NEW! Scrap Yard & Bug Fixes

6/05/2023 1:50 pm

Happy Monday!


If you’ve seen the developer log, you can see we’ve been busy actively fixing bugs and making small changes to the game. Check it out below!

πŸš‚ NEW! Scrap Yard

Some of the locals have gotten fed up with their overabundance of items just sitting in their inventories. After some deliberation, they decided to start tossing items into the scrap yard closer to the railyard. RAIL left the scrap yard years ago and had never cleaned it up, thus it’s the perfect place to toss anything you don’t want! Now, we at the capitol don’t advocate for randomly tossing items in real life all willy-nilly, but when it comes to items in HoFa sometimes it’s easier to just yeet stuff into the void. 


You can toss items from your Storage Room by clicking the item you want to “Use” and either clicking “Discard All” or selecting a single item to “Discard”. In the scrap yard, you can find an assortment of items others have tossed by rummaging through the pile. Each search action takes 5% energy and auto-picks up items once found.


All items that have been tossed can not be recovered by anyone so be certain you want to toss items!

🏦 Bank Transactions

After reviewing the number of bank transactions for players, we realized that some have over 100,000 transactions over a month’s time. Because of this, we’ll be reducing the time bank transactions are shown from 1 month to the past 50,000 transactions. If you have less than 50,000 transactions, all will show from the past month like normal.


This fixes bug #1037.

βš’οΈ Small Tweaks

  • The date shown for a bug report is now when it was last active instead of when it was created. This is updated whenever the status changes or a new comment is made.
  • You can no longer select a tab if a horse isn’t boarded. This already doesn’t save without a horse being boarded so this avoids confusion.
  • Horses no longer have to be boarded in mass actions to have a discipline or career set or to be put up for sale.
  • Removing horses from shows are now taken into account in the estate overview earnings statement. 

🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #947 - Fixed an issue where white halter and grey dye were showing up in the encrusting tab in the craft room.
  • Bug #994 - The percentage in the list of campaigns should now match the one on the campaign page.
  • Bug #1042 and bug #778 - There should no longer be an issue with paging through horses on your stable page if there are multiple tabs open.
  • Bug #316 - Registry date sorting now works.
  • Bug #922 and bug #946 - Horse auctions will now sort correctly by breed.
  • Bug #1028 - Fixed link to create a new auction from the My Auctions tab.
  • Bug #863 and bug #932 - The stud market now sorts appropriately.
  • Bug #426 - The bug box and developer log now sorts appropriately.
  • Bug #844 - Sooty is now layered in the right order for horse images.
  • Bug #968 - Dun should now show for non-black bases in the Design Lab.
  • Bug #535 - You should now be able to view all of your bank transactions for both levels.
  • Bug #1003 - The My Auctions tab is now properly paginated so you should be able to see all of your auctions.
  • Bug #1044 - An issue with inheriting the predictability trait has been fixed.
  • Bug #602 - Horses with W3, W5, and W15 now show greying if they have the grey gene.
  • Bug #875 - Personality tests should now charge correctly.


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.


πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰This brings us to less than 50 reported bugs in the game! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

πŸ“ Current Polls

We have two polls ongoing for the community to send in feedback based on the last news post.


#1: Ideas to add to the friend and blocked features


#2: Crossbreed campaign activity


Both of these polls will close on June 15th at 5 PM EST/game time.



Bedouin & Curly


Post Count: 19

6/05/2023 2:15 pm

Love the thought of the scrap yard... So it's basically another version of the Dark Mine though for searching?

Don't mind me... I'm over here thinking...

Bedouin Admin

Post Count: 43

6/05/2023 2:28 pm

@rachelle - Yes. but it only pulls discarded items from other players. The mine generates new items into the game.


Post Count: 238

6/05/2023 2:33 pm

I like the Scrap Yard so far. Sure, I only snagged one item, but the failure to find something text between each hunt had me crackin up laughin. 


I'll periodically check it out and I'm intrigued to see what all stuff people discard and no longer want. Would this include gems you can find from the Dark Mines?



Bedouin Admin

Post Count: 43

6/05/2023 2:42 pm

It'll include any item in the game... whatever people want to part with. 😁


Post Count: 42

6/05/2023 3:26 pm

How exciting! I'll have to check it out and see what I want to donate as well. Thank you for all your bug fixes! πŸ›  🐞 





Post Count: 238

6/05/2023 3:38 pm

Thanks for the answer Bed!



I may have to see if there is anything I wish to depart with but for right now, I like it so far and would love to see something similar to this but for what? I'm not entirely sure.




Post Count: 61

6/05/2023 6:20 pm

Love the scrap yard idea!


Post Count: 12

6/06/2023 12:47 am

Love the scrap yard idea! Only thing throwing me off is how every 'failure' text says there's nothing left in the yard when there are 2000 items there. Maybe have it say that I haven't found anything but junk instead of saying there's nothing there?


Something like:
The only thing you found is an old apple core, but the ants got to it first. Whatever, you didn't want it anyway. 


Post Count: 238

6/06/2023 2:50 pm

It rather works the same as the Dark Mines. You know there is bits, ingots and gems to be found there, you just will not always find it and I do believe you run into you don't find anything there too ((I off and on use this and I don't always remember the text)). So it saying you fail to find anything, rather runs in the same vein as the Dark Mines do.




Post Count: 12

6/06/2023 4:51 pm

The difference is that in the dark mine, it doesn't specifically say there's nothing there while the scrap yard does. 


Dark Mine examples, the text implies you need to keep searching:

  • Looks like plenty of rocks are lying around but no minerals. Best to keep moving.
  • minerals here. Maybe some are further up the mine.


Scrap Yard example, the text implies there's nothing left at all: 

  • Reckon you missed the train, amigo. Someone done cleared out this here town. Nothin' left for us to gather 'cept disappointment.
  • Well, slap my knee! Looks like somebody was quicker on the draw. Nothin' to collect but the echoes of our own footsteps.


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