New Tack, Splash White, & Upcoming!

Curly [Admin || 477 posts] on 6/08/2022 2:51 pm

Hello everyone and happy mid-week!


🥳 We’re Growing!

We have officially marked the beginning of our HoFa marketing for BreyerFest with this article from the BreyerFest Blog. We are beyond excited and thankful for HoFa to be able to participate in BreyerFest and are sure both old and new players will enjoy what's up our sleeves. With this blog post, we expect new player numbers to increase and there to be plenty of questions. We welcome all of our new players and are glad you are here! 


In the coming days and weeks leading up to BreyerFest, we ask everyone to help us answer questions, direct new players to resources, and contact staff with any way we can make learning about HoFa easier for everyone.


✨ LIMITED EDITION: Enchanted Lake Tack sets

From a time before HoFa, the English Enchanted Lake tack set was an item created by players to fulfill their need for purple tack and to live out their mermaid dreams. After much speculation, panicked manufacturing at the capital, and many…many… layers later, Will has managed to get his hands on this tack set once again. Today, the English Enchanted Lake tack set is being re-released along with a new Western version! These sets of tack have a higher bit cost than typical tack but offer a very generous twin boost and a show boost. Will has only successfully managed to receive enough stock to keep the tack sets on sale from now until June 12th at 11:59 PM EST/ game time. Best to stock up, it’s unknown when the sets will be available again.


🌟 Welcome Wagon Applications

As a reminder, applications are open for the Welcome Wagon!


Welcome Wagon members are selected by admins and serve as helpers to answer questions and welcome new players on Discord and in the forums. Members of the welcome wagon are selected based on previous interactions, profile review, activity, and application. As payment for helping in the welcome wagon, members will be gifted a platinum membership while as a member. Welcome Wagon members will have their membership reviewed once a month to maintain eligibility.


Those who join the Welcome Wagon will also be considered to potentially move into other roles on staff such as moderation, event planners, and more.  If you wish to apply to the welcome wagon, please follow this link to fill out an application. Applications will close on June 10th at midnight EST/game time.


🐴 NEW: Splash Variation!

Our Splash of Color contest winner, Brumby, created a wonderful new splash design that is now available in all breeds with the splash gene. This is our 5th splash variation with only one more variation to go! 

🔮 Upcoming

Per usual we are busy planning and working on a large number of additions to the lands of HoFa. In the coming months, we expect to become busy with more new players and ramp up content production.

  • Quite a few varieties of tack are on the horizon, some of you have actually already found where it was secretly hidden.
  • New breeds and breed re-dos are coming down the pipeline! Who do you think is next?
  • Work on bug-squashing and new content creation is coming along smoothly. Bed and I are working overtime to ensure we get as much done as possible as soon as possible!
  • As we work around the site we are now moving into a new phase of accessibility review using a few new tools we have discovered. Our goal is to make these changes by the end of the year and have HoFa more accessible for screen readers and players with disabilities so they may more easily access the site.


We want to thank everyone for sticking around while we work in the background and update a bit less frequently. We promise plenty of work is going on that is coming soon!



Bedouin & Curly


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6/08/2022 3:15 pm

I'm so excited for all the new features coming up, especially the new tack and new/updated breeds! Another amazing update as always!

I'm eager to see the increase of new players as well!

Fluffy Horror

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6/08/2022 3:16 pm

Heck yeah, LOVE seeing more accessibility plans!

Oaken Fields

Post Count: 36

6/08/2022 6:29 pm

Keep It Up!

This deserves saying now and again, admin and game team are greatly appreciated in what they do. So, don't give in and keep forging ahead. 🥰

Acoustic Welcome Wagon

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6/08/2022 7:40 pm

As always, you guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!


Post Count: 59

6/08/2022 10:58 pm

Love it!


Post Count: 41

6/08/2022 11:54 pm

That splash tho! 

Loving it all! Keep it up! 

Pinewood Ranch

Post Count: 6

6/09/2022 2:13 pm

Wonderful, just wonderful, love this game very much, keep up the great work you all are doing.

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