Explore 2.0 Release, Tweaks, & Bug Squashes!

7/03/2023 10:23 am

Hello everyone and happy start to the week! Today we announce explore 2.0 release date, squash bugs, and make a few adjustments!



  • Explore 2.0 Release Date
  • BreyerFest
  • Summer Sale
  • Small tweaks
  • Bug squashes


πŸ—ΊοΈ Explore 2.0 Release Date

Mark your calendars for the release of explore 2.0 on….

July 12th!

Be sure to join us on July 12th to explore the lands and discover our first map, gather items, and discover wild horses!


🐴 BreyerFest

As we recently mentioned, this year, HoFa will be attending and tabling in person at Kentucky Horse Park! Be sure to visit us at booth 507 outside the covered arena in the covered outdoor tents. We will have merch, limited edition BreyerFest items (both for in-person and online attendees), and more! We are excited to meet some of you in person, chat, and get to know our community a bit more.


πŸ”– Summer Sale

Don’t forget that you have from now until July 3rd at 11:59 PM EST/Game time to purchase ingot bundles on sale for up to 35% off! Horse Fable only has sales about once per quarter so don’t miss your chance to stockpile ingots. 

βš’οΈ Small Tweaks

  • Tovero will now be split into frame and tobiano image layers, meaning tovero horses with variations will now have more image possibilities. This change is not retroactive. 
  • If you move a horse into a frozen tab, you can no longer edit anything else and will be removed from the editing screen.
  • Horse image positioning on mobile has been fixed.
  • The horse page now only displays shows that are in the next show cycle. 
  • The Shows Arena now displays upcoming shows in hours instead of days.

🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1096 - Design lab stats should now be consistent.
  • Bug #1093 - Fixed missing frame column in CSV export.
  • Bug #862 - Tovero customs with variations will now show separate layers for frame and tobiano.
  • Bug #891 - While editing a horse’s tab, you can no longer do other things with them if the new tab is frozen.
  • Bug #890 - When using a Spectral Token in the Design Lab, variations will now appear under the gene they’re for.
  • Bug #460 - Background overlays are now positioned correctly on the horse’s image.
  • Bug #1026 and bug #972 - When a club has both purebred and crossbred breeds set, it’s now possible to register horses again.
  • Bug #1092 - You can now create shows every “show cycle” which is from 7am-1am. As long as you don’t have any shows in the next cycle, you can create your allotted amount of shows.
  • Bug #1101 - The Enter All now only enters horses into the next show cycle.


Next Update: July 10-12


There will be no scheduled update this upcoming week since Bedouin will be on vacation. The following week, we will be preparing for BreyerFest and will post an update sometime during that week.


Have a great rest of the weekend!



Bedouin & Curly


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7/03/2023 10:35 am

I am really glad the background overlays finally got fixed. I can finally use them again!

I also cant wait to try out the new explore 2.0!


Post Count: 21

7/03/2023 11:55 am

I... Do not care for the new way tovero works, so I guess I'll start avoiding breeding that combination when possible. 

Everything else is great though. Can't wait for Explore 2.0 because that looks really fun. 


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7/03/2023 8:30 pm

Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to trying out the Explore part of the game when it comes out. ^_^





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7/04/2023 8:21 am

Some things came up that is preventing me from joining Breyerfest online, hope to go next year in person and hope to see the HoFa team as well if you guys make it for next year!


Excited to see the Explore 2.0 finally in game and glad the showings has been fixed as well!




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7/08/2023 2:52 pm

Love the new designs everybody!

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