Art Update 1: New Breed & Light Tan Tack

Posted by Curly | Saturday, November 13, 2021 (9 Comments)

ðŸī New Breed

YEEHAW! The whispers in the mountain winds told Aren correctly! A wild herd has joined us today!

The American Saddlebred has cantered into Horse Fable! With luscious hair and that beautiful high step, these horses excel in disciplines using agility, intelligence, or endurance. So far, Aren has found them to range in several colors such as bays and chestnuts but also champagne and creams! 


Oh! There are lots of marking variations in these beauties!! All their KIT genes appear to have 6 variations each.


To give the herd time to grow and Aren gather her wits, American Saddlebreds are only available via custom coin today. On Thursday, November 18th at 6 PM EST/game time, it’s expected the herds to be large enough to open up sales to gold and platinum players. On Saturday the 20th at 12 PM EST/ game time, they will be available for all! Since these lovelies seem like they will be so in-demand and sought after, Aren decided to keep their price at the usual 2,000 bits per.


Helix was excited about a couple of those in the herd and took them to their lab. Something about skewed dun and skewed roan appearing more frequently in old and new breeds? Seems it will take some time to figure out but maybe one day it will show up in the foundation store.

âœĻ New Tack

In the far distance, you hear a loud train whistle as the train departs back to the capital. Several locals stand around Will’s store arguing about the train's loud noise and the smoke cloud headed our way.

Will Sellum has imported new tack from the capital! Due to a bit of arguing amongst the locals, Will is delayed in stocking the new tack in his store. He expects to be finished bickering in a few hours.


Both English and Western sets now have light tan bridles and saddles with silver accents and a nice light blue saddle pad. This tack is easily imported so Will will be selling them year-round for a bit cost.


🐎 Foundation Store

Aren didn’t like the bad reputation she was gaining from selling dirty horses. She’s cleaned up her act and now all horses purchased from the Foundation Store are fully cared for.


🧎 Genetic Fixes

Word around town is that some horses weren’t displaying their layers correctly. After a bit of investigation, we resolved some issues.

  • There was an issue with the Foundation Store throwing the appropriate amount of variations. This has been fixed and you should see all variations now. 
  • Manchado should now display correctly. All current manchado horses should now display correctly.
  • Mushroom has been fixed. All current mushroom horses should now display correctly.
  • Dun now displays correctly.
    • D = a lightened coat with dun markings. Note, these layers are being updated throughout the day.
    • nd1 = dun markings
  • Whites now have layers specific to the white genes.


ðŸĶŸ Bug Fixes

  • You should now be able to enter shows from your horse’s page.
  • When upgrading training centers, the stars for each discipline certification should now update correctly.
  • When you set your training center to open, it should now save.
  • The estate overview should no longer have extra 0s.
  • When frozen, you should now be able to view both bug reports and the Developer Log.
  • You should now be able to update your estate settings.
  • When your trade is bought out, you should now receive a notification.
  • Foals no longer show up under the breeding tab in Herd Management.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!



Bedouin and Curly

Dev Log & Bug Squishes

Posted by Curly | Thursday, November 11, 2021 (2 Comments)

A gust of wind has blown the latest news to you. Nearby a crow stands with a tired expression.

Happy Thursday! We’ve got a few things for you.


📒 Developer Log

A request was sent to the capital by Eqcetera locals that we do better to inform them of all of our antics in “bug squishing” and “changing” the town. Because everything is moving at such a rapid pace right now and changes are being made to the game throughout the day, we’ve added a way for you to know what has changed. There is now a Developer Log which you can find to the right side of the news (for desktop). Here, you’ll find:

  1. Bug Fixes - Every bug fixed in the Bug Box will be logged here. We could also add something manually fixed if it wasn’t an issue.
  2. Art Fixes - Sometimes the horse art likes to have a mind of its own and has to be wrangled back into place. If any art fixes happen, they will have this tag in the Developer Log.
  3. Small Changes - This is too small of a change to be dubbed a new feature but could be something different you notice.
  4. New Features - This is something completely new to the game. It will most likely have a news post accompanying it but there may be smaller features that appear before they are announced.
  5. Other types TBD - If there are any other tags that are needed for the Developer Log, we will add them as necessary.


Updates will still be posted to the #dev-log channel in Discord. At this time, no notifications go out when there is a log added into the game so you’ll just have to check back and see if anything new has happened.


