It's Officially Winter Solstice!

12/21/2023 5:32 pm

Hello everyone and happy holidays from us to you! We are approaching the end of the year and want to give a huge thank you to everyone for spending the year with us. Thank you for your continued support, ideas, wonderful community, and well wishes.

🐴 Appalachian Mountain Horse

Drum roll please! 

A huge congratulations to the Appalachian Mountain Horse (AMH) campaign for completing our FIRST crossbreed campaign! The AMH is a 50/50 cross between the Akhal-Teke and American Saddlebred. This breed is now in-game as an official crossbreed which means any 50/50 Tekes/ASB crosses will now be an AMH. The breed has been built using current breed assets and has been beautifully colored by our artist Brumby.


All horses in the AMH campaign have been updated to reflect the new art and their names are now Appalachian Mountain Horse!


❄️ Winter Candy Land

After extensive planning, bulk buying sugar, and prep, the locals have finally finished the 2023 winter holiday themed map! This year's map celebrates all that is sweet. Gumdrops! Candycanes! Gingerbread! Cookies! Gallop on over to the Winter Candy Land map to trot across the cottoncandy ground and enjoy the colorful land. This map will be available until Jan 1st at 11:59pm EST/game time.


☕ New Items


PERK UP! Will has begun a new hobby and learned how to craft beautiful coffee drinks. He now has espresso, coffee, and a latte in the General Store for you to purchase under a new tab labeled Energy. Thanks to Will’s new skills and love for super strong coffee, these new items will give you player energy to use while exploring. Added energy ranges from 25% up to a full energy refill!


Winter Solstice Dyes

Today we bring back our winter solstice dyes and add a few new colors to the collection Returning this year are:

Cinnamon, Snowcream, Frasier Fir, Dark Teal, Ice


After a quick vote on Discord, this year’s new dyes are:

Evergreen & Navy!


Winter solstice dyes can be found while exploring until March 19th at midnight. 


🏘️ Clubs

In the January update, there will be a new rule introduced to clubs - presidents will be automatically removed after 90 days of not logging in. This will trigger an election campaign for a new president, and any club member will be allowed to campaign for president. If any president is inactive for 90 days at the time of the update, an election will be opened in the club. 


Updates to clubs:

  • When you apply to join a club, the president now receives a notification that someone has applied.
  • When you register one or more horses in a club, the president will now receive a notification that an application needs to be accepted.


Updates to campaigns:

  • Now when you’ve reached 100%, there will be a submission button. This will send a notification for us to get started on communicating about artwork.
  • Once a campaign is submitted, the ability to add horses will be removed although all information will stay.
  • Once a campaign is approved, the campaign page will stay in the club to commemorate the breed.


⚒️ Small Tweaks

  • The Filter by Type dropdown on the inventory page is now alphabetically sorted.

🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #463 - Crossbreed percentages now round to 3 places instead of 2 to prevent the crossbreed bar overlapping.
  • Bug #1267 - Face reroll tokens now work on crossbreeds.
  • Bug #1247 - Brumbies and mustangs should no longer come out as grade.
  • Bug #1146 - You no longer need energy to approach wild horses.
  • Bug #1281 - You can now encrust gingerbread harnesses.
  • Bug #1274 - Light draft winter items now show up
  • Bug #1252 - Spooky Purple Witch Hats now have…hats!
  • Bug #1262 - Fixed gems on light tan western bridles
  • Bug #1268 - Fixed festive pad for Pasos
  • Bug #1223 - Fleabitten grey Chinos fixed
  • Bug #1210 - Fixed dyed english pad for pony base
  • Bug #1209 - Fixed dark green english pad for pony base
  • Bug #1284 - Fixed snowflake harness for Welsh
  • Bug #1278 - Fixed rainbow glows
  • Bug #1251 - Fixed Hano gem layers


🔮 Future Plans

We’ve taken down the Trello board linked to the Roadmap on the News page. We’ll be doing some planning for 2024 and will update it afterwards with upcoming features and changes to look forward to. 


We know a lot of 2023 has been a slower year especially since Horse Fable and Eqcetera before it has always had a fast paced development schedule. There were times in the past where we were updating 2-3 times per week. We want to settle into a more consistent pace that will continue over time so we can continue to improve the game. We’ll be meeting to determine some goals for us as a team to hit and how we can provide more value to the game. 

☃️ January Update

New Quests

We plan to finally release more quest lines.


Explore Quests

We hope to merge these two features so that you can start mini quests while exploring.


Auction House Rebuild

There are quite a few bugs floating around within the horse auctions and we’re going to sit down at the drawing board and rebuild how the auctions work to optimize the process and eliminate bugs.


We hope everyone has a wonderful, stress free, and safe holiday season. We look forward to the new year. 


Cheers and happy holidays! 

Bedouin & Curly


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12/21/2023 5:43 pm

Everything looks so amazing! Thank you all for your hard work and I hope you have a wonderous holiday season. 😊


Post Count: 61

12/21/2023 5:46 pm

I have a question about Submitted campaigns, if we can no longer register the horses in generations, does that mean we can no longer Halter that cross until after the art is complete? 


Talented but lazy 


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12/21/2023 5:47 pm


Sending what love there is. Thank you for the game. 😊


Post Count: 87

12/21/2023 5:48 pm

Thank you for this update :)

Bedouin Admin

Post Count: 45

12/21/2023 5:49 pm

Wireless, that's a good point! I will add that back in tonight or tomorrow. Didn't consider that. 😊


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12/21/2023 6:16 pm

Thanks Bedouin! I'd love to keep my halter lines going in the meantime while we wait for art <3


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12/21/2023 6:31 pm

What an exciting update. I'm really looking forward to everything coming!


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12/21/2023 9:05 pm

Wonderful! I'm excited to see what comes next!


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12/21/2023 9:16 pm

It was SO COOL to see the new AMH art when I looked at my horses tonight - awesome job!  I'm so excited to go through them and see how all the different colors look on the new art, lol.


Candyland looks so cute! Looking forward to exploring and enjoying the dyes, and checking out the energy drinks!!


Thank you for all the bug fixes and the peek at plans for the new year. Hope everyone has a lovely Holiday weekend! :)


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12/21/2023 10:23 pm

Thank you for the update, so excited!!

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