Flat Racer Thorougbreds

TheDustyAngel [Gold || 60 posts] on 10/29/2022 11:22 am

Looking for other like minded folks who are interested in breeding Top Quality Thoroughbreds in the Flat Racing Discipline.


I have some decent stallions up for studs already and I'm trying to work on my next crop. I do have some foals crossed to another discipline as any other Flat Racers aren't high enough PS and I'm trying to go above what I have already with some of my mares. These foals I may or may not put up for use.


My mares, I do not have put up but if anyone wishes to use them with their own studs, please feel free to reach out to me here or via DM.


If you are interested in helping me make Top Quality TB's, feel free to post here or also reach out to me via DM.

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