Foal Halter Suggestions

Alfalfa [Platinum || 64 posts] on 8/02/2022 6:48 pm

Foal Halter should run automatically at 10 entries vs. 20. If shows have 4 entries, they will run at noon after 24 hours (just like regular halter with 7 entries). 


Why: It is nearly impossible to get 20 foals into a show, because the pool of available foals is constantly growing and shrinking. If you have a foal that is a 1*, 2*, or 5*, it is very likely that your foal's halter shows will never run, because the majority of babies born are 3* and 4* stars. This makes breeding the best possible quality actually a disadvantage. 3* and 4* will be ahead of 5* foals at age up because they were able to run their halter shows multiple times. 




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8/02/2022 6:53 pm

Support - foals don't have very long to get some points on the board, before they turn 2.

Misty Morn

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8/02/2022 7:12 pm


Same problem with foals that aren't of a popular breed.


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8/02/2022 7:37 pm

Support. 20 entries is more than we're going to get half the time.


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8/02/2022 8:42 pm

Support! Finding it extremely difficult to level up any 5* foals, let alone any crossbreeds.




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8/03/2022 8:13 am

Support! Especially reducing the minimum needed to run. My Drum Horse foals rarely have halter shows run before they age up. There's been 6 entries sitting in the 3* and 4* DH foal shows for days now...



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8/03/2022 9:24 am



Mare/Stallions in rare breeds too sit forever. Another posibility would be a time limit if the 20 is never reached e.g. "20 entries or 5 days." 


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8/03/2022 3:56 pm

Honestly I'd like the halter shows in general to run at rollover even if they're not full. I've had foals where I entered them in halter shows the day they finished training, and they sat in those shows until they turned 2. I also have problems with adult halter horses sitting in shows for days before they run. 

I honestly don't bother with halter shows anymore because they don't seem worth the wait when I can enter twice the shows in disciplines and not have to worry they wont run at rollover. 


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8/03/2022 6:15 pm

I swear I thought they discussed running them sooner but not sure what happened with that


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8/03/2022 6:41 pm

Big support! I have so many horses that are under levelled compared to their lower starred compatriots solely because their shows won't run. I think also that this is something that could be changed back if and when the game gets more and more people.


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8/04/2022 9:07 am

I support this as well! 

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