s gobble up some food and enjoy today's release.



You would think after 3 years, Will would have mastered the art of buying enough turkey to properly stock his shop. This year, his shipment arrived and he ordered 10,372 more turkey than he needed. Overnight, one of those pesky gobblers managed to open their gate and we now have a turkey problem! From now until November 26 at midnight EST/game time, you can find your very own turkey while exploring Hoofbeat Plains.


Don’t worry, if you prefer to buy your turkey, Will has managed to catch a few and has them for sale at 50 ingots each until December 31st at midnight EST/game time. :)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed floating Welsh D flowers - #1249
  • Fixed grey gems on Percheron harness - #1221
  • Fixed amethyst Andalusian pad gems - #1205
  • Fixed opaque Friesdale - #1226
  • Adjust Shetland gems to correct places - #1219
  • Fixed Saddlebred apatite gems - #1183
  • Fixed splash 6 on QH - #1178
  • Fixed Enchanted Lake tak on Chincos - #1191
  • Fixed POA green english pad - #1189
  • Fixed missing Hano eye - #1160
  • Fixed missing varnish roan 3 on stocks - #1213
  • Fixed black western pad for light generics - #1204
  • Fixed broken onyx gems for Shetlands - #1195
  • Fixed missing max white 2 variation on draft foals - #1194
  • Added missing snowflake harness encrusting recipes - #1144


Thank you to all our wonderful players for sticking by us! We are slowly bouncing back to health and are hurriedly preparing for the winter season. We hope to give you a wonderful end-of-year treat and end 2023 on a high note!



Bedouin & Curly


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11/23/2023 9:13 am

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 💜 🦃

Thank you for the update, and hoping for full recoveries to you and Bed.


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11/23/2023 9:24 am

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Hope you and Bed continue to feel better and are back to 100% in no time! Thank you for all your hard work, as always!


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11/23/2023 9:41 am

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Take your time getting better first and foremost. Excited to see what is on the horizon for the game this coming winter! Thank you for all your hard work.




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11/23/2023 9:50 am

Happy Thanksgiving. We are all very thankful for you and the game


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11/23/2023 10:35 am

Happy Thanksgiving to all and there familys 


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11/23/2023 2:15 pm

Thankful for all that you do - thank you for the turkey!



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11/23/2023 7:26 pm

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for the Turkeys <3  Gobble gobble!  Feel better soon!

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