Raine [Platinum || 282 posts] on 7/26/2022 10:16 pm

I am regaining funds at the moment and will re-open these offers when I can!


Anything crossed out are item groups I am not currently looking for but normally would be, this usually changes with how much funds I have at the moment.


Looking for the following basic dyes, offering $6,000 bits per dye. Blue, Purple, Grey, and Black


Looking for the following flowers in Blue, offering 6,000 bits per flower: Roses, Daisies, Peonies, Carnations, and Lupine with Roses(Blue and Purple)


Looking for the following dyes from the Fall Equinox Collection, offering $12,000 bits per dye. Wine, Mulberry, Midnight, Deep Blue, and Dark Emerald.


Looking for the following dyes from the Winter Solstice Collection, offering $12,000 bits per dye. Snowcream, Dark Teal, Evergreen, Navy, and Ice.


Looking for the following dyes from the Spring Equinox Collection, offering $12,000 bits per dye. Rose Gold, Powder Blue, Mint, and Lavender.


Looking for the following dyes from the Summer Solstice Collection, offering $12,000 bits per dye. Teal, Sky Blue, and Electric Purple.


Send a private trade to me and I will buy it out!




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2/27/2023 1:01 am

I have 1 blue rose if you'd like it. Send me a DM and I'll set up a trade!


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5/01/2023 8:56 pm

i have 6 blue roses, if you're still interested!

Royal Legacy Ranch

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5/04/2023 3:46 pm

i have 10 black dyes & 10 grey dyes if your still buying dyes  



Darlington Demo



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7/06/2023 3:53 pm

Are you still buying these items?


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7/06/2023 10:27 pm

I sent a trade not sure if you're still in need, I didn't realize how late I was to this. If the price for the items is too much (it's kinda a lot of dyes sorry) and you'd like only a select few lmk, thanks.


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7/07/2023 1:55 pm

I am still buying these items! As long as this post keeps getting updated and bumped, I will be buying.



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7/13/2023 4:39 am

Hello! Are you still buying at these prices? I have a handful I wish to sell. 


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7/18/2023 3:43 am

Hey there! I have a ton of the summer solstice dyes at the moment, as well as some basic dyes, that I'd be more than happy to sell to you!

More specifically: I have 19 teal dyes, 9 sky blue dyes, and 5 electric purple dyes. As for basic dyes, I only have 4 blue dyes.

Lemme know if you're interested in any of these!


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7/28/2023 8:55 am

I sent over a bunch of trades for you :)


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7/28/2023 3:08 pm

I bought out a few private trades that were recently sent, I am now closing this offer temporarily as my funds are getting low. Thank you for all the items!


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