First Profile tag in a while, any advice?

Pine [Basic || 19 posts] on 10/03/2022 1:47 pm

Hey!! Im always looking to improve my art. Any tips yall could give? 

<a href=""><img src="" alt="1271-E2-E6-7355-4-CE7-BC9-E-61-DC1-EAC2321" border="0"></a>


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10/03/2022 1:50 pm

Sorry, i don't know how to link photos well, im not great with computers. But I was able to make it my profile so yall dont have to leave the site

Curly Admin

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10/03/2022 3:02 pm

To link the image in a post you can use this code: <img src=""> by clicking the <> icon in the textbox editor, inputting the code, then saving. You can also copy/paste images and the editor will post it for you. If you right-click your profile image>copy image> then paste in the text box it will show up. 


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10/05/2022 9:33 am

Thank you very much @curly! I appreciate the help :)

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