Quest Problem :(

Coyote paws [Basic || 4 posts] on 5/25/2023 11:15 am

hi, i have just started playing, went and talked to Aren Gee about the foundation, replied to her , but now nothing will pop up and I still need to complete her quest. What should i do? Did I do anything wrong?




Mrs Ryans

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5/25/2023 7:54 pm

do you still need to complete it or has the quest finished

Coyote paws

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5/25/2023 8:45 pm

I still need to complete


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5/25/2023 9:05 pm

This is one of those frustrating bugs that keeps happening - we do have a bug report here for this! 

Horse Fable :: Bug Report

Please check the "This is happening to me too" button and add any additional info not already there if you have any! 

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