2022 Spring Fling!

5/01/2022 12:02 pm

Spring is in the air and everything is beginning to bloom. This means it's time to host our first annual, Spring Fling!

🌈 Theme

No spring fling is complete without a theme! This year we have decided on the theme A World of Color! This year's theme is centered around the colors of spring and those unique colors of horses we all love. Contests will be based on this theme from the coloring contest to the scavenger hunt. This year's prizes will also pay homage to our theme through special colored rare horses and even some magic of gene editing…


✨ Contests

Our 2022 Spring Fling has a variety of contests available that cater to an array of talents. Visit each contest page for details.

  • Short Story
    • Writing a short story based on the writing prompt.
  • Coloring Contest
    • Color digitally and/or traditionally on the provided coloring page.
  • Splash of Color!
    • New splash genes will be added soon, create what you think they should look like.
  • Photography
    • Take a daily photo based on a specified inspiration. 
  • Hide And Seek
    • Hunt down a horse hiding a specific item to win a daily prize! Shhh… the fewer who find, the bigger your prize. 👀

🥇 Prizes

Each contest will have a specified prize ranging from items to specialty gene changes and even some hidden goodies. Top prizes for contests include a choice of gene change for one horse, a choice of variation change for one horse, and even subscriptions. Specific exclusions apply and can be viewed on each contest page.


💰 Specialty Sales

During the spring fling, specialty sales will be going live in the marketplace. These sales have no specified start or end date and will be posted and accepted on a random basis. Check back often to see what is new and be sure to get in bids! 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Bedouin & Curly


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5/01/2022 2:13 pm

Sounds like a lot of fun

Jens Saddlebreds

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5/31/2022 5:01 pm

OHH I might do this

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