Welcome new players & other updates!

6/29/2023 11:19 am

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to our new players! Today we have fast tracked an update because we are very excited about the new features and to celebrate our new joins! This update includes menu changes, a slight change to bug reporting, a new equipper, a CSV export, and bug squashes.



  • Menu changes
  • Bug reporting changes
  • Equipper - NEW!
  • CSV export - NEW!
  • Small tweaks
  • Bug squashes
  • Community poll
  • Assistant Graphic Artist applications closed


Welcome New Players!

We have recently had an uptick in new joins and wanted to go ahead and say hello! We hope everyone is enjoying HoFa so far. To celebrate our new joins, we are sending out a few goodies over the next few days to everyone who has been active the day before.


As we welcome all of our new joins, we wanted to highlight a few things to help them in their first few days with us.

  • If you need help, be sure to post to the help forum or our Discord #help channel. Our community tends to be quick and thorough with answers.
  • If you find a bug, be sure to report it to the bug box. Any bugs sent to the support email may get lost in an ocean of emails.
  • Have ideas or feedback? Both Bedouin and I want to keep player input on our radar to help make HoFa a game everyone enjoys playing. If you have thoughts, feedback, ideas, or input, feel free to post to the Player Development Ideas forum. We try our best to read the forum, news posts, and even Discord channels to know what is or is not working well.


Also, HoFa is still in development with new features being added and adjustments being made. A few of our upcoming changes include:

  • A new explore feature where you can run around in the wilds and catch wild horses and collect items. Our live stream video can be found here.
  • A summer event during BreyerFest which will include lots of new fun items.
  • A new player-made breed, Appalachian Mountain Horses, will be released soon. Yes, you can make your own breed via a club campaign! More info is here.


✨ Menu Changes

We’ve tweaked the menu slightly to remove some less used items and add some other items. Note that if you click on “Town” or “Market,” there is an image with all links below it or you can click on the buildings in the image. 


Account, Estate, Horses, Explore & Help

No changes



  • Lab link has been removed.
  • Game Room link has been removed.
  • Town Hall link has been removed.
  • Hall of Fame link has been removed.
  • Design Lab, Breeding Clinic, and Foal Predictor links have been added.



  • Ingot Store link has been removed. This link is accessible in the player menu just like the bank.
  • Horse Auctions, Horse Sales, Market Trades, and Stud/Brood Market links have been added.



  • Shouts link has been moved to the top of the forums page.
  • New Players link has been removed. This is available on the online page.
  • Feature Requests link has been removed. This will be added back when that feature is added.


 🐞 Bug Reporting Changes

We’ve noticed that some bugs marked as fixed may actually need more fixes, and it’s hard for us to track these regressions through comments on fixed reports so we made a few changes.

  • You can now mark a report as Fixed Failed. If a bug is fixed, there will be a button that says “This bug isn't fixed.” Once clicked, it will mark the bug as Fix Failed and notify Bedouin. If you end up needing to do this, make sure to add more information about why the fix failed in the bug report comments.
  • You can no longer say the bug is happening to you if it’s Fixed, Not a Bug, or Cannot Replicate. 
  • There is now more information about Not a Bug and Cannot Replicate statuses on the report. All Not a Bug reports and most Cannot Replicate reports will have a comment from staff on why it was marked this way.


🏇 Equipper

You can now preview items before you equip them! As long as you own the items, you can put them on the horse then save them once you’ve found the perfect look. Although it’s not new, certain types of tack don’t play well with others. It’ll be more noticeable here since the fields will become disabled. 


Also, just a reminder… if you equip an item and remove it, it loses a use. Be careful about hitting that save button if you’re not sure you want that item on the horse. 


⬇️ CSV Export

The CSV export has been rebuilt to be bigger and better! It now includes all PS, skills, and genes to better manage your herd through spreadsheets. The new way of generating the report allows this to be expandable to most info in the game. If you have any suggestions, please put it in the Player Development Ideas forum.


Yellow button on the herd management page


⚒️ Small Tweaks

  • Horse image layers were slightly adjusted so that the order of markings made more sense. The Design Lab was also edited to make sure both are in the same order.
  • Removed the searchable column of studs. Better filters are coming!
  • The Scrap Yard chances have been increased.


🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #596 - Grey dunskin horses will no longer show as greyskin.
  • Bug #1019 and bug #806 - Greying and grey horse names have been fixed.
  • Bug #714 and bug #1075 - Duns should now show for bay bases. This will be fixed for future horses and not be retroactive.


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.


📝 New Community Poll

Our newest community poll focuses on what type of referral prizes everyone would like to see.


Fill out the poll!


🖌️ Assistant Graphic Artist Applications Closed

In our previous news posts, we posted about hiring a new artist. We have received many applications and are currently looking through each and sending out emails to those we’ve asked to complete a trial. Soon, we expect to have a new team member to introduce you too!

Next Update: July 2

There will be no scheduled update next week since Bedouin will be on vacation. The following week, we will be preparing for BreyerFest and will post an update some time during that week.


Have a great rest of the week and we’ll see you again this weekend!



Bedouin & Curly


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6/29/2023 7:55 pm

Was the button for viewing recent forum posts supposed to be removed?

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6/29/2023 9:51 pm

Sooo I just downloaded a CSV report and it doesnt have PS

Roze Moderator

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7/25/2023 8:17 am

@Maki - It has the amount listed for each individual PS stat on there. So you'll just want to add a sum formula onto your sheet to get the total. If you use the google sheet linked in the Discord chat then it's already in there for you. 

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