ðŸĶŸ Bug Box Improvement

The bugs continue to descend on us from the wilds but no worries there! While we’ve been battling the bugs, we’ve noticed quite a few duplicates of issues. We are working on streamlining this process to make it both easier for you as the player and us as staff to get everything reported fixed. That said, you will start to see bug box report merging. If a report is merged into another report, a new comment will be made on the report it’s being merged into with all the details. Anyone experiencing the report being merged will receive a notification of the merge and automatically be marked as experiencing the report it’s being merged into.


We’ll be working on merging current bug reports over the next day or so. We’ll also change report titles to be very specific to what is being reported if it isn’t already so. Hopefully this helps the Bug Box be more helpful for everyone involved!


🐛 Bug Fixes

WHAM! BAM! Squish! We’ve managed to knock out a few bugs since our last update. We are proud to say we squished the following bugs:

  • Training centers are no longer editable by non-owners.
  • Herd Management should now show stars for halter horses.
  • You can now use the icon next to your player name to switch accounts. Note that this icon won’t appear until you’ve linked at least one account.
  • You should now be able to use a Breed Coin directly from the use item page.
  • The intro quest should no longer give multiple breed coins.
  • Most players who were stuck in the first quest should now be able to move forward. If you can’t, please create a new bug report so we can investigate.
  • Retired horses are no longer dirty. Whew, that took a while to clean all *checks notes* tens of thousands of them. ðŸĪŠ


💎 Quest Conversations

Curly has been in deep conversation with the locals attempting to get them all to stop talking in circles and recite their lines correctly. As of now, a few edits to their conversations have been made to remove a few typos. However, Mason seems to enjoy talking in circles. We will be investing in some index cards for the poor guy and working this week to make sure he is good to go.


ðŸ”Ū Coming Soon

This week has been dedicated to prioritizing important bugs over adding new features or working on quests and explore. Thank you all for having the patience to play and report the bugs you find. We’re slowly wrangling them all and hope to bring a better game experience to you with each fix. 



We have many quests written for you! The intro quests are a good test to knock out all the bugs and we hope to have the full set of introduction quests in by the end of next week. This will be our focus after the biggest bugs have been squashed.


Other Features

In our first development update, we had some interesting features listed as coming soon. We will keep you updated as they progress behind the scenes! However, as mentioned above, first bugs then quests then on to some exciting new features. ðŸĪ—


Update Schedule

As you can see, we’re working as fast as we possibly can. This means that changes to the game are pushed throughout the day and logged in the Development Log. We do not have a set update schedule and do not plan to have one for some time. So enjoy the surprise updates as we get through the very long list of things to do! 


New Breed

Don’t forget Aren has predicted a new breed will be joining us on Saturday! You can read more about the details of new breed releases here.



Bedouin & Curly


[Small Update] Show Winnings Bug

Posted by Bedouin | Tuesday, November 9, 2021 (5 Comments)

Good evening to everyone!

As promised, the show winnings bug has been fixed. Everyone should receive winnings for shows that run tonight and in the future. For shows that have run since Horse Fable opened, you should now see a few bank transactions for "[Catchup] Show Winnings" - these are in batches so if you showed more than one night, you'll probably see a few entries but they won't match up to days.

Continuing on to squash more bugs! This one was definitely top priority. 😁

Update 1: Bug Fixes & Coming Soon

Posted by Curly | Monday, November 8, 2021 (5 Comments)

A crow has tossed the latest newsletter at you. It’s staring at menacingly…

Hello all!


Today, we have an update for you! The capital has successfully sent enough bug spray to remove several bugs that crawled out from the wilds.


General Fixes

  • Those with accounts pre-November 6th can go to to view the intro quest and claim the free custom horse.
  • Reed has adjusted some colors and now the help site has been made to look less like the main site. Much less confusing!
  • Account verification should work correctly now. Those who emailed support have been verified. If you need to be verified, please email [email protected]
  • Crazy long URLs for player pages should no longer occur. Phew, what a long bug.
  • An error has been added for the intro quest when inputting the display name if it has already been used.
  • Pagination for forums and players online now no longer has huge arrows. 



  • Horses now have dirt on them. Groom your horses so they’re less dirty to view those beautiful coats.
  • Marking variations for little images are now displayed.
  • DNA results and breed standard (BS) bars are now on your horse’s pages above and below the image. WOOO!
  • Horse images on mobile are no longer stretched. 



  • Referral links have been added for everyone. No prizes are in yet but your total referrals will be kept. Account>Referrals
  • Registries have been fixed! You can now join, register your horse, and view other horses and members.


ðŸĶŸ Current Bugs


We are monitoring a current issue with discipline shows that causes no show payout for some. We will be refunding the show fees for those affected by this once we are able to hunt down the bug.


