It's Fall Ya'll!!

9/25/2023 12:41 pm

Hello, all! We wanted to put together a news post to show that we are alive! Both Bedouin and I have needed to catch up in other parts of our lives, but we are still working in the background on HoFa!


🍁🍂 Autumn Is Here! 🍁🍂

🍁 Autumn Dyes

Today marks the third full day of autumn which means it is time to celebrate with a new dye!

Mulberry Dye

A new dye is being added to our Equinox collection, mulberry! This dye is now available through explore and can dye english and western pads, halters, polos, and blankets.

Our 2022 Equinox collection is returning for 2023! Inspired by the colors of autumn, the Equinox dye collection now features seven dyes; Wine, Mulberry, Midnight, Deep Blue, Dark Emerald, Mustard, and Burnt Leaf.


🍂 Autumn Background

The return of our fall background is here, Autumn Day! This background features beautiful autumn leaves and an old barn nestled among the meadow.

The Equinox dye collection can be found via exploring and the Autumn Day background can be found in the General Store from now until November 30th at 11:59 PM


🐛 Bug Box Etiquette 

We see a lot of good things happening in the Bug Box, and it’s helped us more easily eliminate a lot of the issues in the game. However, there are still a few things we’re noticing.


  1. Only include one bug at a time in a bug report. This includes the comments. If you discover a related issue, great! Please make a new bug report about it so that when the original report is marked as fixed, you aren’t wondering why your bug isn’t also fixed.
  2. Related to #1, if a bug has been marked fixed and some comment made about a related bug isn’t fixed, do not mark that bug as Fix Failed, please make a new report.
  3. If you experience an issue with horses, please provide a link to at least one horse. We will ask for a link and this will save everyone time if you provide it in the original report.
  4. Remember that in order to fix bugs, we have to replicate them to verify they are indeed fixed. Make sure you’re giving us a breadcrumb trail of how the bug happened so we can reproduce it. 
  5. If there are multiple ways to do something (like in showing), please also state the page and method you’re going about it when reporting the bug. Eg. I’m using Enter All 1 and last experienced it on [this horse].
  6. If you don’t want to lay out the bug in text format, we also like videos! Loom is a free screen recording program that you can then link the video in the bug report. This is acceptable in place of text in the Steps to Reproduce section. 

⚖️ Old Market Trades

All market trades that were created prior to the expiration date addition now have an expiration date of October 1, 2023. After this, they will expire and clean up the market a bit.


This addresses bug #1150.


🐴 Upcoming Updates


Something new will make its way into HoFa. We hope this will set a precedent for special times in the future.



Expansion on quests to include the next quest line and potentially a new quest feature.


🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1142 - Flower arches are now compatible with background overlays.
  • Bug #1125 and bug #1180 - Put in a fix for wild horses appearing but not fully showing up.


We’re getting back into the swing of things so expect more in the October update!



Bedouin & Curly


Post Count: 77

9/25/2023 12:49 pm

Woo, update!  Thank you guys for all the hard work!  Can't wait to find some of these dyes!.



Post Count: 69

9/25/2023 12:50 pm

Great to hear you're both alive and beating hooves... er... bugs along with everything else. 😄

As always, looking forward to the surprises and going out in hunt of the autumn dyes.😈


Post Count: 531

9/25/2023 12:56 pm

Wish the blue dye could have came too but I also loved the Mulberry, it was hard to choose between the two. Need to go collect some now


Post Count: 90

9/25/2023 1:41 pm

So excited to have the fall dyes back and love the new color. And thank you and the team for squishing all the pesky bugs.

Misty Meadow Stables

Post Count: 24

9/25/2023 4:26 pm



Koala Blue Estate

Post Count: 24

9/25/2023 9:13 pm

Love the new dyes and can't wait for the surprise. Thank you both for all your Hard Work.



Post Count: 101

9/25/2023 9:39 pm

Love all the Fall dyes! Thank you for your hard work and good to know you are both doing well. :)



Post Count: 238

9/25/2023 10:27 pm

Love the new dyes but I found a Mulberry in explore and the icon for it was a broken image. Though I am on mobile, I am not sure if that makes a difference.


Cannot wait for everything else that will come and especially new quests as well!



Koala Blue Estate

Post Count: 24

9/26/2023 11:22 pm

Love all the colors.  Side note: The Mulberry dye in explore is a broken image on Desktop as well.


Koala Blue Estate

Post Count: 24

9/26/2023 11:30 pm

Just noted the Mulberry dye works on all items except Polos Mulberry Polo bug


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