Rainbow Pads, Colorful Explore Items, & Bug Fixes!

5/31/2023 5:21 pm

Hello everyone and happy mid-week! We have some bug fixes for you today and the return of some items!


🌈 Rainbow Pad Return

With the unofficial start of summer right around the corner, we are bringing back our yearly release of English and Western rainbow saddle pads! These pads are on sale at the General Store until June 30th at 11:59 PM EST/game time. 


✨ Colors of the Rainbow

From now until June 30th at 11:59 EST/game time, all of our year-round colored items will be occurring more often in the wilds! While exploring the lands you will run into more dyes, colored roses, and rainbow saddle pads!


Also occurring in the wilds at a low chance will be limited edition seasonal items such as our rainbow skeleton paint, rainbow unicorn horn and pastel rainbow unicorn horn.


⚒️ Small Tweaks

  • You can now select all and unselect all horses in your mass actions.
  • If a boarding center doesn’t have any stalls available, it will now show an error instead of letting you try to board horses there.


🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1053 and bug #1057 and bug #1058 - Boarding, removing from boarding, and assigning careers should work now. 
  • Bug #1018 - Horses should now display the correct breed when breeding from their page.
  • Bug #657 - Foals bred through private breeding requests will now be gene tested if auto gene test is selected.
  • Bug #859 - The total number of career horses on the career page is no longer affected by each horse’s energy level.
  • Bug #791 - Fixed the image issues in the previewer showing tack “floating.”
  • Bug #764 - Fixed inability to remove certain tack.
  • Bug #594 - Fixed 2 day shows showing intermingles with 1 day. They now only show on the shows arena page and at the bottom. 2 day shows no longer show on the horse's page.
  • Bug #851 - Shows arena sorted by discipline now shows more than 2 pages.
  • Bug #1033 - Fixed ghost appaloosa layer
  • Bug #974 - Fixed issue with nd1nd2 skewed dun horses showing incorrect dun image. This will only affect future horses.


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.


📝 Current Polls

We have two polls ongoing for the community to send in feedback based on the last news post.


#1: Ideas to add to the friend and blocked features

#2: Crossbreed campaign activity


Both of these polls will close on June 15th at 5 PM EST/game time.


We had the question “Can we have an option to close a campaign that refunds the coins back to donors so they can invest them in other active campaigns?”.  Bedouin and I both agree this is reasonable and have added it to our list for campaigns. 


We hope everyone has an excellent rest of the week!



Bedouin & Curly


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5/31/2023 5:32 pm



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5/31/2023 5:33 pm

Wheeee Rainbow stuff! Gonna be on the hunt for more rainbow skeleton paint and rainbow unicorn horns.

Thank you for the update and more bug squishes!




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5/31/2023 9:27 pm

I got a rainbow skeleton! Woohoo!

I'm always looking for Appy or Grey American Warmbloods


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5/31/2023 10:04 pm

Thank you for the fabulous updates! Excited about the rainbow tack as well! <3





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6/03/2023 4:10 pm

This is a wonderful update! I'm glad that they're back again for this year :) I wish everyone an amazing Pride Month! 🌈


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