Summer Event: Floral Frenzy!

7/14/2023 7:21 am

Happy BreyerFest to those who are attending! Let's celebrate with the launch of our 2023 Summer event and a few new items! This summer event comes with a massive amount of new items as well as expands on existing items!



✨ NEW! Minerals ✨

After over a year of having only 7 minerals, we now have enough art complete to launch not one…not two…but FOUR new minerals! While exploring Dark Horse Mine you can now find:


Amethyst-Citrine-Onyx-Rose Quartz


🌟 NEW! Encrusted Tack 🌟

With the launch of four new minerals, all in-game tack that can be encrusted now can be encrusted with the new minerals.


🌼🌸🌿🌼  Floral Frenzy Summer Event  🌼🌸🌿🌼

It’s time to go frolic in the flowers and enjoy our 2023 summer event, Floral Frenzy. A wide variety of flowers and floral accessories have been added in explore and the general store. Our Floral Frezny summer event ends July 22nd at 11:59 PM EST/Game time. All limited edition items will go off sale and out of explore on this date.

🌼 Flower Saddle Pad 🌼

Get all dolled up with our new flower shaped saddle pad! A limited edition release for our summer event, flower saddle pad can be purchased in the general store in plain white, dyed, and even encrusted with gems! Flower saddle pads offer a show boost and a moderate twin boost. Flower saddle pad currently can only be dyed our original dye colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and grey) and our summer dye colors.

🌸 Flower Crowns 🌸

Feel like flower royalty in one of four flower crowns. Flower crowns can be bought in the general store and offer a small twin boost. Flower crowns may also be found while exploring Hoofbeat Plains.


🌿 Wisteria Arches & Canopies 🌿