I want to get to know you all

KayTea [Bronze || 606 posts] on 1/03/2024 4:59 pm

Hello, I set this up for new players and old players alike to share some stuff!

This is always open!

Share about yourself!

You don't have to answer all of them, but some things to answer!

here they are:

(1) What is your fav movie or show?

(2) What is your fav book?

(3) Are you a swiftie?

(4) What is you fav music artist?

(5) Do you have pets?

(6) Do you have horses in real life?

(7) What is your fav song?

(8) What is your fav horse breed?

(9) What kind of tech do you play HoFa on?

(10) Fun fact about yourself!

(11) Fav dog and/or cat breed?

(12) What county/state/province do you live in? (just for fun! I want to see where all the HoFa people are from!)




Wayward Angel

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1/04/2024 3:10 pm

1. Supernatural 

2. Percy Jackson books. (I'm 21 but these are still great. XD)

3. Sort of? I like her music but I'm not obsessed 

4) 13 snakes. A ferret. A chinchilla. An iguana. 2 geckos.  2 cats. 

5) no. 

6) this is me. 

7) quarter horse 

8) phone

9) uhhh...I'm 5' 1? 

10) caracal cat

11) Kansas

Return to Freedom Rescue Center

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1/04/2024 11:09 pm

1. Heartland

2. Dragons in our Midst series by Bryan Davis, Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. (Sorry I love reading and i love fantasy so I can't pick a fav!)

3. Taylor Swift is cool and I like some of her songs, but I'm not obsessed

4. Yes, a frenchie and a frog!

5. No😭

6. Either Unbreakable by Colton Dixon, Run Wild, by for king and country, or Dancing with my Shadow by Benjamin William Hastings.

7. Quarter Horse

8. Microsoft Computer

9. I am homeschooled, but in my reading/vocabulary/spelling tests I score in a college level

10. Border Collie, Lab, or Golden Retriever

11. North Carolina

Every horse adopted is another one rescued!

flying away

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2/11/2024 12:02 am

1. Heartland

2. Horse encyclopedias

3. No (only country music for me)

4. 2 horses a dog and 2 cats

5. yes

6. Out here: steven lee olsen

7. Hanoverian/lipizzaner

8.  Laptop

9. uhh... i do alot of horse shows

10. Newfie Dog!

11. British colombia

(ignore the currant name, its for a prank on my friend 😋)



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2/11/2024 8:08 am

(1) My favorite movie is Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron. Favorite show? I have too many I absolutey love, lol. 

(2) Harry Potter series. 

(3) I am not, but I do enjoy some of her music. 

(4) Yes! I currently have a duck, goose, and a dog. In the spring I'll be getting a goat.  

(5) I used to, before I moved more towards the town. My mom, my grandma, and I, had eight of them. 

(6) This is a tough question.. I listen to music all of the time. It probably has to be The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. 

(7) American Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.

(8) What kind of tech do you play HoFa on? Mobile and PC. 

(9) I've been studying dogs and horses ever since I was about 7 years old. 

(10) My favorite dog breed is the Belgian Malinois, and my favorite cat breed has to be Siamese. 

(11) Michigan. 


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2/11/2024 9:55 am

Cool! thank you all for you feedback!

@Ridgeback, I have a siamese! And that cool that your getting a goat!

@Prettygirl123, That so cool that you live in British Colombia!

@Return... I also enjoy Heartland, but I instead read the books!

@Wayward...  I have always wanted a ferret! What is it's name?

Ok in a little bit i'm gonna put out my anwsers!

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