[Spring Fling] Coloring Contest

Curly [Admin || 511 posts] on 5/01/2022 11:53 am

Color digitally and/or traditionally on the provided coloring page using the prompt below. The provided lineart can be found here, made by our wonderful tack artist Darya87, well known for her line art on DeviantArt! Please read and follow all of Darya’s rules as she has done us a very special favor by creating such wonderful line art for us.


Prompt: In the land of Horse Fable a wide variety of genes are known, suddenly a horse appears with undocumented unusual markings and an even stranger coat color…



    1. Coloring must be done on your own without help from anyone else.
    2. Submissions must follow the prompt above.
    3. Submissions must be clear and use the provided lineart.
    4. Credit MUST be kept on the image and follow all Horse Fable and Darya’s rules. Posting of the work anywhere must also properly credit Darya in the description and the signature must be kept on the image.
    5. You may enter 1 digital and 1 traditional entry per account.
    6. Traditional entries may use any medium such as crayon, marker, paint, glitter, etc.
    7. Entries must be posted by Sunday, May 8th, at 11:59 PM EST/ game time. Winners will be announced Monday the 9th.



The winners for both digital and traditional entries will receive:

  • 1 gene or variant change for a horse they own, INCLUDING Lp Irish Cobs or Tennesse Walkers. 
    • This excludes variation 4 for Lp for the Irish Cob and Tennessee Walker breeds. 
    • Genes will be edited to be heterozygous and variants edited to potentially pass on to offspring
  • 1-year bronze upgrade or 6-month gold upgrade.
  • Item package worth 2,500 ingots.


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5/03/2022 5:29 pm


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5/04/2022 1:22 am

Entry - Digital

A weird purple tobiano with a teal dun base.


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5/04/2022 2:37 am

Traditional Entry

Watercolour pencils on paper.


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5/04/2022 2:36 pm


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5/06/2022 4:28 pm

"And if she is in your life, you must know she believes you're a battle worth fighting for." -JM Storm <3


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5/06/2022 4:29 pm

Ivory Champagne with Chimera

"And if she is in your life, you must know she believes you're a battle worth fighting for." -JM Storm <3


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5/08/2022 7:46 pm

Enchanted Jungle where the aurora shines brightest.



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