An Exciting Announcement & Fundraiser Total

4/29/2023 9:16 pm

Hello everyone, get excited because today we have a special announcement and our final fundraiser total!!


🐴 HoFa Goes to Breyerfest!

We are extremely excited to announce Horse Fable has been selected as one of the in-person vendors for Breyerfest 2023! This means we will be in-person at Kentucky Horse Park during the Breyerfest festivities with our own table and goodies to be bought. For those attending Breyerfest virtually, we have also been accepted as a virtual vendor and will be throwing our yearly summer event during Breyerfest. 


More info will be coming as we plan and prepare for Breyerfest, but for now, we have to keep most of it secret. 🙂


✨ Beebe Ranch Fundraiser Total!

Drum roll, please! HoFa’s Save the Beebe Ranch fundraiser final total is…..


Thank you so much to everyone who bought Chincoteague Pony coins, shared the message, and provided words of encouragement. We are beyond proud of our community both in-game and on social media, for coming together to help a great cause. The Beebe Ranch is currently under contract and the Museum of Chincoteague Island has officially raised $400,000 of $625,000 as of 4/28. If you wish to donate to the Beebe Ranch fundraiser directly, you can visit their GoFundMe here or donate to the Museum of Chincoteague Island here



Bedouin & Curly


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4/29/2023 9:20 pm

AAAAAAAAAA Breyerfest! I'd love to go but I may have to attend virtually as I wasn't able to do so last time.


I'm glad for the Chincoteagues and the money we are able to donate to the Beebe Ranch as well, with my birthday next month, I hope to be able to donate more money to the fundraiser as well.




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4/29/2023 9:20 pm

Oh I'm so excited about Breyerfest!! I will be attending virtual this year and really look forward to seeing you online!


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4/29/2023 9:31 pm

That's awesome you were selected for in person at Breyerfest! Hope you have a fun time. I'll be attending virtually again this year! <3


That's fantastic news about the fundraiser!!





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4/30/2023 10:13 am

That is such wonderful news. Congratulations on both feats!


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