Custom Tokens & Mini Bug Update

11/02/2023 12:16 pm

Happy start of the month everyone! Today we have a small update for you to release custom tokens and fix a few bugs. :) 


Magic & Spectral Tokens

Per request, Magic and Spectral Tokens are on sale in the General Store. These will be available until November 6th at midnight EST/Game time.

Bug Fixes

  • Hoofbeat Plains now has explore items reintroduced. Seems a little goblin had taken off with it all! This fixes bug #1244
  • Fixed POA glows - bug #1242
  • Fixed Paso Fino witch hats - bug #1241
  • Fixed Friesdale glow - bug #1238
  • Fixed Anglo Arabian glow- bug #1237
  • Fixed sky blue flower pads - but #1232
  • Added missing Warlander small images - bug #1225


Today's community question centers around winter traditions. What is your favorite part of winter or the winter holidays? Have a wonderful day y’all!



Bedouin & Curly

Oaken Fields

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11/02/2023 12:34 pm

I'd have to say the sweets, how people make them look so shimmery. For horses in particular, I thought that the winter garb was quite entrancing, specifically the traces and carriages.


Post Count: 341

11/02/2023 12:37 pm

Thanks for the update 💜 For me it's been the change of weather and just enough snow to be a white holiday season ❄️


Post Count: 87

11/02/2023 12:55 pm

Winter is something we have to endure. It's DARK, it's wet and it's cold often also with a lot of wind. Nope not my favorite season. 
Best day of the season is Winter solstice which creates hope of the next living season.


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11/02/2023 10:07 pm

Thank you for all the bug fixes!


I love all the lights!  It just makes me happy to see all the neighborhoods lit up on the drive home... makes the cold and dreary days a little brighter! :)



Julie lyn

Post Count: 1

11/06/2023 12:28 pm

Love the lights, the cold not so much

Julie Lyn

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