Scheduled Downtime Today

7/12/2023 11:50 am

As I'm sure most of you are aware, we're getting a big update today. Explore 2.0 is coming! Because this is a large new feature with a lot of stuff that needs to be imported, we're going to need a minute to get everything situated before it's released to you guys.


Horse Fable will have scheduled downtime today around 6pm EST/game time. We only expect it to last around 30 minutes, just enough time to double check things and make sure everything's good. We'll post an announcement like usual once it's back up.


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7/12/2023 12:55 pm

more games so we can earn more money

lspatterson-Olympics Park Stables


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7/12/2023 1:01 pm

Super excited!!! Can't wait to The it out <3


Kaylie Eaves

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7/12/2023 1:38 pm

Super excited!!!! I really wish we could still play while they work on it. My friends work on games while i have some others join me so they can work, but I get it if you guys cant. I could also reach out to them to help with some things on more update in the future.


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7/12/2023 1:50 pm

Thank you so much!!!


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7/12/2023 1:57 pm

Thank you for the hard-work :)

"Casper's Stable"


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7/12/2023 2:17 pm

Whoooooo! I'm excited! Hopefully everything goes well!


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7/12/2023 2:17 pm

Worth the wait! Thank you for the update!


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7/12/2023 2:59 pm

I can't wait for it to happen!!  Thank you for the update!!


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7/12/2023 3:08 pm

Thank you for making this happen!!! Excited for the update!


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7/12/2023 3:20 pm

Thank you so much! This must've taken a lot of work! So excited!

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