It's Winter in HoFa!

12/12/2023 11:25 am

Brrrrr…. it’s definitely getting chilly outside. Time to celebrate the holiday cheer with a winter event in Horse Fable! ❄️

🎄 12 Days of Winter

It’s time to celebrate the end of the year and what better way than giving out gifts?! From today until December 24th, you can collect a daily gift from us. Visit the Winter Holiday calendar at Community -> 12 Days of Winter.


❄️ Winter Map

Based on our calculations, the winter season should be hitting Hoofbeat plains right….NOW! Snow has dropped onto the town and Hoofbeat Plains which means our winter map is now explorable! Some locals took it upon themselves to plant a few new holiday trees and spruce them up with some joyful lighting. Some of the winter holiday items can be found while exploring the map. Careful, the white wolves and white stoats tend to get into mischief. Our winter map will be hanging around until the spring season on March 19th.

☃️ Winter 2023 Items

Every year we aim to release new seasonal items and we tend to go overboard during the winter holiday. Today we are releasing several new items and welcoming back even more.


2023 Winter Tack Set

This year's limited edition winter tack set is inspired by beautiful holiday rocking horses. This tack set is made to give a wooden appearance and turn your horse into your very own rocking horse!


White Wolf

A pack of white wolves have been discovered roaming around these parts. Seems they like to travel with the snow. Will has managed to wrangle a few and offer them for sale in the General Store.


White Owl

Also joining us along with the snow is a flock of white owls. Will had less of an issue convincing them to roost in his shop given his rafters are the perfect place to rest.


Winter Tail Ribbons

Due to popular demand, tail ribbons are now for sale in the General Store. These ribbons come in red, gold, and green and are only available for the winter holiday season.


Winter Holiday Lights

Also due to request, a set of vibrant neck lights have been crafted to light up your trusty steed.


Gift Bow

Give the gift of that amazing horse to your best friend! This giant gift bow wraps around your horse's body and is reminiscent of all those winter car commercials. Anyone in the market for a 2023 Leopard Mustang? 


Returning Items


We have a long list of returning items to enjoy this holiday season. Although not new, they are quite festive, fun, and some furry!

  • Santa Hat - Add a festive jolly hat to your horse
  • Gingerbread Harness - Mmm a gingerbread colored harness that tastes just so….eeeew…leathery. 
  • Gingerbread Tack Sets - Both english and western gingerbread tack sets are in the store!
  • Snowflake Harness - A nice blue/purple harness reminiscent of glistening snow.
  • Snowflake Tack sets - Enjoy both english and western Snowflake tack sets.
  • Winter Background - A small herd of elk and piles of snow will surround your horse with this background.
  • Snowflake Overlay - Add a touch of blizzard to your horse with some fun festive snowflakes.
  • Reindeer calf - Need we say more? Just look at that cute lil snoot.
  • Stoat - A wiggly weasel type animal, the stoat! What a sneaky little….
  • White Stoat - A regular stoat..but white! This little cutie loves to play in the snow.
  • Winter Wreath - Enjoy the season with some fresh made winter wreaths for your horse's neck.
  • Jingle Bells - Jingle all the way! A set of jingle bells to wrap around your horse's neck.
  • Poinsettia- A beautiful red Poinsettia flower to decorate your horse's mane.

All General Store items will be for sale until midnight December 31st, 2023. 


🐴 Horse Page Mobile Optimization

There have always been some derpy parts of the horse profile page while viewing it on the phone. We’ve polished those areas up a bit to be more clean. We’ll continue working on other derpy areas of the site but wanted to start with the most used page. 


🐴 AMH Release

The much awaited Appalachian Mountain Horse will soon appear in Horse Fable. We plan to release the AMH on December 21st along with some other goodies. 


We will be discussing art options for the Brumbian and Walkaloosa campaigns soon! Stay tuned for updates on those.


🙏 Thank You to Shokubeni

After several years of help to us, Shoe will be moving on from her role as moderator with us. Shoe is one of our oldest players and has served as mentor to both Bed and I through the years. In her role, Shoe helped us beyond just being a moderator but also through art, suggestions, and player advocacy. We will always have a place on our staff team for Shoe, but we understand the need to take a step back from things. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Shoe, for everything you’ve done for us. We wish you the best in your next ventures!


🦟 Bug Squashes

We are currently looking into several auction issues along with other bugs reported. We’re also working on fixing the variety of art issues that have been reported.


Next update: December 21



Bedouin & Curly


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12/12/2023 11:47 am

Thank you for the update.


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12/12/2023 12:24 pm

Thank you for the update!!!!


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12/12/2023 12:36 pm

Omg you guys are the best! Aaaand this is why I am so poor in this game but its time to shop!


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12/12/2023 1:06 pm

Loving all the new items, can not wait to get out and explore


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12/12/2023 1:58 pm



Somtimes only emitcons will do.


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12/12/2023 9:55 pm

Thank you so much for all the fun Winter items! I'm so excited to start exploring the snowy map, lol.  And then the shop!  Thank you as well for the 12 days of winter!  How do we know what gift we got? Mine said I claimed it, but didn't say what it was. :D  (Edit - Nevermind! I must not have gone to a new page on this account! I got the notification message on my second account and when I came back here got it on this one as well. Thank you!)


Whoohoo! I'm so excited to see the AMH when the new artwork releases!  Will our older horses be updated, or just the new foals that grow up after the release?


Thank you for your role of moderator,  Shokubeni!  Hope that you enjoy your retirement from that role, but continue to enjoy all the horsey goodness in the game! <3


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12/17/2023 5:49 pm

Just logging in to see this- thank you for the wonderful updates, the beautiful art, and everything else!  Thanks Bed & Curly!

Shoe- you're amazing.  <3

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