NEW: Summer Solstice Dyes!

6/20/2024 10:24 am

Hello everyone and happy summer solstice! It is officially summer and the weather is not the only thing heating up, our work on HoFa is too! Our update today is short, but we do expect to have a large update for you all soon that addresses a gamut of things.


β˜€οΈ Summer Solstice Dyes

Each season we release new dyes and bring back those we enjoyed previously. Starting today until September 22nd, summer dyes can be found in explore. These dyes include old favorites like Bubble Gum, Sunburn, Teal, Sky Blue, and Electric Purple. New for 2024 we now have Neon Green and Cobalt Blue!




We hope everyone has an excellent first day of summer!



Bedouin & Curly


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6/20/2024 10:27 am


Love them!!!!

Thank you so much!

Edit: I'm already looking for them!

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6/20/2024 10:29 am



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6/20/2024 10:38 am

Yessss all the best colors are back!


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6/20/2024 10:40 am

Just found a Cobalt Blue!!!!

And a Sunburn!!

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