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Curly [Admin || 511 posts] on 5/10/2022 11:14 am

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 


In this update, we’ve addressed some design issues with the Marketplace and added something new! We hope this will help stimulate the horse market and make it easier to both find and sell your desired horses. 


😍 New Item!

Will has been hard at work convincing Helix and a few others at the capital to make a new item. Word around town is that people want those beautiful variations to pass at a much higher rate! After some convincing and a few *cough cough* generous donations to Helix’s research fund, the Variation Pass Token has arrived!  


This is a valuable token that when equipped to your horse, its variations will pass at a 30% rate. This means it can be used when breeding to outside studs and broods but only will increase the chances of the horse with the item passing the variation. If both horses have a Variation Pass Token equipped, the item equipped to the mare will be used first.


❤️ Breeding Variation Pass

Something must be in the air..or the water…or maybe the hay? Anyway, it seems the chance of variations passing through breeding has increased by what appears to be 300%. Wow!


🏦 Marketplace Changes

As requested, there have been some fairly large changes to the Marketplace to help facilitate sales better. We’ve heard that trades are not the easiest way to find what you need in the market so we’ve brought back some of the older functionality.


The link to the Marketplace is now more of a “hub” page. Here, you can see auctions ending soon, newest trades, and random sales, studs, and broods. You can then navigate to each of those sections to search for what you need.


🤝 Trades

HoFa’s trading system (what we’ve been labeling as the Marketplace) is still intact. It has been relabeled as Trades.


Some small changes:

  • Trades now have an expiration. The default expiration is 7 days.
  • You can now select an ISO option for trades. This means that you don’t have to offer anything and the trade will be flagged as ISO instead of a regular trade. 


💰 Auctions

Horse auctions are back! Please note that item auctions haven’t made their way back yet. We’re still working on the best way to integrate this.


For those that weren’t around for the old version of the horse auctions, here’s a summary of how they work:

  • You can auction one horse at a time.
  • You can see horse images and details on the auction page.
  • Auctions are always timed. The minimum time is 1 hour and the max time is 72 hours. 


Some small changes:

  • Auctions no longer have the types: auction with autobuy, auction without autobuy, and autobuy only.
  • You must have a starting bid but reserve and autobuy are optional. 
  • If you have no reserve and no autobuy, you will be reminded that these aren’t in place. Auctions without a reserve and no autobuy will go to the highest bid for that auction regardless of the amount. 
  • You can now search auctions by horse breed.


💕 Stud & Brood List

In the old horse market, there was a list of studs and broods. This has made its way back into the Marketplace. Studs and broods will only show if they have been fed and watered and are not currently resting from their last breeding. You can now search this list by breed as well as currency.


💸 Horse Sale List

Although searching for horses for sale is still an option, if you would just like to idly browse in the Marketplace, that’s now also an option. Like the Stud & Brood page, you can search by both breed and currency.

A LARGE change:

  • You can now put horses up for sale for ingots.


🦟 Bug Fixes

Buzz buzz! As you can see, we’re slowly shifting away from bug fix-only posts. We’ll still include a few with every update as needed and are still working through the list.

  • Foal training should now start at 0% instead of 14.29%.
  • Search has been fixed so that if you’re filtering by breed and go past page 1, the breed filter stays in place.
  • Shouts on pages have returned. If you have this turned on in your settings, you’ll now be able to see shouts. You can create a shout by going here.
  • If you put in commas in bank transactions, money transfers, or ingot transfers, it will still be accepted.
  • Breeding items should now work correctly if equipping them to the mare. Before, there was an issue where if stallions were equipped with anything, the mare’s items wouldn’t be taken under consideration.
  • Rare breeds should now be able to continue retrievals after the live offspring limit has been met.
  • Fees should now show up for club studs and broods.
  • You should now be able to save your accounts settings without resetting your avatar if using a game avatar.
  • Market trades containing eggs or straws from retired horses should no longer forever load.
  • You can no longer accidentally put $0 and 0 ingots for the price of the trade.
  • Some icons went missing while we were testing and we believe most of these are returned back where they belong. If a site icon is missing for you please report it to the Bug Box!


🔮 Coming Soon

Big Announcement

Around the HoFa studio, we tend to think big and push the boundaries of what we have ever done before. We have something quite exciting in store that we have been hard at work to make a reality for the past few months. Look for a news post dedicated to this in the next few days!



Our next focus will be fixing current quests and starting to look at entering the next batch. This will take us more time than a usual update but we expect to have this done next week.


More Items

With the release of today's new item, we can now let everyone know the Eqcetera locals have convinced those at the capital to make quite a few new items. We’ve been cooking up some ideas for items that you’ll find interesting. 👀


New Art

Mark your calendars and get ready to “oooh” and “ahhh” at what we have coming on May 28th! Any guesses as to what it is?



Bedouin & Curly



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5/10/2022 11:27 am

Very much needed updates! Thank you, this is great!!

Rivendell Stables

Post Count: 107

5/10/2022 11:59 am

YES YES YES TY TY TY TY TY!!! Variations ARE SO STUBBORN!!!! I have been terrified that my norwegian fjord mare won't pass on her skewed dun gene etc!!!!!! TY TY TY!!!


Ria Sinclair

Post Count: 24

5/10/2022 12:06 pm

Awesome! I've been here for just about a month but I think I'm already in love with this game. The best horse sim around tbh. Happy to see that the team is working so actively on it 🤗


 - my kingdom for a horse -

Rivendell Stables

Post Count: 107

5/10/2022 12:08 pm

Ok so.......... again... ima guess........


FLOWERS for the manes and tails =DDD????????


Uhmm........... I dont know what you guys could POSSIBLY be doing otherwise, i'm outta ideas lmao.


Acoustic Welcome Wagon

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5/10/2022 12:39 pm

Awesome update guys, excited to see all the new things to come but always love the proactive bug squashing :)


Post Count: 61

5/10/2022 1:32 pm

This is all awesome! Thank you for all the hard work!



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5/10/2022 5:40 pm

Awesome!  Thanks for the hard work!

Maki Welcome Wagon

Post Count: 235

5/10/2022 5:54 pm

I am excited! I can't wait for new things


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