Notifications... Or lack there of

FoxValley [Platinum || 53 posts] on 3/09/2023 10:54 am

I feel that the notifications are sorely lacking. 

I think it is pretty MAJOR to have someone be kind enough to donate a coin to my breed campaign yet there was NOTHING to notify me!? Luckily I noticed and was able to thank the person... 

Clubs have no notification for someone requestion horses to be registered, or new members joining.. 

I've been very frustrated with the lack of notifications. Nothing telling me that my auctions have ended, Not even something about a horse passing away! These seem like pretty significant things that ought to be notified. 

Just me?


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3/10/2023 12:18 am

I support this.  I get breed requests, auction wins, trades, sold horses, message updates, and announcement notifications but would love to see more notifications in the game for things like horses passing (though I know that can be viewed if you click "Estate" on the nav), as well as the other things you've mentioned.


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3/10/2023 7:55 pm

Also support notifications for active campaigns! I'd like to get them for when horses are entered for registry too, but I also understand that's probably asking a lot. ^^'


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3/16/2023 1:31 pm

See... I never got any notification that you guys had responded here! I feel like I miss so much!


Maki Welcome Wagon

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3/16/2023 4:32 pm

Well that one is because there is no notification for replies to forum posts lol which I do and don't want. I want with option to turn off because if people are blowing up a post, I don't want my notifications blowing up haha 


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