[2023] Grade Horse Image Request

Curly [Admin || 572 posts] on 1/06/2023 2:15 pm

A new forum has been made for grade horse image requests for the 2023 year and all image requests from the old forum do not need to be reposted.

To request an image you MUST:

  • Provide a hyperlink to the horse
  • Specify the image layer needed
  • The horse must be 2 years old +

Do NOT edit your post with more requests after submitting. It will get overlooked and image layers delayed.

Read about grade horses here.


View the master list of completed images here.


Kimchi Salad

Post Count: 50

1/08/2023 8:15 pm

Fallen Leaves

Post Count: 54

1/11/2023 5:17 am

Friesdale: Brown Buckskin


Post Count: 62

1/13/2023 10:58 pm

Fallen Leaves

Post Count: 54

1/14/2023 5:17 am

Friesdale: Bay Blanket


Post Count: 43

1/17/2023 10:38 pm


bay sabino overo - this Anglo Arabian is showing as a grade horse so I'm guessing it is due to the color.



Fallen Leaves

Post Count: 54

1/20/2023 4:42 am

Grade Friesian: Light Chestnut


Post Count: 270

1/24/2023 10:39 am

Brumby: Tobiano 4


Post Count: 62

1/24/2023 11:29 pm


Post Count: 54

1/25/2023 12:51 am

Akhal Teke: Classic Champagne Snowcap


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