Happy Valentine's Day ♥

2/14/2024 12:00 pm

Love is in the air and it’s time to say Happy Valentine's day to all those who celebrate! We have brought back previous Valentine's items for you to enjoy which include items with twin boosts, breeding fail reductions, and an awful lot of pink. As a Valentine from Bedouin & I to you, everyone active since February 1st, 2024 has been sent a few gifts.

❤️ Valentine’s Day Items

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to one of Will’s many valentine’s themed items. Returning to the general store are:

  • Red Velvet and Strawberries N’ Cream Harnesses - 5% twin boost
  • Red Velvet and Strawberries N’ Cream Western Tack - 5% twin boost when all 3 pieces are equipped
  • Red Velvet and Strawberries N’ Cream English Tack - 5% twin boost when all 3 pieces are equipped
  • Floating Hearts
  • Black Floating Hearts
  • Breeders Promise - Changes the breeding fail possibility to 0.
  • Horse-Friendly Chocolate Truffles - Increases the chance of twins to 30% from a breeding when you own both horses


These items are available now until February 21st  at midnight.



Bedouin & Curly


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2/14/2024 12:08 pm

I wonder about the tack. Is it a twin boost it givs or will it also give a competition boost?


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2/14/2024 12:13 pm

Ugh this tack is my favorite 🥺❤️ happy valentines, ty for the update 

Golden Calico

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2/14/2024 12:22 pm

How wonderful! I love Valentine's Day stuff!! 💖


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2/14/2024 12:29 pm

Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day!💗


~☮ Protect your peace ☮~



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2/14/2024 10:20 pm

Thank you so much for the wonderful Valentines/pink themed tack! So much fun. <3


The Brumby Stud

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2/15/2024 2:52 am

I didn't know you could breed TWINS on here!!! thanks for the new tack!!