Prayers please (!!UPDATE!!)

KayTea [Bronze || 606 posts] on 5/01/2024 8:24 pm

So i'm haveing a really hard time, and need to talk about it, if thats ok...  😭😭😭💔


Some backround info: My mom's/my dog Bridget is 16, she had to change food, stuff with her kidneys were alittle scary, but she was ok after that change of food, but then she has not been eating, a tooth has been bothering her,


(you prob know but, older dogs should not go to sleep for stuff like a tooth when they are old, they may never come back.)


Well we tried new food, cottege cheese, wipped cream, ice cream, anything... she only likes the ice cream.

So we went to the vet to just see where we were at, here is were it all went down hill,

her normal lbs. are 11ish... she is 7.5 lbs. 😭

her heart is getting really, really, really bad,

she is haveing a hard time breathing,

and she will not eat.


I just don't want her to be in pain. 😭💔

This dog has been there EVERY day of my life.

So please send prayers for no pain to her and a miracle.

Thank you so much.

I'll be here, trying to get away from the sadness of realality and help my mom deal with her broken heart. 💔

Edit: She has a check in on the 20th (I think, I might be a day off)

Edit: She is eating alittle more now, thank you all for the support, love, and prayers.





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5/01/2024 8:51 pm

Just remember, some angels choose fur instead of robes and wings. When they leave you, they just fly higher. 






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5/01/2024 9:00 pm

Yea... It still hurts...💔