[Spring Fling] Splash of Color Marking Contest!

Curly [Admin || 559 posts] on 5/01/2022 11:52 am

New splash genes will be added and our second marking creation contest will help guide the way! Digitally or traditionally, create a splash white marking you would like added to the game.

Rules & Submission

  • You may submit 1 design per account.
  • These designs must be 100% yours and made either digitally or traditionally. Photos are not allowed.
  • Any lineart, brushes, or greyscales used must be credited in the forum post, even if they specify credit is not needed.
  • Only art that is allowed to be used outside of its original source may be posted.
  • Use and alteration of Horse Fable images are allowed only for use in this contest and may not be used elsewhere.
  • To submit, upload your design to a photo-sharing website and link the image here or simply copy/paste it into the text box. Any non-credited images will be removed. By submitting to the contest you agree to allow us to use the marking as inspiration exactly as-is or with adjustments.
  • Entries must be posted by Sunday, May 8th, at 11:59 PM EST/ game time. Winners will be announced Monday the 9th.



Our winner will receive:

    • A quality breeding pair with the designed splash white variant. The splash gene must be in the selected breed. 
    • 1-year bronze upgrade or 6-month gold upgrade.
    • Item package worth 2,500 ingots.
    • Ability to pick the color of our next year-round solid saddle pad.



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5/02/2022 3:02 am

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5/03/2022 5:41 am

Here is my entry. Lines are my own.

Splash White Entry


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5/07/2022 11:55 am

Lines by paigepony

Splash Entry

done in krita w/ all krita original brushes

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Shokubeni Moderator

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5/07/2022 5:06 pm


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5/07/2022 5:57 pm



My splash entry! (Lineart belongs to me) thank you so much for hosting!

ERA Moderator

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5/08/2022 9:29 pm


Lines are by Wakimi on DA, brushes used are all on Krita.


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