Questions for me to get to know some of you guys!

Katsuki Bakugou [Basic || 3 posts] on 2/03/2023 3:36 pm

Hey, everyone! I´m new, and so I´d like to get to know some people! Please answer a few questions, and I´ll get to know you!

 1) What is your favorite show or movie?

 2) What are your pronouns?

 3) Favorite book?

 4) Do you like anime? If so, which ones?

And, because I´m cool with answering, I´ll answer these, too! 

 1) Naruto.

 2) All.

 3) Any book. I love reading...especially romance.

 4)Yes, I do like anime. My favorites are: Hunter X Hunter, Demon Slayer, MHA, and Naruto.

Mary Smith

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2/03/2023 4:15 pm

Bakugo what are you doing here?!😱I didn't know Bakugo liked horses!🐴πŸ”₯

1 - My fav of all it's Bambi (movie) and an anime called Bungou Stray Dogs.

2 - She/her.

3 - Don't have any favourites but i have a few mangas at home, BSD are plenty here.

4 - Many; BSD, BNHA, Drrr, Dr Stone, Haikyuu, KNB, SNK.

I recently got addicted to Sonic again, so i really like Sonic X too.


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Katsuki Bakugou

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2/06/2023 9:23 am

Yes, I love horses, it´s a new hobby...say, have you seen Deku??

 -P.S-I love haikyuu, too!!!

Beauty and Grace

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2/07/2023 6:46 pm

1. I LOVE the Big Bang Theory... I LMAO EVERY TIME I WATCH IT!!

2. She/her

3. Too many to choose from... I love most books!

4. I've never really watched anime, but it intrigues me... I've read Fruits Basket and Sakura and watched bits and pieces of Naruto, tho!


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2/09/2023 3:00 pm

What is your favorite show or movie? Umm...I dont rlly have one

 2) What are your pronouns?  whatever but usually she/her

 3) Favorite book? Green Rider

 4) Do you like anime? If so, which ones? Idk 

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Diaval Binx

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2/20/2023 4:47 pm

1) What is your favorite show or movie?

I've never really thought about it. My fave Disney movie is The Lion King above all else.

 2) What are your pronouns?


 3) Favorite book?

Books on baking

 4) Do you like anime? If so, which ones?

I sure do! Freezing, Jujutsu Kaisen, InuYasha, Kuroko no Basket, Wolf Children...tons more lol


P.S. I'm new, too.


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2/23/2023 12:50 pm

Fav movies? There are soooo many! Fantasia (original Disney)

Books- the Elvenbane series, The Heavenly Horse From The Outermost West by Mary Staunton, I love sci Fi/fantasy, old poetry (burns, woods worth, Tennyson, etc) and books about nothing! Ie Douglas Adams the hitchhikers series.

Favorite anime -princess manoke, wolf's rain, spirited away, Inuyasha..the old school stuff




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3/16/2023 8:04 pm

1) I'm not really sure as I don't even watch television all that often, but my all time favorite movie happens to be How To Be Really Bad.

2) They/Them, but will accept He/Him as well.

3) The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Devil's Woods, Vixen's Chosen, Vixen's Magic, Vixen's Challenge, Thor, High Moor series, A Mother's Night Gift, and the Warriors of Tnari series.

4) Absolutely. My personal favorite ones are Dr. Stone, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Made in Abyss, Visual Prison, Servamp, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and a few others I can't recall off the top of my head.


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3/17/2023 12:42 am

Ooo I also love Picture of Dorian Grey! I also really love Jane Eyre for some reason, even though most of the story is awful, lol. Typically I read cheesey YA fantasy books. I also use to read on wattpad when it was friendly and free. Fun fact: read the After (Netflix movies and printed books) series when it was being written for free on wattpad as a One Direction fanfic....despite not caring about One Direction lol .


I like anime too, but I'm fairly basic. I watch classics or the über popular stuff now. Hunter×Hunter, Inuyasha, and Cowboy Bepop are my favorites. Spirited Away was my favorite movie as a child and it really disturbed my mom 😊


I loved Tokyo Revengers even though middle schoolers fighting so much freaks me out, so I'm really hoping they adapt more. 


So there's my lengthy input πŸ˜‹


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7/25/2023 7:39 pm

1) I don't watch TV often, but I have to say that my favorite movie so far is Annihilation (I don't recommend watching it if you're a kid, though -- it's kind of horror-ish) and my favorite show is The Mandalorian!

2) She/Her

3) Oml it's been ages since I've read books, but if childhood favorites count, I have 2 book series that I loved: The Ranger's Apprentice and The Unwanteds

4) Yeah, I love anime! Lately I've been telling myself that I'll watch anime sooner or later and never get around to it 😩 I do really like One Punch Man, though!

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10/12/2023 9:57 pm

1. Fave show is definitely Heartland. Fave movie is Forrest Gump

2. She/Her

3. Absolutely love apocalyptic-type books, such as the Patient Zero, and Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry, as well as my all time fave book The Sight, and its sequel Fell by David Clement-Davies.

4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves it, but Inuyasha has been a long time favorite - and my go-to to rewatch. I'm surprised no one's said it, considering it is anime, but Pokemon is also another favorite to watch. Currently contemplating whether to rewatch it or not lol

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