Rearing Tag Sale with 4 Options! [ OPEN + 5/28 UPDATE! ]

Shokubeni [Moderator || 138 posts] on 4/16/2023 3:05 pm

Rearing Tag Sale!



++++++++++++UPDATE 5 / 28 / 23++++++++++++

** I will now be accepting WILD Chincoteague ponies for a tag! MUST be unbranded!


Hello and welcome! Today I'm opening up some custom (and a few premade!) colorings of your horse of choice! The lines I purchased off of Sealle on DeviantArt for USD. The coloring and such will all be done by me, and this tag sale has a slight twist! 


I'm desperately seeking Chincoteague Pony coins since this is a limited item, and because I grew up going there and seeing the real ponies my entire life. This means I am entering my dragon hoarding moment with them. 

!The only payment I will accept for these tags is a Chincoteague Coin OR WILD CHINCOTEAGUES.

I am doing these at a 1:1 ratio, so one coin per tag. If you do the $5 donation to get 2 coins, you absolutely can exchange BOTH for 2 custom tags. You may order AS MANY as you want, I will get it done! WILDS I will accept (1) wild per tag!



heartby8-bitspider please provide a backup ref easier than the first ref

heartby8-bitspider no galaxy horses/extreme designs, prefer they be regular coats but i will attempt others

heartby8-bitspider no add-ons, if the ref has them they will be left off

heartby8-bitspider must pay in advance, will hold piece until payment is sent*

   -   **Please create a MARKETPLACE TRADE with either the coin or pony you are offering for a tag in it, and send it private to me. I will not start until I see you've done so as proof of coin/pony and to know it's there for when done. I will not accept it until I've finished your piece. Once your order is completed I will post here in Pickups + direct message you your tag!



1 Chincoteague Pony Coin **OR** 1 Wild Chincoteague Pony per tag! 

I will NOT accept bits, ingots, items, et cetera.




1 [braided] 



2 [cropped]



3 [natural]



4 [hairy] 




premade 1 - EXAMPLETAG3

premade 2 - s o l d 

premade 3 -   s  o  l  d

premade 4 - s o l d 

premade 5 - PREMADE5




Backup Reference:

Tag Option: 1 [braided] / 2 [cropped] / 3 [natural] / 4 [hairy]

Ribbon Color [Option 1 Braided tag ONLY]: 

other: - any information you think i may want/need for some reason

* you may order AS MANY as you want! But PLEASE copy+paste+fill out this form for EACH one you are buying and include them all in the same comment!

** please note that as of 4/19/23, all orders will ONLY come in the 150x150 avatar size, you will not get the 200x200 version as well. 


... Jen x2 [x2 DONE] [trade sent/accepted]

...reddrookk [x2 DONE] [trade sent/accepted]

...Mewlie [x1 DONE] [trade sent/accepted]

...Raine [x1 DONE] [trade sent/accepted]

...reddrookk [x2 done] [trade sent/accepted]

...blackhoeses [x2 done] [trade sent/accepted]

...DustyAngel [x1 done] [trade sent/accepted]

...Barbie [x1 done] [wild sent]

...Brumby [x1 not started] [wild]




















If you are buying a premade from above, please just state which # premade and send the private trade with your coin to purchase! I will remove them from that section once paid for, I am also looking to add some more premades as well! 


extra big thanks to the following for their pixels for use to spice this thread up: king-lulu-deerangelichellraisersqdpxl

please do not take anything you have not paid me for. i will know. and i will not be thrilled! 



Jens Clydesdales

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4/16/2023 3:39 pm

I just bought a pair. Ill partake! 

Reference: Escape From Alcatraz

Backup Reference: Dark Overlord

Tag Option: Cropped please for either you do :) 

Ribbon Color [Option 1 Braided tag ONLY]: 


Reference:  Nimbus Cloud

Backup Reference:  Pruina

Tag Option: 1 

Ribbon Color [Option 1 Braided tag ONLY]:  blue please


Sending trade with coins in it now :) 



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4/16/2023 3:46 pm

I have two coins, so I'll trade it for two!

Reference: Buckeye

Tag Option: 3 natural


Reference: Seventy-Five

Tag Option: 2 cropped

Private trade sent!

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Shokubeni Moderator

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4/16/2023 5:46 pm

Jen - your orders complete! I sent you a DM about the 2nd one, I can post it in PICKUPS once that's worked out!

reddrookk - your guys are up next! I'll try to get them done tonight, if not within the next day or two for sure!


Noting that this will be open as long as the fundraiser is going! I'm not sure if I'll be extending this past that, we will see. These are super fun to do though so throw 'em at me! 


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4/16/2023 8:25 pm

I'd like the premade #3 - beautiful!





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4/16/2023 9:13 pm

Reference: Seven Emeralds

Tag Option: 3 [natural]

Off to send you the trade. C:

Shokubeni Moderator

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4/17/2023 12:52 am

Almost done up to here! Jen & Rookks are both done! Premade sent to Indigo. 

Mewlie you're next up! I'll get to it likely tomorrow! 


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4/17/2023 5:54 pm

Reference: Kayalee

Tag Option: 3 

gonna send the trade in a moment!


Jens Clydesdales

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4/18/2023 3:04 pm

I have to say that as much as I wanted to cash in my Chinco coins, these were worth it. Alcatraz and Nimby look wonderful. Rookks looks awesome as well


Shokubeni Moderator

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4/18/2023 4:32 pm

@Jen - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like yours!! 


All commissions are caught up and done! Everyone's should be up in pickups, and I believe all trades have been accepted and coin exchanged. Thank you guys so far! I'm having a lot of fun and enjoying doing these for sure. 🖤

These are still open, so any new orders will be worked on tomorrow/Thursday. I'm taking the rest of tonight to actually play and relax now. Keep the orders coming! 

Jens Clydesdales

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4/18/2023 8:56 pm

I wish you would take ingots for one! I'd love the 2nd premade 

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