Expiry for Shouts

Katona [Platinum || 45 posts] on 2/17/2023 10:05 am

I'd like to propse the idea that shouts should expire after a set time.

There are "current" shouts that are three months old, advertising horses that have long since past. I believe there have also been instances of players quitting, but their shouts just hang on the boards forever. By their very nature, it seems like a shout should be a short lived annoucement. Since they're not prohibitively expensive, anyone wishing to keep their shout up could "renew" it. 

I don't know what's fair, 1 week? 2? Would love to hear thoughts on it. 

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2/17/2023 10:18 am

Support! I think a week is more than enough for one to last.

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2/27/2023 11:01 pm

Support! Yeah, I think a week or two is plenty. Most of the time if I see a shout that 2 weeks or older I don't even bother checking whatever they're advertising bc it's probably already been sold


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2/28/2023 11:27 am

I also agree and support. To me, shouts are quick, temporary advertisements. If someone has a long-standing advert or request, that's where forum posts can be implemented (or they can renew their shout).


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2/28/2023 8:08 pm

Absolutely support!  1 week sounds perfect IMO.


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3/01/2023 3:09 pm

Support ~ 

I've seen shouts that are very old and i recall on the old site before the move that Shouts didn't last long why they don't expire on here is beyond me 

(Other things here also irk me but i keep quiet about that due to me being afraid of the staff.) 


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3/07/2023 11:52 pm

Support - I think a week or two is perfect. I try to be good about deleting mine after two weeks or if they're no longer valid (i.e. auctions with a shorter run) but an auto expire would be a nice backup.





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3/08/2023 3:03 pm

Yes! Support!

Players could be notified a day or two ahead of the expiry date and be given the opportunity to renew the shout or simply let it expire normally. As someone who would probably forget I if I had shouts, this would be a super useful feature.

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