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Bedouin [Admin || 45 posts] on 6/28/2023 8:06 pm

Hello, hello! I'm curious about who everyone is. 👀


Please take a sec to introduce yourself so we can get to know each other. If you haven't already, please join Discord where it's easier to chat in real time. The link is under Community -> Discord.


Just a few questions you could answer in your intro...

1) How long have you played horse games?

2) Do you have any pets?

3) What do you do in your free time?

4) Are you involved with horses in real life?

5) What's your favorite horse breed?

6) What's a fun fact about you?

Bedouin Admin

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6/28/2023 8:10 pm

I'll go first!


Hi, I'm Bedouin! I spend most of my time doing codey things, tinkering behind the scenes with HoFa. I've been involved in sim games since 2007 (yes, I'm old). I have 1 dog named Vega; she's a German Shepherd. In my free time, I read but if I get a chance to, I love traveling and scuba diving. I'm actually not involved in horses in RL but I would love to if given the chance! My favorite horse breed is the Arabian.


Fun fact... 🤔... I'm going to NYC for the first time next week! Super excited about it and counting down the days.


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6/29/2023 5:30 am

Let's do this!

I have been playing horse games since 2004. In my free time, I usually play games.

I rode horses when I was a young teenager but I haven't been involved with horses since then. I'm very much interested in getting involved with race horses in a professional way but my current situation won't allow it atm.

My favorite horse breed is Orlov Trotter with Orlov-Rostopchin/Russian Riding Horse and French Trotter not far behind!

Fun fact, I'm one of the 'drastically different timezone' player. Geographically speaking, there is barely any places further from the US than the one I live in!


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6/29/2023 6:15 am


Goodness, I've off and on been playing equine sims games for a while. Unfortunately due to memory problems, I cannot remember when but man it was always Howrse I was drawn to and Horse Isle 1 when it was legit the only version out there. Sadly I do not recall key points in either game to kind of recall how long I've played Howrse or HI1.


We have 3 balls of fluff. Dusty ((Not where I got my username from. If you look at my tag, it is based off a horse in real-life instead who has since passed on)). Tigger and Misty. Misty and Dusty are about the same age, give or take, while Tiggy is 3? Or 4 years of age. Dusty and Misty were found abandoned and taken in while Tiggy was adopted when another cat we had, had passed away due to old age.


Free time? It depends really. Right now, I'm just not in a good place mentally and I have simply thrown myself into Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. Typically though, I play my games on pc, on my ps4. Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch sometimes, more so if I go out of state, read on my Kindle. Listen to music while gaming. Weather permitting and my mom's schedule, we tend to go out and do things together.


No, but I wish I was.


Favorite breed? Hmmmm. Growing up it was always Falabella, Thoroughbred and Shires. Now? It's more or less draft types instead. I do love all horses in general but I have found myself having drifted to the gentle giants the past decade or so.


Fun fact? Well, Maki is my cousin in real life. We hope to go to the 100th anniversary of the famous Chincoteague Pony swim in 2025 ((I think that's when we figured it out when it would be.)) I went with her once already a few years ago and I actually enjoyed it. We both also have a strong bond and usually you can find both of us on equestrian based games, whether it be sims based or not.


Outside of that? I got nothin' else.



Curly Admin

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6/29/2023 9:30 am

Oh goodness, it has been a while since I've done one of these! Let's see...

Hi everyone! I'm Curly, the other half of the dev team for HoFa. A bit of background about me, I have curly hair (thus the name) and currently live in the South so I have an interesting accent. I have a degree in geology and work full-time in a different job that's not related to geology or game dev! I also work part-time on HoFa helping wrangle staff, plan, research, color items, and more.

I have played horse games since 2007, probably earlier which means I have spent a whole 16 years horsin' around.

I have two pets, Porter my Bordoodle (he's adopted) and Leia my cat with half a brain cell. If all the wildlife that bums off my bird feeder counts I probably also have a small army of opossums and chipmunks. There is also Bob and Linda, the cardinal pair that really enjoys messing with my tomato plants.

In my free time I like to, hike, try new recipes, explore local museums and restaurants, enjoy model horses, and tend to lay on my couch watching a lot of SpongeBob lately too. 

In real life, I haven't been involved with horses for many many years. I use to rodeo but stopped around middle school. I've been looking for local western barns but we only have tons of english barns. 

My favorite horse breed is Lipizzaners. I saw the Lipizzaner Stallions as a child and loved their conformation, beauty, and movement. 

Fun fact about me is that I'm only 5 feet tall so I'm perfect for scale! 


Pet tax:



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6/29/2023 12:03 pm

Hello!  My name is Nittrous and I'm a 30+yo (it hurts to say that, oof) mother of two boys that enjoys art, reading, and is chronically online.  I started out on horse rp forums back in ~2003 with making characters and drooling over manipulations before moving onto Horseland during the pre-flash era.   I've been a player of a huge number of horse sims, horse rps, and horse video games for years (anyone remember the old Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen horse riding playstation game?) but have never actually owned a horse.  The most I've really done around them is horseback riding on my birthday and special occasions.  I've never had a particular favorite, though I do end up breeding Paints in every sim game for the color variety and I love the body type of Warmbloods.


