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Curly [Admin || 575 posts] on 1/19/2023 5:57 pm

Hello there everyone!

I have been doing a bit of research on new breed genetics and have found quite a few interesting horses out there. I'm curious, what's your favorite real-life horse coat color? Is there a coat color HoFa doesn't have?


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1/19/2023 6:46 pm

Seal bays are my favorite ❤️


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1/19/2023 9:12 pm

I love silver buckskins! 




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1/19/2023 9:27 pm

I like blood bays <3


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1/19/2023 10:49 pm

My favorite colors would be dun/buckskin shades and then the silver shades.  However, saying that, one of the horses my grandfather had when I was growing up was "just" a blood bay - no markings, but he was such a rich and shiny color and it was utterly gorgeous.  I love pinto and appaloosa patterns as well.

I was thinking of the Criollo brindle horses in particular, as some of them express more obviously than HoFa's skewed roan, but that's the big difference that you can see the brindle pattern a bit more easily.  I love HoFa's horse colors an the variety of them, especially how they do express differently in some of the breeds as well and the crossbreeds. Makes it very fun! :D


I am just checking to see what sort of horse markings I may have on my laptop. I found this one right away - I'm pretty sure it's a snowflake appy but certainly far more white than I've seen before on a snowflake pattern! https://imgpile.com/i/dKtz4k

Reverse dapple https://imgpile.com/i/dKt8tM


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1/20/2023 2:15 am

I love black, seal bay and liver chestnut!

Can't really think of missing coats here. Chimera would be more like calico (though not gene-dependent?), bunch of Dominant White but they are tied to breeds. I've read somewhere about a 'sunshine' and a 'snow' allele in the MATP gene but I have no idea how reliable that information was.

Do love the idea of a blood bay shade!

EDIT: Forgot about gulastra plume! So beautiful <3

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1/20/2023 5:23 pm

What really disturbs me is that HoFa has colours that dosn't exist in breeds. Arabians can never be Roan but in game that is an arabians colour. 

I prefer the basic colours on horses. Bay, black, chestnut and grey on these. Different kind of dilutants are in my opinion very overrated.

Mary Smith

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1/21/2023 1:00 pm

My fav ones are cremello and perlino.


I think you confused the fundation Arabians with the Grade Arabians; which are crosses that players have made over time. HoFa works with real genetics of each breed, even If some are not allowed in studbooks.


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1/22/2023 6:38 am

@Mary Smith 
Sadly I havn't. I now just tock the first Roan arabian I found but they are many. This mare for example is labeled as pure bred arabian and blue roan https://horsefable.com/horse/1397781 I also have roan horses in the pedigree of my horses and all my arabians are pure bred (but I have stayed away from roan).

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1/22/2023 7:13 am

Roan used to be available for Arabians long ago for some reason (I think it was something like it was thought that roan was indeed a thing in some arabian line) but it was then removed from the game. You only seen pure arabian with roan because players kept breeding for it despite the gene no longer being available like other genes.

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1/22/2023 11:37 pm

I love my dark warm colours -- dark bays, liver chestnuts, and seal browns. Amber champagne is a soft spot of mine, though it's not dark. A good medium chestnut can be nice, too. 

I love leopard complex horses with large snowcaps or horses with/without spotted blankets that have lots of varnish (older Appys have the most fun patterns). White spotting is nice, especially with roan, but I prefer horses that have a good amount of colour on them, especially on the face. 

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