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Rayyne [Gold || 27 posts] on 3/14/2023 12:04 pm


I've been looking over my herd of Mawaris and decided that maybe it's time to see if anyone had any interest or was looking for studs/broods. I have many Marwaris with 0 retrievals and no breedings, and most are over level 50 with high PS and decent BS. They have long lines that go back since the first Marwaris (though we can't see that far back anymore 😥).

Anyway! If anyone is interested, I usually charge 5k per star with an added 5k per 1000 ps.

So, for example, Amaterasu would have a base rate of 25k because she's 5-star, with only an extra 5k added because her PS hasn't gone above 2k. Her rate would be 30k per breeding. Where Shock would have a base of 20k for 4-stars and an added 20k for her PS that are over 4k, so she'd be 40k total. For the right match, I can haggle prices.

I'm also open to the idea if you happen to see two of my own you'd like bred together; I'm willing to breed them myself and sell the foal. This price would be 10k for the breeding and based on the foal, with the max being 20k for a total of 30k per foal. For foals, it is simply 4k per star.

*Prices are based on what I would pay for a good stud.

I will only breed a Marwari over level 50 and stats over 1k. These are a rare breed, so I'm only offering two public breedings. If anyone is interested, if you see a horse you like, let me know! 

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Dark Queen

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3/16/2023 3:25 am

I'd love a foal by atum bred with one of your cream girls would love it to come out with the calico color as well willing to pay whatever price that would be 


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3/16/2023 1:30 pm

Sent you a message!

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