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Cybertron [Platinum || 25 posts] on 2/20/2023 10:14 am

So, Legacy isn't live yet but their kickstarter opens on the 1st of March through the 31st with different tiers from your basic, "access beta" type to "design your own white/face marking" to even "create your own breed." 

Legacy; however, looks like an amazing game that I for one cannot wait to access and play. One of their lead designers is a irl equine geneticist and they have almost 600 genes alone. Some of these will affect basic things from body type to markings. But most of them seem to be personality (which; yes, will play a role in comp and training). Even movement genes! It's probably one of the more in depth games I've come across in hunting down an avirtualhorse replacement lol. It also looks like there will be in-hand/halter shows but idk if they'll be set up like HF where it's easier to level on them or not.

I believe right now the tentative alpha launch date is around May or so but please don't quote me and my crummy memory on that 😅. We do have a discord I can link for anyone interested in joining when they're live. 

Beauty and Grace

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2/20/2023 8:57 pm

Cool! Are you, like, a creator?


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2/21/2023 9:23 am

For anyone looking for the link to the site.

It says it's not open till may this year. Looks interesting.

Maki Welcome Wagon

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2/21/2023 3:39 pm

I have been following on FB and on their discord for a while. I can't get over the wonky horses though. Reminds me of HWO 🤪


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2/23/2023 3:37 pm

Will check it out!



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2/25/2023 7:23 am

Can say that the discord is active and the founders really enjoy answering peoples questions and being transparent about the development. There haven't been any major delays so far and the site is almost functional with detailed showing, conformation effecting performance and the most detailed/realistic genetics I've seen.

Personality and conformation, height and size, all have genes linked to their expression. I'm definitely looking forward to this release!


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3/01/2023 10:09 am

So sorry I didn't see these responses! I am not the creator but I am active on their discord and I absolutely second Pine's comments too. I just wanted to bump this to say that their kickstarter opened today and it's active thru the 31st. 


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3/01/2023 3:20 pm

This sounds really cool! 

I hope we also get to have the ability to have out own custom Avatars for free


(Unlike this site which makes you pay for it while they have More things for premiums and not much for basics) 

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