Giant Bug Update

4/05/2023 12:06 pm

Happy Wednesday! We’ve got a pretty hefty bug fix update today.


๐Ÿฅณ New Construction Art!

After digging around a bit and carefully building new images, the small silo and medium silo construction upgrades now have their own unique art!


๐Ÿด Custom Foals

From now on, custom foals will no longer be required to complete foal training. They will come fully trained! This fixes bug #492.


๐ŸŽ Body Types

There was an issue brought to light for how crossbreed foals are assigned body type. The game was only taking the first 2 breeds into account when determining body type which gave the wrong type for some combinations. 


We’ve changed this so that if there are more than 2 breeds, the foal’s type will be the largest %. If it’s even (33/33/33 or 25/25/25/25 etc), it will use the following hierarchy:


Draft > Light Draft > Light > Stock > Pony


This will be the case for foals born here on out. Any foals born previously from crossbreeds will not be fixed. The Wiki has also been updated to reflect this information. This fixes bugs #579 and #977.


๐Ÿ’ž Rare Breed Updates

Failed lab pulls no longer count towards a rare breed’s pull limits. The breeding limit only counts if a breeding is successful with twins counting as 1 success.

This fixes bugs #923 and #894.


๐Ÿ’ธ Horse Auction Tweak

When you freeze your account, horse auctions will no longer immediately end. This should be more convenient for those who put up auctions and frequently freeze their account and allow for more auctions to stay up. This fixes bug #639.


๐ŸŽ๏ธ Page Optimizations

The breeding grounds and lab were loading VERY slowly for those who have a lot of horses. We’ve gone through and reworked how the page loads horse info so these pages should load a lot faster. This fixes bug #871 and #802.


๐Ÿงผ Bug Box Cleanup

A lot of bugs in the Bug Box are quite old and no longer replicable when testing. We are going to mark these as Fixed. Please know that if a bug reoccurs, you can always report it again with fresh examples of where it’s happening in the game.


๐Ÿง  Forgot Username

We have needed this function for many moons now. It has finally been added! Now you no longer have to contact support just for help in remembering your username. ๐Ÿ˜…


๐Ÿž Bug Squashes

  • All icons should now be fixed around the game. This fixes bug #956
  • Bug #949 - The foal predictor now works again.
  • Bug #827 - If you move a horse from a non-frozen tab to a frozen tab then move them back, they will appropriately unfreeze.
  • Bug #705 - You can no longer enter horses into careers multiple times using the select buttons resulting in a waste of energy.
  • Bug #623 - All straws and eggs should now show up when trying to create a trade.
  • Bug #996 - An additional issue was found in testing where you could remove bids after the auction ends if you stay on the page. This is no longer possible. You can now also only cancel bids if they are the active bid for the auction and you have not been outbid.
  • Bug #1007 - Moving forward with new retired horses, breeding crossbreeds through the lab will no longer result in missing breed percentages. If you have a horse with missing breed percentages, these will be manually fixed.
  • Bug #965 - You should no longer get a “not enough space” error when trying to board horses at home. If you happen to breed or buy horses while leaving the Foundation tab open, this may still occur.
  • Bug #831 - Training centers that have had arenas demolished or downgraded will no longer show those arenas in Community Training. Horses training at these training centers will now be limited to disciplines the training center supports.
  • Bug #883 - After you’ve boarded a horse with an outside boarding center, you can now change the livery type.
  • Bug #919 - Foals from gen 3 parents will now show up for gen 1.
  • Bug #845 - When mass boarding at boarding centers, there is now an appropriate check for if you have boarding passes.
  • Bug #994 - Campaign percentages should now match in both the list and campaign page.
  • Bug #716 - Crossbreeds should now show in the Halter tab in Herd Management.
  • Bug #929 - Horse auctions should now return money/ingots if an auction ends without the reserve being met.
  • Bug #706 and Bug #840 - Horses with 10% or less energy should now still be able to be trained through train all without erroring.
  • Bug #781 - You should no longer be able to accidentally mass retire horses in another tab that were already transferred to another account.
  • Bug #955 and Bug #959 - Storage images for water should now show correctly.
  • Bug #570 and Bug #853 - The check for the brand being too long is now fixed for special characters.
  • Fixed the lab log to include messages.
  • Bug #955 - Entering horses in shows now shows the green check marks in entered shows again.
  • Bug #961 - Auctions and sales should now be listed when going to the Marketplace page.
  • Bug #990 - Cooking ingredients no longer have to be refreshed each time.
  • Bug #960 - You can now remove horses, items, and freezer items from an offer without having to refresh.
  • Bug #649 - Extremely long links in forums and messages will now be contained to the box.
  • If receiving horses through mass transfer, the notification will now say that it is a mass transfer and how many horses were transferred.
  • There was an issue with foals showing up for foal training in the training center. This has been fixed.
  • If you are on a different page of the clubs list and change the breed, it should now show that there are clubs for that breed.


This is the largest bug update we’ve had in quite a while! Like always with a lot of changes like this, please report anything you see out of the ordinary.



Bedouin & Curly


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4/05/2023 12:12 pm

Thanks for all of your hard work guys we really appreaciate it!! 


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4/05/2023 12:37 pm

Do I understand the Rare Breed update correct now?

If I breed two Marwari together and it fails and than I do it again and get a foal it counts as two complete breedings in the counting towards the total?

/She who had to breed two horses together FOUR times before I got a foal


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4/05/2023 12:38 pm

Thank you team!


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4/05/2023 1:12 pm

@Aleon - if you are live covering rare breeds each successful breeding counts only as ONE breeding towards the 5. If the breeding fails, it does not count. If you end up with twins, this does not count as 2/5, it is just 1/5 now. Failed live covers do not count towards the 5. 


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4/05/2023 2:25 pm

Such a large update and fix! Thanks guys! ^^


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4/05/2023 2:37 pm

Ooo thank you for all the wonderful bug fixes!


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4/05/2023 3:47 pm

@Shokubeni Thanks for the clarification :) 


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4/05/2023 3:57 pm

Thank you much for the updates and all the hard work! I'm especially excited by the custom foals and all the crossbreed updates!  I think that Gen 3 to Gen 1 issue may be my warbred issue.. I'll check and see if it will let me enter my last few into the campaign now after that update! 


Btw, is crafting gems onto tack supposed to take 1 use out of the tack? I haven't done any for a bit but I wasn't sure if that was normal or not. Didn't want to do a bug report if it is normal.  :)


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4/05/2023 5:59 pm

You said you are going to mark old bugs as fixed, although mine from over a year ago about the background overlays like the falling snow and such being outside the box on mobile, isn't marked fixed so should I assume you just haven't gotten them all marked yet and I should wait to report the bug again?


Roze Moderator

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4/05/2023 6:58 pm

@Stormridge - No crafting tack with gems isn't supposed to take away one use it's supposed to add one use. 

@Maki - Only bugs that we weren't able to replicate got marked fixed. So if your bug is still replicable then it's still on the list to be looked into. 

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