I enjoy the process of character and personality creation but haven't rp'd in years and have bounced around to some of the more current sims over the last few years.  I've always enjoyed the idea of stable management and watching as you shape your stable around you.  Outside of horse-related sims I play whatever the new game out at the time is (currently Zelda and Diablo 4) as well as some time on games like Dota 2 and Planet Zoo.  All of this is sprinkled in with my kids, current vegetable garden, and working on art.  I'm a rather sporatic person and it feels like my brain goes in a thousand directions at the same time -- though I think it's more a symptom of having two young kids and needing my mind to be everywhere now!


I have two dogs, a German Shepherd who's just over two and an eight year old Lab/Coonhound mix that we got as a free puppy from a newspaper.  A fun fact about me is that I have three science degrees, the main being a BS in biology with a minor in Chem!

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6/29/2023 1:13 pm

Hello everyone!

I am quite new to Horse Fable but have been playing horse games for quite a while, with PC games, RP forums around the years 2000 (yikes, that doesn't make me feel young) and other browser games like Howrse which I still play once in a while. I don't have as much time to play now but I enjoy following up the news of the horse gaming community, which is how I found Horse Fable! 

I don't have my own horse (yet!) but I have two cats. As it happens I had to interrupt my typing to keep them from fighting :') The kitten is trying to sleep but the older one is being a bother once again - the kitten adopted us a few months ago while we already had the older one, and they do not get along very well. 

I have limited free time, but I like to play video games, read, watch TV... Or play with the cats and keep them from annoying each other :D

I got interested in horses as a child, started riding regularly, and loved it so much, but then for some reason I stopped. The few times I wanted to start again there was always something keeping me from going back regularly (mainly health or financial reasons). This year I was finally able to take lessons regularly, and I am very happy about it! I am going slowly for now, following the rythm allowed by my health, skills, budget and busy schedule, but I do plan to scale it up at some point to get into competitions (I'd love to do more dressage and TREC) and get my own horse.

I never rode in fancy stables with purebred horses, so I had limited contact with the different breeds outside of books, except for a few reformed race horses (TB and trotters), and a few Connemara or Arabian cross, plus Shetland ponies of course! As a child I loved a lot of different breeds and dreamed of having my own Arabian horse, but as an adult I don't really care - all horses are gorgeous anyway. I do enjoy Irish cobs for their temperament/extremely comfy gaits (they are a dream for the sitting trot), and they are fun to breed in game which is why I got into them on Horse Fable! 

Fun fact about me: I am also one of those 'different time zone' players, with roughly 5 hours time difference with the game! 


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6/29/2023 1:58 pm

That old Mary Kate and Ashley game brings back a wave of mental whiplash as I remember that game




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6/29/2023 3:29 pm



Like others here, I started with horse games back in the "oughts" and feel old just thinking about it. I've dabbled with other horse games more recently but HoFa is the only one I keep coming back to consistently. I'm also a casual gamer with xbox and switch.


I have 2 cats, one dog, and one horse. I've been involved with horses pretty much my whole life. I grew up with a spicy Arabian gelding who taught me how to fall off while I attempted to event and do dressage. I've given my heart to various warmbloods and thoroughbreds who took me around jumper courses but currently I own a Quarter Horse who was a ranch/barrel racer that I'm trying to turn into a fancy prancy dressage horse (he's not so fancy or prancy but very willing to learn new things and try his best!). My favorite breed is the Irish Cob because they're colorful small chonks but the best horse is always the one you can connect with ❤️


Oh and my fun fact is that the only time I stepped away from horses for a while was to play roller derby for a few years 😬



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7/01/2023 3:49 pm

I've only been playing the horse games last year. Though if we're counting RDR2 then I've been playing horse games for a few more years, lol.


We have one dog - Scooby - he's a big black pound puppy. And then my sister has an orange kitty named Sokka. In my free time I like to watch tv or read books. I also collect and photo show model horses/ animals.


We don't have horses in real life anymore. When my grandpa was alive I got to ride his Quarter Horses all the time and loved them.  Otherwise I love breeds like Andalusians, Knabstruppers, Marwari and Akhal-Teke.


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7/01/2023 5:56 pm

1) How long have you played horse games? > I started playing horse games when I saw an ad for Horseland in one of my PonyClub magazines in 2006. 👵 I got hooked and have played everything from Horseland, HorsePhenomena, OnTheBit, og Eqcetera and numerous others lost to time.


2) Do you have any pets? > I have a four year old rough Collie (my stable's namesake), Arlo, my show girl standard Poodle, Shilo, and a thirteen year old corn snake named Lola. I love frogs and amphibians and hope to raise some in the future. 🐸 🐩


3) What do you do in your free time? > I am working on my certification in non sporting with my Poodle, so if I am not reading or grooming, I am playing games like Path of Titans and Red Dead Redemption. 🐎


4) Are you involved with horses in real life? > I always had horses in my life and I hope to actually own my own some day. 💜 I worked for a wonderful Dressage trainer in Northeast Ohio for a long time and fell in love with some incredible Warmbloods. I also spent my free time back home helping with OTTBs as well as Standardbreds. My family has had Tennessee Walkers and they've always had a special place in my heart.


5) What's your favorite horse breed? > Tennessee Walkers 💜 after sustaining a life changing injury after a fall off a sour pony, a Walker mare gave me the confidence to keep trying.


6) What's a fun fact about you? > I am full of absolutely worthless dog breed knowledge.

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