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Curly [Admin || 575 posts] on 4/29/2022 12:23 pm

Hello all! I am currently doing some long-term planning for our tack sets and saddle pads. Usually, I enjoy scrolling and shopping for all sorts of unique saddle colors and pad colors but I figured why not have you all send me what you like! If you have a saddle color, pad color, or tack set theme idea please post it below and I may be able to fit it into our tack plan. I am looking for any and all ideas, no matter how unrealistic they may be. :)


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4/29/2022 1:52 pm

I'd be interested in some southwestern patterned western pads. (examples: example 1 example 2)

We also need some driving harnesses. (examples: Example 1 example 2)

Arabian show costumes would be fun. (Examples: example 1 example 2)

Fancy parade tack is also fun. (Examples: example 1 example 2)

I also agree that we need racing tack, plus maybe double bridles for slightly more realistic dressage tack.

I'd also like to see some add-ons like leg wraps, bell boots, breast collars, earnets, and halters. 




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4/29/2022 4:42 pm

Maybe it's not exactly tack, but you said go nuts: I'd love to be able to stick flights in my drafts' manes. Example: how to plait a Shire

Oaken Fields

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4/29/2022 4:54 pm

I've always been prone to liking native colors and tack.

Very interesting and bright as well as unique.

There's even the possibility of doing paints, like war paints.

Although I'd be unsure of what would be considered war paint and what would just be 'everyday' paint.

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4/29/2022 5:06 pm

Hey guys - this post is asking for coloring/color theme ideas for our CURRENT tack! So any cool english or western sets, specifically. While we would love to add tons of new tack and items and accessories to boot, right now Curly is working on additional options for the regular wester/english tack sets we have! 


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4/29/2022 5:08 pm

waves hand

above is me, I forgot I was on that account it's fine everything is fine. :') 


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4/29/2022 9:44 pm

Pad colors I think any of these below would be amazing to have. I'm a sucker for pastels and dusty colors.

A dusty rose/chocolate pad

The lavender in this pad

The hunter green here

A salmon/light orange


For leather, I think a deep merlot/purple like this bag or a red dominant mahogany like this jacket. Both arent saddles or bridles but give more leather color options than what we have.


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4/30/2022 2:05 am

I hope this is ok. I really want more bright colours and gradients like the enchanted lake set. So I knocked up some quick colour schemes for saddle pads with a flower theme. Spring celebration?



Curly Admin

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4/30/2022 11:30 am

All of these are amazing so far ya'll!


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4/30/2022 4:15 pm

Ranch Pattern western saddle blankets:

Western Pleasure/Reining show blankets


And this one is pretty easy, but I would Love a standard White english saddle pad.

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