Multiple Accounts On 1 Email

Mrs Ryans [Basic || 44 posts] on 5/27/2023 1:54 am

i am not sure if this bothers any one else but it kinda does to me so far i have 2 accounts and would love a third but i can't because i only have 2 email adresses. i would really love for their to be an option to have more than one account on your email address.

Mrs Ryans

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5/27/2023 1:56 am

and what also bothers me is that while i have 2 emails, one is for my education and i will be leaving that place soon, to go to a new one so i am not sure what will happen to my second account

Coyote paws

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5/28/2023 2:13 pm

Yeah, same 

Mary Smith

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5/28/2023 2:32 pm

I must agree that three accounts with same email is also fine. I think it's even more easy to devs keep track of how many accounts are linked. 

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7/10/2023 8:42 am

I think this is a good Idea


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7/22/2023 8:26 am

Yea now I have to use my sister's email- 😳


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8/25/2023 10:21 pm


AngloArab Girl

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2/24/2024 4:54 pm

That is what I have been wanting all along. It is so annoying only having 1 account cause u have 1 email.



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2/24/2024 6:34 pm

Yea, same.

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