Quest Fixes, Spectral Token Change, New Item & MORE!

Curly [Admin || 477 posts] on 6/10/2022 5:32 pm

Happy Friday everyone! It's officially the weekend!!


After much deliberation and training of the locals, we believe we officially have them all worked out on their job duties. Quests should now be fixed so they no longer repeat, leave blank pages, or do any other number of strange things they used to do. With this complete, we are now able to input new quests and expand upon HoFa lore, storylines, and NPCs. 


🌈 Spectral Token Addition

We decided that while spectral tokens are great as they are, they could be much much better. Today, we are launching the ability to pick variations using spectral tokens. This means every marking has variations possible to choose from. Using a spectral token now gives a variation option when a marking is selected. As a note, for KIT genes only one marking will display as the selected variation. For example, a ToRn with variation 2 will only show tobiano variation 2, not roan.

With this change, Spectral Tokens are on sale in the general store until June 12th at 11:59 PM EST/ Gametime. We hope this gives everyone enough time to purchase tokens and explore all the new possibilities!


🐴 New Item: Face Re-Roll Token

A new item can now be found year-round in the General Store, the Face Re-Roll Token! Often we have heard that foals or foundation horses are just so wonderful, buuuuut you’d like them better if you could make a few tweaks. The Face Re-Roll token adds the ability to randomly generate a new face marking on one horse. Any guesses what other items are coming soon?


👀 Community Feed

We can all now more easily stalk each other! Just kidding, the community feed has been added to show the most recent forum posts and replies so we can all keep up with what’s new in the forum. This also comes with a fix so the most recent replier displays as the person who replied, not the original poster. We hope this helps kick-start some activity on the forum to help build the community.


📋 Select All in Mass Equip

We dislike having to click so many things and have made mass equipping a bit easier. You can now mass select all in the Mass Equip rather than checking boxes one by one. We hope this helps those of you who have a large number of horses or if you’re like us, those who hate having to click more than needed. 


🌟 Welcome Wagon Applications

We have received lots of applications for the Welcome Wagon and will be reviewing them shortly! Messages about application status will be sent in-game to everyone who applied. We greatly appreciate everyone who applied!


🦟 Bug Fixes

We destroyed some bugs recently.  

  • Forum posts now show the most recent replier, not the original forum poster.
  • The scenario of a horse losing all its energy but not entering any shows when selecting halter and no discipline shows in the Enter All should be fixed now.


Be on the lookout for more updates soon!



Bedouin & Curly

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6/10/2022 6:02 pm

OK... You guys keep this up, and imma have a freaking heart attack... PICKING variations???!??! @[email protected] HOLY crow!!!!!!



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6/11/2022 3:36 pm

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