Thank you for your patience as we continue to squash bugs! We are reviewing all bugs in the bug box as we speak and should have another update in the next few days about all the bugs we’ve run off.

🐎 Coming Soon...


A new breed will be joining us shortly! Before then it’s important to remind everyone how breed releases work.


  1. Aren has almost managed to predict exactly when a new breed will be galloping out of the wilds. The closest she has gotten is to the specific day. This Saturday, November 13th she has predicted a new breed to join us.
  2. On the day of release, Helix manages to make the new breed available via custom coin. This means you may use a custom coin to purchase the new breed ASAP.
  3. Aren must ensure enough of the new breed has joined us from the wilds so she holds off selling them in the foundation store to help her herd grow. Foundation horses of any new breed become available the Thursday after release at 6:00 PM EST/ game time for Gold and Platinum players.
  4. On the following Saturday at 12:00 PM EST/game time, the breed will be available for everyone to purchase at the foundation store.


Day of Release

Available via custom coin to all players.

Thursday After Release

Available via foundation store to gold and platinum players at 6:00 PM EST/ game time.

Saturday After Release

Available via foundation store to all players at 12:00 PM EST/ game time.

A slight glimpse of the new breed has been spotted amongst the mountains by a traveler.

âœĻ Community Colored Tack Set


Last night, we enjoyed some time with you all while we colored the next tack sets. Coming soon we will be releasing a new leather color and saddle pad color for both English and Western tack sets. Oh, there’s a little peek of something else here too. ;)

Have a wonderful day everyone!



Bedouin & Curly

Welcome to Horse Fable!

Posted by Curly | Saturday, November 6, 2021 (5 Comments)

A crow stands before you with the latest newsletter.

Welcome to the lands of Horse Fable!

As you can see there’s quite a bit to be discovered in the lands and a whole slew of new locals joining us. Today is the official HoFa launch and we are welcoming many new faces!


Before we get too excited and go rushing around town, note, for safety reasons the wilds are currently closed. Word came in last night that some not-so-nice bugs are stomping about causing some nasty problems. Don’t worry, our small army of bug-eating turtles and the dev team are hard at work to get those bugs under control.


Don’t fret! Plenty of other activities in town are up and running for you to experience. Our locals have been warned about such a large influx of newcomers and some are ready to chat for just a bit. Due to the huge influx of newcomers, most of the town locals won’t be able to chat for a bit but they have left away notes to let you know when they’ll be back.


Thankfully Reed LePage has compiled some documentation for us all to help everyone settle in. Check out the Wiki to read all about the current features.


If you have any questions, please post in our Help Forum or join our Discord. 


🌈 Getting Started

Since most locals will be busy catering to such huge demand and unable to help everyone get started, Reed has also created a quick start guide for us all. We know it's quite a bit to take in, however, there are plenty of others who are able to help you out in the forums or Discord. 


ðŸī Coming Soon

The lands of Horse Fable are ever-changing with some features taking a while to prepare for you all. Don’t worry! We have word from the capital the following changes are coming soon:


The Wilds

You’ll notice signs leading out from town that point to the wilds. This will be an explorable map where you can walk around and find items, events, and wild horses. Wild horses, you say?! Yes! They’re galloping right outside of town in the Hoofbeat Plains. More details coming soon!



Want to give something yummy to horses? Or maybe lure in a wild one? Treats can be crafted from items found in The Wilds.


Player vs Player

Feeling extra competitive? Want to see if your neighbors’ horses are as good as yours? You can challenge them to see! This will be a new type of activity for horses where you can earn points just like showing. 


Estate Building

So many things to see in town! Why not bring that to your estate and spice things up a bit? 



We’re working behind the scenes on the ability for infinite customizations for your horses. How could this happen, you ask? Great question! We want to introduce the ability to drag and drop items onto a horse’s image, making each item unique in placement if you desire. 


More Quests

We are in the process of looking for a dedicated quest writer. This means that quests will be coming regularly with different storylines of our locals. We’re also planning some sort of daily quest to keep gameplay interesting. ^_^


New Breed

A new breed will soon be gracing us with its presence. What shall it be? Any guesses?



Bedouin and Curly

Developer Log

Bug Fix Retired Horses Hoarding Tack marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horse Retired with Tack Equipped marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Ingots Bug marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Club Horse List Doesn't Sort marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Accept Not Working for Clubs marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix My clubs page doesnt show all clubs signed up for. marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Cannot Transfer a Club marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Horse Not Showing in Registry marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Gen 3 Campaign horses saying "not qualified" when they are. marked as Fixed.

Bug Fix Bloodline Sheet Broken marked as Fixed.

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