Boarding Update, Friends, Blocking, & More!

5/29/2023 5:59 pm

We hope everyone is having a peaceful Memorial Day. Today, we have a mix of game tweaks, new features, and bug fixes. Buckle up as we explain it all.


🏠 Boarding Change

You now must board with boarding centers that have the appropriate training facilities in the attached training center. While this has always been stated as part of Horse Fable’s boarding system, it was actually missing until we had a bit more boarding center activity. Now when boarding, you will see less boarding available once you select disciplines. Each discipline change will update the boarding list.


When mass boarding through the horse directory, there wasn’t a check to see if horses have the appropriate discipline and/or career. This has been updated and they must have a discipline or career set to be boarded. 


On the boarding page itself, you can get a quick idea of which disciplines the boarding center supports through a new list. 

🥰 Friends

You now send and accept friend requests! You can send a request through a player’s profile page. Friends can be found under Account -> Friends. Friends will play a larger role in the game soon.


🙅🏻‍♀️ Blocking

You can now block other players by going to their profile page. This can also be found under Account -> Friends. Blocking another player means you will no longer receive their messages and they can not add you as a friend. If you try to message another player that has blocked you, you will receive an error message. 


We have a few other ideas for friends and blocking and are looking for community feedback. This poll has those options listed for you to vote on.


🛑 Inactive Campaigns

We are in the planning stages of what to do for inactive campaigns. Currently planned is for campaigns to be set as “inactive” 60 days after the last horse was submitted to the campaign. If no horses have been submitted for the first generation, then the campaign goes inactive after 90 days.


However, we know others in the community may have other thoughts on the inactivity of campaigns. If you have thoughts or suggestions beyond what we have planned please let us know! 


🎨 Previewer Update

The previewer has received an update on all new item types! You can now preview harnesses, halters, polos, blankets, decor items, and more. 


This fixes bug #739.


⚒️ Small Tweaks

  • In the user banner, there is now a distinction if you are completing the intro, continuing a fable, or have fables waiting on you.
  • The text for fables and capturing horses now pulses slightly to catch your attention.
  • Fixed an issue where horses were staying in a tab even after you removed them from your boarding.
  • Disciplines are now alphabetically ordered in some places in the game.


🦟 Bug Squashes

  • Bug #1024 and bug #1027 and bug #1047 - If you bred to a horse up for private stud/brood from its page, it was sending a breeding request instead of breeding normally. This was then throwing an error “You own both horses!” which shouldn’t be an issue normally. Now, it will no longer send as a breeding request if you own the horse up for private stud/brood.
  • Bug #1036 - If you tried to use a coin from your inventory, the Design Lab was infinitely loading. This should now be fixed and you can use coins from your inventory again.
  • Bug #896 - It is now no longer possible to receive 2 coins from the first quest. We are still watching the flow around giving the coin so if you encounter any errors, please report it.
  • Bug #591 - You can no longer do a deposit or withdrawal in the bank without putting in an amount.
  • Bug #364 and bug #869 and bug #899 and bug #944 and bug #992 - Work has been completed on progressing through quests so it happens a lot more seamlessly at the beginning and when completing. 
  • Bug #998 - The Enter All no longer only looks at the first 10 shows. Now if you set criteria, it should look at the full set of available shows and enter into the appropriate ones.


This puts us at under 100 bugs in the game!!


Note: As we’re going through bugs, we may mark a bug as “Fixed” or “Not a Bug” if we can no longer replicate it. If this happens to you but you’re still experiencing the bug, please make a new report with some current examples.



Bedouin & Curly


Post Count: 496

5/29/2023 6:07 pm

Yaaay glad we can add friends now! Curious as to what that horse preview was back on Derby day though 🤔


Post Count: 4

5/29/2023 6:14 pm

I love the idea of adding Friends now!


Post Count: 68

5/29/2023 6:15 pm

Yay!! This is a fantastic announcement! 



Post Count: 210

5/29/2023 6:19 pm

Whooooo. Adding friends and glad I can breed my own horses again.



Thank you for squashing some buggies!




Post Count: 326

5/29/2023 7:31 pm

Love the friends option! Thanks for the update and bug squishes! 🐎


Post Count: 282

5/29/2023 8:25 pm

In my opinion crossbreed campaign activity should be based on whether or not the owner of the campaign is active. I have campaigns I want to continue that I don't have the time to focus on right now.



Post Count: 63

5/29/2023 11:59 pm

Thanks for the Friends option! That will be interesting to see how that works in game. :)   Thank you for all the bug fixes as well.  I'm excited we can preview the harnesses, polos and decor now - that is very cool!


I'm a little torn on the Clubs going totally inactive after 60/90 days - I've seen some of them start to get going again recently after a break in activity.  I wonder if the Club owner goes inactive and the horses are set to Private, if there's any way the game could change it to Public so other members can still register and show horses? I know when I first started out it was really disheartening to find a cool crossbreed but then never be able to actually be active in the club because it was Private and the owner hadn't been on for months. That may help keep the clubs going even if the owner is not able to stay active in the game/club?







Post Count: 263

5/30/2023 12:31 am

With the boarding changes, I can't seem to remove a horse from my own boarding anymore? That button seems to be gone. Was that intentional?

Yay for bug fixes. I'm glad the brumby straw one has been fixed. (not mentioned here)


Post Count: 92

5/30/2023 12:04 pm

I love how tired horses no longer appear on the Careers page, much cleaner. Thank you!

Roze Moderator

Post Count: 264

5/31/2023 12:53 pm

Great update guys! 

But I must also say that I don't like the idea of clubs going inactive only after 60/90 days. I guess it also depends on what "happens" when you go inactive. 

Before, there was much discussion about after a certain amount of inactivity the campaign would go up for someone else to take it over. (I think we had discussed a vote system, maybe? Maybe the club members could nominate someone and it could be put to a vote? A notification sent out to all club members that this was happening would be a good idea too.)

I don't think 60/90 days is enough time when you're trying to breed the higher PS/Level/BS  phases. 

Therotically speaking to achieve phase 2 & 3 it'll take between 15-30 weeks. Let's say you breed your horses at level 50 at about age 15. I'm not 100% sure this is the age they typicially reach level 50 it could be more/less but I feel like this is about average from what I remember. (All though many of us prefer to wait until 18 to get as many levels as possible.)

Waiting to breed your 2nd phase until they're age 15 so you get the level 10 foals for stage 2 is 105 days. Now once you register stage 2 and move to stage 3, it's going to be the same story and that's IF you're able to breed a 5 star right away. It could take a couple additional weeks to get that five star. 

I feel like something like 6 months might be a better timeframe. Or maybe some type of tiered inactivity should be in place? If phase one isn't completed in 3 months, then it goes inactive, if phase 2 isn't completed in 6 months, etc etc

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