clearing out sale

mouces [Bronze || 21 posts] on 3/14/2023 1:51 pm

lots of horses up for sale ranging from 500-2k need gone 

Maki Welcome Wagon

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3/14/2023 8:50 pm

Was interested in looking but you have so many the page wont even load for me 😅


Breeding Top Thoroughbreds and Saddlebreds



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3/14/2023 9:25 pm

Me too, I repeatedly click on it because my small brain doesn't remember it won't load. I want to look so bad! 


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3/14/2023 10:21 pm

Glad it's not just my McDonald's wifi 😂 same.

Mary Smith

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3/15/2023 8:08 am

Guys, click on mouces's state and then click the in their tabs. It will also wait a few seconds to load but it will show the horse's for sale!


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3/15/2023 9:50 am

Yep, that's how I got to them. ^^

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